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MEVerse Web 3.0 Community Event

Hello, this is MEVerse Team.

On December 29th 2022, MEVerse released the ‘Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM),’ a virtual machine that runs on Ethereum-based programming language(Solidity) on the MEVerse Testnet.

The testnet launch of EVM compatibility on MEVerse is designed for developers to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain and test out our EVM to create decentralized applications that any contents they wish to scratch out.

The official EVM will be launched in MEVerse mainnet on January 2023. Before it is officially released, we will hold Web 3.0 community event to boost our community more through the Web3 platform. Throughout the event, we want to introduce the MEVerse project sincerely and our-based blockchain services to diverse global users and aim for them to be part of our ecosystem users.

Some of the users may have already seen the MEVerse 2023 Roadmap. This year, MEVerse will onboard promising projects on its mainnet.

We hope each user will enjoy our services with unique and fast-speed mainnet environment.

<MEV Quests & Rewards>

Every once a week, the new weekly quests will be updated on Crew3 platform!

Each user will be participating in simple quests such as daily attendance quests, following MEVerse’s official Twitter, etc. Conversely, some quests will take quite a while, such as creating a youtube video and playing our onboarding P2E game. Completing each quest has a different amount of reward points. We wish you all luck in receiving points for the great rewards.

Rewards for this Web3 community event will be in $MEV, MApp(MEVerse DApp) tokens, and NFTs.

Please join our official community and ask us if you have any questions regarding MEVerse or Events.

⚠️The distribution of rewards will depend on received reward points and randomly selected. We will announce the reward distribution and winners irregularly. So, please stay tuned in all of our channels!

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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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