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Sendsquare Participated in Fall Conference held by Korea Bigdata Society

Sendsquare, a foundation of Fleta, participated in the Fall Conference 2021 on 29th October, held by the Korea Bigdata Society. Gerrard Kim, Fleta’s COO, gave a presentation about RWD based Clinical Research Analysis Registry Platform utilizing blockchain.

The conference was titled Bigdata Driven Platform and Ecosystem Strategy and aimed to share strategies that platforms should have so that the firms can overcome Covid 19 crisis. Various companies, including NH Investments & Securities, KB Kookmin Card, and Shinhan Card, introduced their platforms. Universities such as Pohang University of Science and Technology and Gachon University also presented their research results.

Sendsquare introduced its big data-based platform utilizing blockchain technology and explained its core technologies and past projects. The registry platform Sendsquare presented during the conference was supported by the South Korean Government’s NIPA, National IT Industry Promotion Agency. It was selected as an outstanding project among the sponsored projects by NIPA in 2020. Sendsquare’s other project, Blockchain-based eCRF System, was also supported by NIPA in 2019 and chosen as a featured project by NIPA of that year.

Sendsquare was the only blockchain company at the event. It has developed an advanced blockchain technology with an average speed of 7,000TPS and unlimited scalability that can operate many DApps without network congestion. Furthermore, its cross-chain technology, Gateway System, supports sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to and from another network. Based on these technologies, Sendsquare operates a blockchain mainnet Fleta and other services, including Fleta Connect and Fleta Converter.

We believe the event was an excellent opportunity to show our projects. Team Fleta will constantly advertise what we have accomplished for the popularization of blockchain technology.

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About Fleta

Fleta is a blockchain platform that aims to offer infrastructure that can be applied to real-world business models. Fleta has its own core blockchain technologies like Level Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, Independent multi-chain Structure, Block Redesign, and PoF(Proof-of-Formulation) which is its own consensus algorithm. With them, it aims to solve problems that existing platforms have such as slow speeds, scalability limitation, and excessive fees and provide a flexible development environment. Moreover, through its Gateway technology, it enhanced its interoperability by allowing projects issuing their tokens through other mainnets to maintain their mainnets while using Fleta chain.

Sendsquare, a foundation that developed Fleta project, was selected as one of the blockchain PoC support projects by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of the South Korean Government since 2019 and has developed the blockchain-based on-chain clinical data management system (eCRF System) and RWD basic clinical research analysis report platform using blockchain technology.



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