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[Week 1, October 2021] Fleta Weekly Report

1. Formulator Mining/Reward and bFleta, pFleta, Cherry & pCherry Liquidity (10:00 AM 10.08.2021 KST Standard)

You can see the status of Fleta formulator and bFleta, pFleta, Cherry & pCherry liquidity every week.






2. Update

▶ Fleta Will Support Klaytn Network, Kakao’s Blockchain Mainnet

Fleta now supports Klatn, Kakao’s blockchain mainnet. Fleta will adjust it to Fleta Connect and Fleta Converter so the users can utilize various networks.



▶ AMA with Yield Parrot Finance

Fleta Connect had a cross AMA with Yield Parrot Finance. We introduced Fleta and Fleta Connect to Yield Parrot community. We have partnered with Yield Parrot Finance and run a Cherry pool that you can earn Lory. There is also Lory pool to get Cherry in Yield Parrot Finance.

✅ Xangle:

✅ Fleta Telegram:

✅ Yield Parrot Telegram:

3. Fleta’s First Onboarding DApp, Handy

▶ HandyPick Users Over 3 Million

HandyPick has now more than 3 million users. As Play to Earn games are getting popular, HandyPick’s popularity has also been increased largely.

✅ Medium:



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