[Week 3 March 2023] MEVerse Weekly Report

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5. News & Updates
🔶 Announcement of MEVerse’s March Schedule

We are happy to share our fixed schedule during March out of diverse announcements!

✅MEVerse GameZ lauching date: March 22nd Wednesday, 2023
✅NFT Farm launching date: March 30th Thursday, 2023

MEVerse GameZ is unlike with MEVerse GameX since it will be launched globally, and MEV will be utilized when users to play. Also, the user who has Pocket Battles: NFT War’s NFT heroes, including season 1 up to season 3, can stake their NFT(s) on NFT Farm to receive an MPL token as a reward!

We will go ahead to share the detailed information once the official launch date is getting closer.

Please stay tuned!

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🔶 MEVerse signed a partnership with TNT

We are excited to share our new business partner, TIA KOREA.

TIA Korea is a global gaming development company that has been trusted with the mission to transform and re-develop 18 Web 2.0 games into Web 3.0.

They want to release all those games in a completely new way on one single platform called TIA, giving them their own personality. Also, they plan on taking part in changing future gaming and building a new digital world surrounding it. Currently, one of their 18 games has a total of 40 million downloads and 2 million monthly active users from all over the world.

TIA also has a blockchain platform called TNT. With the TNT platform, TIA aims to take a leap forward and build its own X2E worldview.

Through the partnership between MEVerse and TIA KOREA, both companies will cooperate by sharing each blockchain game’s IPs, contents, and marketing to boost expanding its ecosystem broadly.

Stay tuned!


🔶 MEVerse signed a partnership with HAVAH

We are delighted to share the great news that we partnered with HAVAH to broaden each other’s ecosystem.

HAVAH allows users to utilize their NFTs issued for games, art, social purposes from various chains on one platform. Users are able to utilize their NFTs from Binance or Klaytn chains within games and social media features within HAVAH. Moreover, along with Web3 Solutions and ICONLOOP, 2bytes is currently developing a blockchain-based sci-fi game called Space Gears to be released on the HAVAH platform.

Through this partnership, MEVerse-based assets will be able to explore to other chains through HAVAH’s interchain technology. On the other hand, ‘HAVAH Friends’ will be introduced in Pocket Battles: NFT War as an NFT Hero.

HAVAH Friends will appear as new NFT heroes, starting with Papa, in Meverse’s representative blockchain P2E game, Pocket Battles NFT War. In the future, in addition to HAVAH Friends, Both companies plan to make famous PFP NFTs from other chains available in-game using HAVAH Mitter, so that users from various communities can enjoy P2E.

In addition, various NFTs based on MEVerse that are traded on the MEVerse Marketplace will be able to be traded on major marketplaces of various chains using HAVAH’s interchain technology, and MEVerse-based NFTs will be able to be used in other chains’ games and NFT-Fi.

We will try our best effort to make a huge synergy with this partnership.

Thank you.


🔶 MEVerse DEX Protocol Fund Usage

MEVerse Team has proceeded buyback, provided liquidity and token burn to sustain value of MEFI and MEV.

Details are as follows.


1,272 USDC swap to 48,772 MEFI
Liquidity Provide 48,101 MEFI with 1,272 USDC
Liquidity Provide 23,600 MEV with 9,567 MEFI
40,278 MEV to transfer Burn address

(*Total: $4,714 based on MEV $0.0105, based on MEFI price at $0.0260)

We will continue to do our best to sustain the value of MEV and MEFI with protocol fund.

Thank you.


About MEVerse

MEVerse, with its lightning-fast speed and low fees, is the most optimum platform for Metaverse, covering Entertainment, P2E games, DeFi, NFT, and others. MEVerse provides a customized multi-chain structure with an easy development environment for MApps and a fast and convenient environment for participants.


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