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What FLETA Has Achieved in 2020

We are happy to share what FLETA has achieved in 2020.

<First Quarter>

Awards & Conferences

- Paul Park, CEO of FLETA, Was Selected as a Blockchain Innovation Leader

On 16th January 2020, Paul, CEO of FLETA, was selected as a Blockchain Innovation Leader and got an award from Blockchain Times, a South Korean blockchain magazine. The ceremony was to award the people and projects that have contributed to the blockchain industry in 2019.

Ecosystem & Custody

- Coinone Joined FLETA’s Ecosystem as a Validator

On 22nd January, Coinone joined FLETA’s ecosystem as FLETA’s new Validator. Also, it selected FLETA as its next ‘Lock-up Service’ project. The ‘Lock-up Service’ is an event that allows people to lock-up their coins for a certain period and gives interest rewards in return.

- Registered on Staking Rewards

On 7th February, FLETA was officially listed on Staking Rewards, a website providing data of blockchain project’s mining rewards.

- Launched Wallet Street, a Social Platform

On 26th February, FLETA launched Wallet Street, a social data platform for cryptocurrency traders. Wallet Street allows users to manage their cryptocurrency assets on different exchanges at once.

- Hexlant Joined FLETA Ecosystem as a Validator

On 23rd March, Hexlant joined the FLETA ecosystem as the 10th Validator. Hexlant is a blockchain laboratory that offers various services, including smart contract audit, custody services, wallet for digital assets, and private blockchain network solutions.

- Wallet Street X Coinone

On 23rd March, Wallet Street, the first wallet-based cryptocurrency social platform in the world, cooperated with Coinone exchange.

Technical Agreements & Partnerships

- Partnership with Colmena

On 26th February, FLETA signed a contract with Argentina’s blockchain project, Colmena. Both projects agreed to cooperate with each other, not only in the technical field but also in broadening their networks to Asia and South America regions. Since both projects try to seek positive use cases of blockchain and believe the technology can help solve environmental issues, we thought we share a similar goal, which became a catalyst for the contract.

- Technical Partnership with Wanchain

On 9th March, FLETA signed a technical agreement with Wanchain. Both companies plan to improve their chain’s performance and interoperability and focus on the mass adoption of blockchain technology. FLETA and Wanchain will also cooperate in providing blockchain technology to Chinese and Korean companies’ existing services. Marketing in both countries is also planned.

- Technical Partnership with Wanchain

On March 14th, FLETA joined the Crypto Valley Association that provides networks between blockchain companies to its members. FLETA plans to cooperate with European blockchain companies through the association and its network.

- Intelligent Blockchain Research Center of Sogang University

On 20th March, FLETA signed a technical agreement with the Intelligent Blockchain Research Center of Sogang University to advance blockchain research and develop blockchain technology leading the global market.


- Bithumb / Bithumb Global

On 19th February, FLETA was officially listed on Bithumb, one of the top exchanges in South Korea. It was also listed on Bithumb Global, a global exchange.

<Second Quarter>

Awards & Conferences

- Received Venture Business Certification

On 1st April, Sendsquare, which developed the FLETA project, obtained a venture business certification from the Korean SMEs and Startup Agency.

- FLETA Technologies’ Patent Application

On 19th May, 4 patent applications of FLETA technologies were submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
✅Computer-readable Recording Medium that Recorded Block Data

✅Blockchain System

✅System and Method for Displaying Crypto-currency and Digital Wallet

✅Blockchain Distributed System and Method for Processing Blockchain Transaction.

Ecosystem & Custody

- Partnership with WINk

On 19th May, FLETA’s platform, Wallet Street, promoted a co-marketing agreement with WINk. WINk is one of the leading DApp of Tron. Only WIN token holders can join the WINk group and communicate with real holders in Wallet Street.

- apM S&S Agreed on a Co-marketing

On 20th May, FLETA’s platform, Wallet Street, signed a co-marketing agreement with apM S&S. Both projects will focus on increasing their users through cooperation. Since Wallet Street is a virtual space related to reality, it can be a place where projects utilized in real life can advertise themselves.

Technical Agreements & Partnerships

- Technical Partnership with Tomochain

On 8th April, FLETA signed a technical agreement with TomoChain, a blockchain platform with branches in Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore. Through this agreement, FLETA will be connected to the TomoChain network by issuing wrapped FLETA tokens using the TomoZProtocolㅡthe paid-fee-by-any-token protocol developed by the TomoChain team, allowing the native FLETA coin and FLETA TRC-21 counterpart to be compatible. As the FLETA chain’s capability increases, the FLETA TRC-21 token will have more significant uses in the TomoChain ecosystem as well.

- Technical Partnership with Matic Network

On May 6th, FLETA will deploy Matic Network technology to FLETA Mainnet.

By adopting Matic’s plasma technology, FLETA seeks to upgrade the Gateway to make it more decentralized. FLETA will first deploy the plasma framework, especially the Deposit & Withdrawal Bridge and Checkpoint.

- Technical Partnership with Oracle

FLETA signed an agreement with the global software giant Oracle to use its cloud infrastructure. It covers co-operation in business and technical work between FLETA and Oracle. FLETA will build a more developed ecosystem on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) by using it within the FLETA cloud server.

- Technical Partnership with NEO

On 22nd May, FLETA signed a strategic partnership with NEO.

NEO is an open-source platform driven by the community. Through this partnership, FLETA will utilize Neo-VM to its mainnet. By using Neo-VM, an additional development process is not needed when issuing a new smart-contract. Both NEO and FLETA seek to create various use cases and upgrade the smart contract.

- Joined DID Alliance Cooperating with Raonsecure

On 26th June, Sendsquare, a foundation that developed the FLETA project, joined DID Alliance. The DID Alliance members include various companies and institutions such as Samsung SDS, Military Manpower Administration, Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, and Raonsecure. With cooperation with Raonsecure, Sendsquare will apply Omnione, Raonsecure’s DID(Decentralized Identifier) service, to our platform.

- Technical Partnership with Chainlink

On June 26th, FLETA teams up with Chainlink to boost medical research. FLETA will integrate its blockchain with Chainlink’s network of decentralized oracles to provide trusted data to its decentralized applications (DApps) and develop a system that allows medical professionals to share health records more easily. FLETA’s Clinical Research Data Registry Platform will be built on its native blockchain and will use real-world data supplied by Chainlink oracles. This initiative will allow doctors, researchers, and patients to upload real clinical data on-chain and help support strong medical research based on shared health records.

Projects with the Government

- Go-lang Based Blockchain Software Development Methodology and Project Management System

On May 21st, Sendsquare, a foundation that developed the FLETA project, was selected as the main operator of the 2020 software engineering on-site application program sponsored by NIPA(National IT Industry Promotion Agency). The blockchain industry has suffered from a lack of management systems for each blockchain project. In turn, the problem brings a waste of time and resources and difficulty in recruiting new employees. Sendsquare aims to solve the issue. Its goal is to build a go-lang-based blockchain software development Methodology and Project Management System that is especially adequate for blockchain projects.

- Blockchain-based Real World Data (RWD) Clinical Research Data Registry Platform

Sendsquare was selected to develop a Blockchain-based Real World Data (RWD) Clinical Research Data Registry Platform supported by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA) of the Korean government. This year, Sendsquare focused on inefficient data usage of the nation’s medical study and medical data’s credibility issue. Even though medical data research is essential in the field, it is not active enough because of insufficient data dissemination and unreliable data. To solve the problems, Sendsquare decided to develop RWD (Real World Data)-based Clinical Research Data Registry Platform using blockchain. The platform will include functions such as profiling, extraction, visualization, and documentation of data, which will help users use data efficiently and enhance the insight gained from the data.

<Third Quarter>

Awards & Conferences

- Awarded the 2020 Korea Sustainable Innovation Leader Awards

On 14th August, Henry Hong and Paul Park, CEOs of Sendsquare, were awarded the 2020 Korea Sustainable Innovation Leader Awards.
The event is an annual ceremony aiming to seek and award an individual or a group that has shown sustainable innovation.

Ecosystem & Custody

- Strategic Partnership with Math Wallet

On August 25th, FLETA signed a strategic partnership with Math Wallet, a famous crypto wallet in China, for more convenient use of FLETA tokens. Moreover, FLETA and Math Wallet expect to expand their ecosystems by sharing networks. Through the partnership, the global market will be more aware of FLETA, especially in the Chinese market where Math Wallet is based.

- Strategic Partnership with HyperPay

On 26th August, FLETA signed a strategic partnership with HyperPay to better manage FLETA tokens, especially for the FLETA ecosystem’s international participants. HyperPay is the world’s first four-in-one digital asset wallet that integrates off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, shared wallet, and hardware wallet with its innovative technology. Through the partnership, FLETA and HyperPay will interact to share each other’s networks. FLETA aims to get more attention in different countries and expand our community, especially in the Chinese market where HyperPay is based.

- Partnership with EzDeFi

On September 29th, FLETA signed a partnership with EzDeFi, an ecosystem that provides cryptocurrency wallets and payment gateway. EzDeFi Payment Gateway processes transactions for online merchants, providing a decentralized payment solution. Its clients are able to utilize cryptocurrency payments with ease, and since it is decentralized, they do not need to pay commission to mediators. Through the partnership, FLETA will be integrated into EzDeFi’s Gateway system; FLETA tokens will be used in e-commerces in EzDeFi’s ecosystem. Customers can now pay with FLETA in the EzDeFi ecosystem using EzDeFi payment gateway.

FLETA DApp & Mainnet Service

- Mainnet Development Contract with Natural Farm Union Protocol

On 6th July, FLETA signed a contract with Natural Farm Union Protocol(NFUP), an agricultural blockchain platform based on the 6th industry integrating primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. According to the contract, FLETA will develop a mainnet of NFUP based on the FLETA chain.

- Mainnet Development Contract with for Stream Protocol

On 21st July, FLETA signed a contract with Stream Protocol(STPL), a content revenue distribution system, to develop an STPL mainnet based on the FLETA network. FLETA will also provide overall project consulting and blockchain technology to build the Stream Protocol ecosystem.

- Develop a Blockchain Mainnet for ISTARDUST

On 31st July, FLETA signed a contract with ISTARDUST, a blockchain-based platform connecting influencers, subscribers, and businesses worldwide. As a business incubator of ISTARDUST, FLETA will develop a mainnet of ISTARDUST and support it by providing our know-how.

Technical Agreements & Partnerships

- Strategic Partnership with LINKA

On 3rd August, FLETA signed a strategic partnership with LINKA, a blockchain-based comprehensive financial platform. It launched LINKA Pay, a payment gateway solution aiming to build a system that everyone can utilize cryptocurrencies in their daily lives without the boundaries between the real world and crypto space. It is an inter-usability service that enables users to pay with credit cards or virtual assets in DApp or BApp. FLETA will support it in various ways with our know-how, and we will also discuss connecting ecosystems of both projects.

- Partnership with Origin Protocol

On 19th August, FLETA signed a partnership with Origin Protocol to utilize FLETA in Decentralized E-Commerce Store. From the FLETA Store, FLETA fans can purchase a variety of FLETA-branded merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, mobile phone cases, joggers, and stickers. Payments can be made via cryptocurrencies. Currently, the FLETA store supports FLETA, OGN, DAI, and ETH as a payment. You can visit the FLETA Store now, at

- Partnership with NULS

On 1st September, FLETA signed a partnership with NULS. NULS is an open-source project for building public blockchain infrastructure. NULS supports users in developing their own blockchain projects and ecosystem, and it allows its users great convenience and flexibility. Through the agreement, the ecosystems of FLETA and NULS will be connected by using FLETA’s Gateway System. Also, FLETA NRC-20 tokens, based on NULS, will be issued and utilized in both of the ecosystems freely.

- Strategic Partnership with KardiaChain

On 2nd September, FLETA signed a strategic partnership with KardiaChain.
KardiaChain is a blockchain platform focused on interoperability that provides hybrid blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments, especially those in South and East Asian countries, including Vietnam. It is known for its Dual Node technology that increases interoperability by integrating chains. Through this partnership, Both projects will share their use cases and DApp services to maintain an integrated ecosystem, mainly gaming and streaming, which will increase the usage of their DApps and coins.

- Partnership with Crust Network

On 9th September, FLETA signed a partnership with Crust Network, a blockchain-based cloud network project. Crust Network implements a decentralized cloud blockchain based on Polkadot, a blockchain platform for interoperability. Both companies decided to share each other’s core technologies and apply them to their mainnets for mainnet performance.


- Uniswap

On 15th September, FLETA was officially listed on Uniswap, one of the top DeFi exchanges. Any user can buy FLETA via Uniswap with ease. If needed, they can use FLETA to buy Ethereum.

<Fourth Quarter>

Awards & Conferences

- 2020 Blockchain Working Group

On November 13rd and 14th, Sendsquare hosted a conference, the 2020 Blockchain Working Group, in Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Sendsquare and our partner projects such as NFUP, STPL, and ISTARDUST participated and shared their use cases and achievements in 2020.

- NIPA 2020 Blockchain Conference

Sendsquare, a foundation that developed the FLETA project, has developed RWD (Real World Data)-based Clinical Research Data Registry Platform using Blockchain in 2020 with the support of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA) of the South Korean government. Our project was selected as an outstanding project among the supported ones by NIPA. As a result, Paul Park, CEO of FLETA, participated in the NIPA 2020 blockchain conference on December 10th and presented the project.

Ecosystem & Custody

- Gateway Connection with TomoChain

FLETA Gateway completed connecting mainnets of FLETA and TomoChain on December 4th. Through the connection, FLETA native coins can be auto-swapped with FLETA TRC-21 and sent to TomoChain Network, and both cans can interoperate.

FLETA DApp & Mainnet Service

- HandyPick, FLETA’s First On-boarding DApp

HandyPick, the first on -boarding DApp of FLETA, is launched. Through it, anyone can enjoy the thrill of predicting the price of digital assets. HandyPick aims to become the biggest prediction game based on blockchain technology, utilizing the FLETA chain’s tremendous blockchain technology. Players can get rewards and have fun with prediction games of HandyPick.

Technical Agreements & Partnerships

- A Partnership with Contentos

FLETA partnered with contentos, a decentralized content platform that utilizes a revenue distribution system based on blockchain technology. FLETA and Contentos will share their markets and ecosystems through the partnership, expanding their global market presence. Furthermore, FLETA aims to widen our ecosystem and advertise advanced blockchain technology through additional marketing events, including AMAs via COS.TV of Contentos.


- TomoDEX

FLETA is listed on TomoDEX, a decentralized exchange powered by TomoChain. The ecosystems of FLETA and TomoChain are connected through FLETA’s Gateway. Since both chains are now integrated, TomoChain-based TRC-21 FLETA tokens can be transferred from FLETA Wallet to the TomoChain network.

In Conclusion

2020 was a busy year for FLETA. We had FLETA token listed on more exchanges, signed many technical agreements and partnerships, broadened our ecosystem, developed use cases, launched DApps, and conducted projects with the South Korean government.

We also try to let people know more about blockchain technology and the FLETA project through FLETA Medium. We aim to let the public be more accustomed to blockchain technology and its merits, ultimately leading to blockchain popularization. FLETA will keep working hard to build a convenient ecosystem for the developers and users.

Please look forward to seeing our achievement.

Happy new year!



FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to offer infrastructure that can be applied to real-world business models. FLETA has its own core blockchain technologies like Level Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, Independent multi-chain Structure, Block Redesign, and PoF(Proof-of-Formulation) which is its own consensus algorithm. With them, it aims to solve problems that existing platforms have such as slow speeds, scalability limitation, and excessive fees, and provide a flexible development environment. Moreover, through its Gateway technology, it enhanced its interoperability by allowing projects issuing their tokens through other mainnets to maintain their mainnets while using FLETA chain.

Sendsquare, a foundation that developed FLETA project, was selected as one of the blockchain PoC support projects by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of the South Korean Government since 2019 and has developed the blockchain-based on-chain clinical data management system (eCRF System) and RWD basic clinical research analysis report platform using blockchain technology.


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:


FLETA Store:







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