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Wallet Street and WINk Agreed on a Market Expansion Agreement

FLETA’s social data platform, Wallet Street, will expand its market with WINk.

WINk is one of the leading DApp of Tron. Ever since WINK (prev. TronBet) was launched, it became the leading game platform. WINk has on average 2.5k DAU users and users play games across the WINk platform using TRX and USDT. Holders of WIN token earn a percentage of the platforms profits that is paid to its holder every day for staking their WIN tokens on the website WIN token was a Binance launchpad project which made WIN token famous among the communities. WINk aims to be the platform where users can play and stake at the same time and contribute to the blockchain DApp industry.

Through this agreement, Wallet Street and WINk will do a co-marketing together. Users can find WINk building on the map in Curacao. Only the WIN token holders can join the WINk group and communicate with real holders. Wallet Street seeks to provide the verified community.

Wallet Street is preparing various services for users. One of them will be providing games on Wallet Street platform. Since it has cooperated with game projects, including ChainZ Arena, an RPG blockchain game, and WINK, its gaming service that will be provided is getting more and more attention.

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