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MEVerse NFT Marketplace Traded Volume reached over 10M!!

[MEVerse NFT Marketplace Traded Volume reached over 10M!!]

We are excited to share this excellent news that our NFT Marketplace’s traded volume reached over 10M within three months since we launched NFT Marketplace on 29th June 2022.

Throughout the MEVerse NFT Marketplace, users can trade various NFTs, including Genesis NFT, which gives advantages such as a discount of swap fee on MEVerse DEX and NFT whitelist, and Formulator NFT that Formulator node operator received. Moreover, MEVerse’s first onboarding project, Pocket Battles: NFT War, NFT minting, and revealed event proceeded, and these mystery boxes and revealed Hero NFTs are available to trade on our NFT Marketplace.

In addition, MEVerse updated the dismantle function, so a total of 1,348 Hero NFTs have been dismantled, and this point also increased our traded volume.

The MEVerse team will continue to develop and build our DEX and NFT Marketplace to provide an excellent experience for global users.

Please stay tuned until our unique features coming soon.

Thank you.

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