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[Week 1, May 2022] MEVerse Weekly Report

1. Prices of MEV as of 11:00 AM (KST) May. 9th. 2022 (based on CMC)

✨MEV (1 Week High: $0.02089)

2. Formulator Mining & Reward (11:00 AM May.9th. 2022 KST Standard)

3. News & Updates

🔶MEVerse DEX Official Launch

MEVerse DEX was launched on May 2nd, 2022. It offers various services such as liquidity provision, yield farming, IMO(Initial MEVerse Offering), and NFT Marketplace. It will work as a central hub of the MEVerse ecosystem. When Pocket Battles NFT War, a P2E&NFT game, is launched in Q2, MEVerse DEX will hold IMO of its Pocket token and Hero NFT minting event.

MEVerse DEX:

Xangle Disclosure:

🔶MEVerse DEX Guideline

A guideline for MEVerse DEX was released. It explains the functions of the DEX, how to use them, and how users can get the Genesis NFT.

Official Guideline:

🔶MEVerse DEX on Cointelegraph

MEVerse DEX was introduced in the article of Cointelegraph en Espanol.

The Article of Cointelegraph en Espanol:


About MEVerse

MEVerse is a medium and blockchain metaverse platform that connects Metaverse and ME. With its lightning-fast speed and low fees, it is the most optimum platform for Metaverse, covering Entertainment, P2E games, DeFi, NFT, and others. MEVerse provides a customized multi-chain structure with an easy development environment for MApps(MEVerse/Metaverse/ME+DApp) and a fast and convenient environment for participants.


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