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[Week 2, June 2021] FLETA Weekly Report

1. Formulator and Reward (2021.06.11 10:00 KST Standard)

You can check the status from

2. Update

▶ Roadmap Updated

Fleta’s Roadmap has been updated. Fleta will expand its ecosystem to DeFi field and provide some related projects later on. (

▶ Website Renewal

Fleta’s website is renewed with a new logo, contents, etc. You can see the new website via

▶ Fleta Gateway Supports Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Fleta Gateway now supports Binance Smart Chain(BSC) so you can swap Fleta coins to bFleta BEP-20 tokens as well as Ethereum-based and Tomochain-based Fleta tokens. (

▶ Fleta is Listed on Pancake Swap

Fleta participates in DeFi market as it is listed on Pancake Swap. You can see bFleta token on Pancake Swap now. (

Pancake Swap bFleta BEP-20 token contract address: 0xff8152f09e0fddd1ce1577ef6eba72f3a7c2e7db

3. FLETA’s First Onboarding DApp, Handy

▶ Vietnamese Channel Marketing

Handy promoted HandyPick through Vietnamese creator channel with 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and 408 thousand Facebook followers.




Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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