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Updates on Fleta Connect( July 13th — 14th 2021)

We are glad to share Fleta Connects’ recent updates!

1. Reduced Deposit Fee

Fleta Connect’s deposit fee is reduced starting from 10 PM (KST) on 13th July.

The changes are as following:


Cherry-BNB, Cherry-BUSD: 0% (same)

bFleta-BNB :2% -> 1.5%

Others: 4% -> 3%


Cherry: 0% (same)

bFleta: 2% -> 1.5%

Others: 4% -> 3%

2. Multiplier Rebalancing

There will be some changes in multiples of Fleta Connect’s pairs and pools. They will be applied at 10 PM KST, 14th July.

3. New Function

A new function, ‘Staked only,’ is added. Now users can see what they have staked with ease.

There will be more news regarding Cherry Vault. Please wait for other updates, and we thank you for your support.


Feel free to join and connect with us through our official channels below:


FLETA Store:






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