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We introduce FLETA’s New Validator: Hexlant!

We introduce Hexlant, FLETA’s 10th Validator.

Hexlant is a blockchain laboratory that offers services including, smart contract audit, custody services, wallet for digital assets, and private blockchain network solutions. It possesses many nodes and has powerful security technology, which will be helpful when working as FLETA’s Validator. Hexlant is especially well known for its wallet service, Tokenbank implemented in SK Planet’s Syrup Wallet App.

FLETA expects the new Validator will strengthen FLETA network. Also, since FLETA’s Validator varies from cryptocurrency exchanges to blockchain laboratory, FLETA is glad that our Validators’ influence is expanding to various fields.

What is more, FLETA and Hexlant will cooperate to advertise FLETA’s Wallet Street, a social data platform for cryptocurrency holders, to users of Tokenbank. FLETA and Hexlant aim to make many cryptocurrency holders and the general public enjoy Wallet Street’s unique features, services, and events.

FLETA believes cooperation with Hexlant will spread the merits of FLETA’s mining ecosystem and we are glad to advertise FLETA project and our Wallet Street to more people.

Thank you.


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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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