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[Week 1, June 2021] FLETA Weekly Report

  1. Formulator and Reward (2021.06.04 14:00 KST Standard)

You can check the status from

2. Update

▶ Rebranding

As FLETA’s CI is little changed through rebranding, its new logo, website, contract address, FLETA wallet will be adjusted.

* FLETA’s coin name, ticker, circulating supply and total supply remain unchanged.

▶ Token Swap

FLETA will have new smart contract from old smart contract as FLETA’s gateway system is upgraded. Token Swap will be processed on June 10th and each exchange will have announce about it.

- Old token smart contract address: x7788d759f21f53533051a9ae657fa05a1e068 fc6

- New token smart contract address: 0x40897C872214303b6F479a37E549eE1516B264A2


3. FLETA’s First Onboarding DApp, Handy

▶ Nepal Handy Ambassador Joined

Handy added a new ambassador from Nepal and create a new channel to strengthen its community.



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