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Why Should Blockchain Projects Expand Their Ecosystems?

Blockchain technology continues to evolve and grow. Many projects today seek to improve and advance the disruptive technology of this generation. Many people associate blockchain with Bitcoin, or perhaps Ethereum, but other projects are also showing their presence in the industry. Even though those projects are relatively newer than Bitcoin or Ethereum, their technology can be as good as the others since blockchain technology has evolved.

However, surviving in the competitive blockchain industry is not easy; projects should demonstrate their diverse aspects such as usability, technology, and scalability. One of the fundamental elements of a Blockchain project to be considered stable and with great prospects is the expansion of its ecosystem. Projects actively seeking to solve real-life problems and create solutions will be benefited from their broad ecosystem, since many participants can prove the usability of the projects.

FLETA is one of these projects that has been spreading beyond its borders, to expand its ecosystem. With the help of a large number of strategic partnerships, we developed our use cases in multiple areas of daily life, including health, finance, gaming, agriculture, and online entertainment.

With strong alliances with respectable partners, FLETA and our partners are mutually benefited by expanding the ecosystem of all. As so, the value of blockchain multiplies when more players participate, and the ecosystem should be broadened, and its participants must work together for more growth of the industry.

One of the fundamental aspects to achieve this expansion is undoubtedly interoperability and scalability.

According to a 2018 PwC study of industry leaders, 28% of respondents noted that interoperability was an essential ingredient for a successful blockchain, while 40% expressed that ‘scalability’ was necessary for a successful blockchain project.

Today, this reality still has not been changed, and based on this perspective, FLETA has been strengthening its state-of-the-art technology to maintain a secure ecosystem with high scalability that allows interoperability between chains. It is a crucial point to guarantee its presence in the next generation of chains of public blocks.

Thanks to its block redesign, its own consensus algorithm, the use of sharding and its FLETA Gateway, the company has demonstrated in recent months that it is at the forefront of technology, reason enough to be an attraction of various blockchain platforms that seek to associate with the company to improve its protocols, thanks to FLETA technology.

With partnerships and agreements with diverse projects such as NEO, Oracle, Wanchain, TomoChain, Stream Protocol, and more recently LINKA, building a broad ecosystem with Blockchain technology led by FLETA is already beginning to be an imminent reality.


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