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[Week 3, September 2021] Fleta Weekly Report

1. Formulator Mining/Reward and bFleta, Cherry Liquidity (10:00 AM 09.17.2021 KST Standard)

You can see the status of Fleta formulator and bFleta, Cherry liquidity every week.






2. Update

▶ Fleta Connect, Launching on Polygon Network

Fleta Connect is now on Polygon network. The farm started at block #19172000. Users can now provide liquidity to Quickswap and earn Cherry by staking in new pools in Fleta Connect.

✅ Fleta Connect:

✅ Fleta Connect Docs:

✅ Xangle:

▶ Fleta Converter Launching

Fleta launched Fleta Converter, a cross-chain bridge service. Fleta Converter utilized Fleta’s Gateway system, a cross-chain technology. Users can transit their asset to other network.

✅Fleta Converter:

✅Fleta Converter Docs:

✅Fleta Converter Guide:


Q&A with Chainlink

Fleta had Q&A on Chainlink’s twitter space and official telegram channel. Fleta introduced how Fleta uses Chainlink’s price feed, Fleta Connet’s launch on Polygon, and so on. Also, shared a roadmap and vision with participants.



3. Fleta’s First Onboarding DApp, Handy

▶ HandyPick’s Reward Token Withdrawal Date Change

HandyPick withdrawal date has been changed now. It was once in every other Thursday but now it is every Thursday.

✅ Android:

✅ iOS:




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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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