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[Week 3, October 2021] Fleta Weekly Report

1. Formulator Mining/Reward and bFleta, pFleta, Cherry & pCherry Liquidity (10:00 AM 10.22.2021 KST Standard)

You can see the status of Fleta formulator and bFleta, pFleta, Cherry & pCherry liquidity every week.






2. Update

▶ Fleta Partners with D’CENT

Fleta had a partnership with D’CENT, a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet supports Fleta, bFleta, pFleta, Cherry, pCherry. The users can access to Fleta Connect via DApp browser in the wallet easily now.

✅ Xangle:

✅ Medium:

▶ Fleta Connect, Update Vault Pairs in Polygon

Fleta Connect has updated the vault pairs in Polygon network since QuickSwap updated their policy. All the lists are same as before.

✅ Fleta Connect Vault:

✅ Fleta Connect Docs:

▶ Fleta Connect, BEE-BNB Pair Added and MOON Tokens Burned

Fleta Connect’s partner, HoneyFarm has started Layer 4 and closed Layer 3. So Fleta Connect closed MOON-BNB pair and opened BEE-BNB pair. Also, we burnt 33.06 MOON tokens.

✅ Fleta Connect:

✅ Burn TX:

▶ Fleta Connect, Apeboard Banner Promotion

Fleta Connect started promotion on Apeboard via banner from Oct. 16th. Apeboard is a portfolio platform that DeFi users can see their asset portfolio. We expect that many users on Apeboard will see the banner and find us out. You can check the banner once you put your wallet address.

✅ Apeboard:

▶ Fleta Connect, Block Emission Adjustment

Fleta Connect adjusted the block emission as shown in the images above. You can check more details for each network at Fleta Connect docs.

✅ Fleta Connect Tokenomics:



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