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Reschedule of Pocket Battles: NFT War NFT Minting

Hi, this is Team MEVerse!

We Thank you all again for participating in the mystery box NFT minting event of Pocket Battles NFT War on July 11.

Despite the enthusiastic interest and support, we apologize for causing unexpected inconvenience to users due to the following two issues during the second round of NFT minting.

▶️ Chain overload protection code activation issues
▶️ RPC compatibility issues between mainnet and metamask

Due to the above issues, there have been many cases where NFT minting transactions have not been processed normally, or transactions that have been processed normally on the metamask have not been processed on the mainnet. The issue has been handled, and we re-inform you of the results of the NFT Minting on July 11.

▶️ Round 1: 100/100
▶️ Round 2: 1,552/2,500

Due to the issue of RPC compatibility between the mainnet and the metamask, 948 NFTs that were reflected as success in the NFT Minting Page but were not normally reflected on the mainnet. These transactions will be excluded because they may be duplicated, contrary to the intention of some users.

We will share the changed schedule once again, so we would appreciate it if you could refer to the mystery box NFT minting and Pocket Token (PKT) IMO participation!

■ Round 2 Whitelist Round
Date & Time: July 12 at 11:00–11:30 UTC
Minting quantity: 948
- Alpha, Sigma, Omega Formulator Holders
- Community event whitelist
- Genesis NFT holders

■ Round 3 Public Round
Date & Time: July 12 at 12:00 to 12:30 UTC
Minting quantity: 2,150
- Anyone can participate

Date & Time: July 12, 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
IMO Price: $0.07
Participating Assets: USDC

We would like to express our gratitude and apology once again to the users who have given a lot of expectations and support to the Pocket Battle: NFT War, and we will do our best to ensure that it goes smoothly according to the schedule we informed you again.

MEVerse Team



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