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What Fleta Has Achieved so Far — Part 2.

Milestones Reached by FLETA

FLETA successfully launched its mainnet which had been in testing since July of this year. The team was also able to integrate the FLETA Wallet into the mainnet, something that will allow users to deposit and withdraw their coins and also to check the status related to mining rewards.

The FLETA platform was actually able to achieve a massively high rate of 14,000 transactions per second, which makes it one of the fastest chains in the world. It is even faster than VISA whose TPS is 1,700.

FLETA has tested its high transaction speed; speed tests were conducted in October 2019 and the results were clear. FLETA established 6 different servers in global cities like Paris and the results were evaluated by experts. The test was not an ordinary test in the lab. It was rather close to the real environment condition of the chain processing transaction.

The FLETA Wallet is a distinctive and new type of wallet available for Android and Web. It allows users to deposit and withdraw FLETA coin and FLETA ERC-20 tokens and also control mining functions. For example, users have the ability to request new delegation or even create a formulator through the wallet.

Smart Contracts

FLETA is a platform for DApps and therefore must have the ability to integrate smart contracts in its network. All the smart contracts used in the FLETA network have been audited and verified by CertiK, an independent Smart Contract Security firm with great reputation.

The FLETA network is also planning to add support for even more programming languages like C++, Jave and SQL (Sequel).


FLETA has been listed on exchanges like GDAC, DigiFinex, Bittrex Global and Coinone that include Korean and global exchanges.

FLETA’s Gateway System

This is a system that enables users to swap their FLETA ERC-20 tokens to FLETA mainnet coins and vice versa. It’s quite normal for a platform to be based on the Ethereum network and use the ERC-20 tokens, however, when the mainnet is launched, tokens are usually no longer usable. FLETA allows users to swap their old tokens for the new ones without any kind of restriction. Also, FLETA coin can be changed into FLETA ERC-20 tokens if needed.

This also enables DApps to use their ERC-20 tokens at the same time they are using the chain of FLETA. This gives DApp developers a lot of flexibility and provides a smooth environment.

DELTA Summit

FLETA has participated in one of the biggest blockchain events in Malta, the DELTA Summit. The 2019 version of the Summit was aimed to create a greater global debate trying to establish Malta as the blockchain island. Team FLETA prepared for their booth operation and operated it from 9 am to 6 pm for 2 days.

It was a huge opportunity for FLETA to spread awareness about its products and services. According to the official announcement, many people showed a lot of interest in FLETA, students, developers and even people from other fields.

FLETA’s eCRF System

‘On Oct. 31, FLETA participated in an interim check of blockchain PoC project of NIPA, and FLETA’s CEO Paul Park gave a presentation about the current status of eCRF development process’

SendSquare is the foundation of FLETA and was chosen to be the conductor of the PoC project. This project is trying to use the blockchain technology and apply it to the eCRF system using FLETA’s technology.

The eCRF system is a clinical trial data collection tool that records everything in a blockchain preventing any kind of forgery or clinical trial data errors. FLETA is trying to improve the quality of life by applying the blockchain technology to the healthcare industry.


FLETA has achieved plenty of milestones in just a year. The platform actually started developing new services in the third quarter of 2018 starting with the innovative Proof of Formulation consensus mechanism and the block redesign. This has allowed FLETA to become one of the fastest platforms in the blockchain industry.

The testnet started in the first quarter of 2019 and was completed in the third when the mainnet was launched, the first FLETA DApp was also launched then.

It’s clear that the team of FLETA is working hard and upgrading their project every day as they count with a huge team of professionals to do it.


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