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Sendsquare Joins DID Alliance Cooperating With Raonsecure

Sendsquare, a foundation that developed FLETA project, joins DID Alliance, whose members are various companies and institutions such as Samsung SDS, Shinhan Bank, Military Manpower Administration, Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, and Raonsecure. With cooperation with Raonsecure, Sendsquare will apply Omnione, Raonsecure’s DID(Decentralized Identifier) service to its platform.

Raonsecure is a corporation that provides ICT security services. It is known as the first Korean company that offered FIDO(Fast Identity Online) service to financial institutions. Its blockchain-based DID service, Omnione, was provided to the Military Manpower Administration, which gave Raonsecure a reputation as ‘the first DID service for a public institution.’ Its presence in the DID market is growing as it participates in many businesses and projects, including the DID platform business of Gyeongsang Province and the autonomous driving platform of Sejong City.

DID enables users to control their identity verification without a central organization. As the monopoly status of Korea’s accredited certificate of authentication will be invalid after this December, DID is getting attention in the nation as an alternative to the original accredited certificate of authentication. DID is one of the representative use cases of blockchain technology, and it lets the users manage their identification information transparently.

Currently, to be a leader of the DID market, some alliances in South Korea focus on expanding their services’ ecosystems; one of those alliances is the DID Alliance for international standardization of DID technology with about 70 of its members. Raonsecure is one of the leading members of the DID Alliance, and it promotes enhancing the reputation of South Korea’s DID industry through cooperation with global members of DID Alliance. Sendsquare will keep developing user-friendly services that can contribute to the commercialization of blockchain technology.


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