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[Week 1, August 2022] MEVerse Weekly Report]

  1. Prices of MEV as of 14:30 PM (KST) Aug. 5th. 2022 (based on CMC)

3. News & Updates
🔶 Pocket Battles: NFT War NFT Reveal Event

MEVerse’s first onboarding project, Pocket Battles: NFT War, NFT Reveal Event, proceeded on the 27th of July. Users can open the Mystery Box to view their NFT Hero. After the reveal event, users can trade both Mystery Box and NFT Hero on NFT Marketplace in MEVerse DEX.

✅MEVerse NFT Marketplace:

🔶Pocket Battles: NFT War officially launched

The Pocket Battles: NFT War officially launched on 28th July. Throughout the Pocket Battles: NFT War official website, users can download the Android, iOS, and APK links.

✅ Pocket Battles: NFT War website:

🔶MEV Burn & Liquidity Model will be applied

The MEV Burn and Liquidity model will start from 03:00AM, Aug 10th! this model is designed to be used for continuous burn and liquidity rather than temporary burn. Please take a look at the image to view.

🔶MEVerse Mining Reward Adjustment

MEVerse Mining Reward has been adjusted at 06:52 UTC, July 31st.

1. 30,000,000 MEV that was distributed as Mining Rewards for previous 1 year have been burned in Mainnet.

(Burn tx :

2. 20,000,000 MEV will be the mining rewards for next one year and 20,000,000 MEVerse tokens from Reserve allocation have been transferred accordingly as disclosed distribution plan.

🔶MEVerse DEX’s MEFI Farm Updates

On the 1st of September 2022 at 09:00 UTC, the BUSD-USDC and ETH-USDC pools will be closed on MEFI Farm. The users who have deposited LP tokens on those pairs, please check the closing schedule and withdraw it before the due date.

We will progressively update our MEFI Farm to reduce the amount of generation of MEFI tokens. Eventually, the generation of the MEFI token will be closed to zero, and all pairs of liquidity will be supplied from the protocol.

🔶FLETA — MEV Token Swap Announcement

We generally inform you all of those who have not converted FLETA to MEV tokens on 1st and 2nd rounds. Follow the steps below to do the additional FLETA to MEV token swap.

1. Deposit your FLETA into MEVerse Account through the ‘Gateway address.’ (

2. Send us an email ( with two information.

1) Share your MEVerse Account’s gateway address
2) The amount you deposited FLETA into MEVerse Account

Team MEVerse will check the email and support the token swap once in a month.

✅ MEVerse Account Guideline:

✅ MEVerse KeyStore Guideline:

🔶MEVerse DEX MApp’s Farm updated

MEVerse’s DEX MApp Farm was updated on the 3rd Aug. The users who have Pocket Tokens can feel free to stake in Mapp's Farm to earn extra Pocket Tokens.

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