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MEVerse Account Guideline

MEVerse Account (Web):

MEVerse Keystore (Android):

MEVerse Keystore (iOS):

MEVerse Account

* New users should create mnemonic and sign up first on MEVerse Keystore.

MEVerse Keystore Guideline:

MEVerse Account (Home page)

* Home Tab) You can view the total assets in Account and total number of Formulator and mining rewards.

* Mining Rewards are updated every 20 blocks (~10 sec).

* If you click the ‘MY’ icon at the upper-right corner, you can go to mypage where you can see your deposit address, language setting, and logout.

Deposit and Withdrawal

* In Account Tab, you can view the number of MEVerse in your account. You can either deposit or withdraw by clicking the balance button.

1) MEVerse History

: You can view Total, Deposit, Withdraw, Reward history

2) Deposit

: You have Gateway deposit address and Mainnet deposit address.

3) Withdraw

: You can select which network you want to withdraw.

* Important *

1) Gateway Deposit Address

: If you are depositing from Exchange or personal ETH wallet, please deposit to Gataway deposit address.

: If you are depositing from other networks (BSC, Polygon, Tomochain, Klaytn, Ethereum), please use Gateway deposit address.

2) Mainnet Deposit Address

: Please use Mainnet deposit address if you are depositing from MEVerse Network (such as from another MEVerse Account.


* Choose Network *

MEVerse (MRC-20): When you send your MEV to other MEV Account.

BSC (BEP-20): When you want bMEV for DeFi purposes.

Ethereum (ERC-20): When you are sending MEV to exchanges or ETH wallets.

Polygon (Polygon): When you want pMEV for DeFi purposes

Klaytn (KIP-7): When you want kMEV for DeFi purposes.

TomoChain (TRC-21): When you want tMEV for DEX Purposes.

* Alert: Please double, triple check when you are depositing and withdrawing.

* MEVerse team is not responsible and cannot restore the issues caused from putting wrong network and address.



Daily Rewards: Daily MEV rewards from Formulator mining.

Total Rewards: Earned MEV rewards until now.

Total Locked MEV: Locked MEV for Formulator

2) If you want to create Formulator, Click ➡️ button

* Click Manage my Formulator

1) You can create Formulator

2) You can Upgrade Formulator

There are total of 3 Formulators, Alpha, Sigma, and Omega.

Upgrade details:

4 Alpha Formulator > 1 Month Operation > can be upgraded to 1 Sigma Formulator

2 Sigma Formulator > 1 Month Operation > can be upgraded to 1 Omega Formulator

3) You can cancel Formulator

*There is no cancellation period.

Formulator Marketplace

1) History: You can see your buy and sell history.

2) You can see your Formulators.

3) Click if you want to move to NFT Marketplace.

On this page, you can see Formulator NFTs you can buy. (Nothing is shown on the image since no NFT is registered for sale.)

Click ‘Sell my NFT’ to sell your Formulator NFT.

* Click the NFT you want to sell among your Formulator NFTs.

* Fill in the selling price you want.

* If the NFT is sold, you can’t change the price nor take back the sold NFT.

Please check the price before you register

Canceling Formulator NFT Sales Order

* The highlighted boxes are the NFTs that you are currently selling.

If you click them, you can cancel selling your NFT. (If it is already sold, you can’t cancel nor change price)


About MEVerse

MEVerse, with its lightning-fast speed and low fees, is the most optimum platform for Metaverse, covering Entertainment, P2E games, DeFi, NFT, and others. MEVerse provides a customized multi-chain structure with an easy development environment for MApps and a fast and convenient environment for participants.


Feel free to join and connect with us through our official channels below:







Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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