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[Week 5, June 2021] Fleta Weekly Report

1. Formulator and Reward (2021.07.02 10:00 KST Standard)

You can check the status from

2. Update

▶ Fleta’s DeFi Service, Fleta Connect Launch

Fleta Connect is a DeFi Service built on Binance Smart Chain. It will expand to various chains such as Polygon and more. Fleta Connect was introduced by its Docs and will be officially launched on July 7th.

✅ Fleta Connect Website(currently on mockup page):

✅ Docs:

✅ Xangle:

✅ Medium:

▶ Fleta Opens Dev Portal for Enterprise Solution

Fleta opened the dev portal for enterprise solution so users and enterprises can build their own independent chain connecting their current business models with blockchain.

✅ Fleta Developer: (Currently in Korean. English will be uploaded soon)

✅ Medium:

3. Fleta’s First Onboarding DApp, Handy

▶ Point System Adopted

HandyPick adjusted point system so all the rewards from game, events, etc. will be distributed in points.



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