Mevris is the Latest Sensation in Home Automation

Mevris — Ensuring a more centralized control

The main idea behind smart home devices is to make lives simpler and easier. While with conventional electronics one might forget where the remote-control is, but luckily now there’s a convenient solution to this problem which doesn’t requires any additional piece of hardware. To meet the needs of modern lifestyle, IoT based smart home automation platforms are a one-stop solution for unifying your connected gadgets and controlling them from one simple app, instead of many physical remote controls. These innovative technologies employ various connectivity protocols such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) , Lutron ClearConnect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee. The support for IFTTT (If This Then That) also proves quite useful, as it adds more to the ways connected devices are configured and triggered.

Automation systems serve the purpose of controlling and signaling home appliances that are used on a day to day basis. Not only do these solutions prevent misuse but also save the wastage of electrical energy. Since the preservation of electrical energy is important as per the current energy crisis, it is essential that its use becomes well optimized. This is only possible if we have a well-defined and scalable mechanism of controlling electrical devices remotely via mobile apps.

What is Mevris?

Mevris” stands for “Make Everything Smart”. It is a smartly designed, attractive, intuitive and human centric IoT platform that lets the user control almost any home appliance with a mere tap. The application can be integrated with numerous electronics at one time, making it convenient for the user to switch controls between them. It’s basically an all-in-one universal platform that allows user to control connected devices without any hassle. Mevris connects itself with the silicon chip embedded within the electronic appliance to help operate it.

Its multitasking capabilities & e-commerce integration support the idea of fully automated homes which is a definite step towards the future.

The idea is simple “All of your gear, one application”



Personalize your dwelling to be more comfortable, convenient and secure.

As the Mevris application operates via internet therefore one has the edge in terms of controlling their home appliances regardless of geographical barriers.

So in short managing all your home is just a matter of a click. Mevris saves you from the frustration of finding traditional IR (Infrared radiation) remote controls. Mevris is simply “Your Home in The Palm of Your Hand”. Mevris is a clear rejection to restricted usability.

Mevris in the Making

Mervis is a product of BlueEast (Pvt) Ltd. (a technology development wing of Orient Group of Companies). The seasoned software development, devOps and embedded systems engineering teams at BlueEast have spent numerous sleepless nights to build this innovative platform within a very short span of time under the vigilant supervision of Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, C.E.O BlueEast.

The teams implemented agile scrum methodology and adopted principles of concurrent engineering with simultaneous full throttle execution on mechanical, electrical and firmware domains during the development phase of MEVRIS ( For making mevris a reality, industry’s leading open source MERN technology stack was selected with segmental approach for future platform progressions like predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition to this, a series of end to end tests were also performed with hardware in loop (HIL) technology in fully automated environments to ensure best quality within optimum time-span. While shaping the final product, laser sharp focus was given to value analysis and value engineering to keep it within the means of both masses and enterprises alike.

The Applications of Mevris

In short, Mevris is a component of Internet of Things ecosystem. It refers to the briskly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data employing embedded sensors.

To help further clarify how the “Internet of Things works”, we’ve laid out some examples of the applications of Mevris for you to better understand it’s functioning.

When you have the beastly powerful Mevris in your smartphone nothing is out of reach and the possibilities are simply endless. Mevris provides a universal controlling platform for smart homes. When integrated with your home appliances it is more powerful than ever. Considering its ease and usability, it provides a fun interface for users to monitor, control and operate their air conditioners, lights, entertainment systems, LED TVs, refrigerators, water dispensers, washing machines and other home appliances within a fraction of a second. Mervis is undoubtedly the future of a digitally proficient ecosystem in Pakistan.

Suppose you wish to turn on your air conditioner while changing stations at your television set or maybe you’re out of grocery but too tired to go to the super store, not a problem at all, the mervis platform has you covered. Just imagine the level of ease and convenience, when your refrigerator does the entire job for you by carrying out a quantitative analysis of the short items and places the order online considering your dietary requirements.

It can be quite easy for one to forget turning the lights or other home electronics off. In such an event, a simple application will always be there to save the day. Consider yourself washing dirty laundry and then all of a sudden you run out of washing powder, no need to panic, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone which will ask for your permission to place the order online and automatically charge your account for the purchased merchandise and voila you’ll have the cleaning agent right at your doorsteps within minutes.

Let’s put it this way!

Another example of how mevris can completely change your life is that suppose you’re coming back to home after an exhausting day at work. While leaving your office you can use mevris to turn on the air conditioner at the desired temperature, command the coffee maker to make your favorite espresso, dim the lights, instruct your Blu-ray to play “War for the Planet of the Apes” from where you left last night, ask your refrigerator to purchase eatables using an e-commerce partner by evaluating the quantity and the quality of leftovers.

Mevris is undoubtedly a super solution for fully automated homes. It is compatible with all kinds of appliances from all kinds of brands, no wonder we call it a universal IoT platform for integrated devices. Another very useful feature of mevris is that it can also be operated via voice and text control, making it interactive thus cutting down monaughtness.

Is Mevris Operational?

The answer to this is yes it is, currently this technology is being employed in Orient’s Ultron smart DC inverter air conditioners. Orient’s state of the art e-comfort technology based air conditioners can be easily controlled via the mevris application. All you have to do is simply make an account on , add in the devices and operate them from literally anywhere in the world. Future appliances from Orient are also being incorporated with Mevris, making it the first ever consumer electronics brand to bring in such an innovation for the ease of the end user. So buying home appliances from orient is equivalent to staying future proof.

To See How Mevris Works Read: Orient’s Step by Step Guide for making a Smart AC Account

BlueEast has combined comfort and technology for orient; likewise they also aim to cater other brands & enterprises in terms of making their appliances, offices and homes super smart.

Core Features of Mevris Integration with Orient Ultron Smart AC

Mevris, when integrated with orient air conditioners provides data both in real time and in the form of monthly/ fortnightly /weekly/ daily reports formats.

Here’s a glimpse of how Mevris unleashes the potential of a smart AC


The timeline feature lets you view the complete activity report of your air conditioner’s operations. Users can see when was the device turned on/off, what mode was used, at what speed was it working, what was the temperature setting and how was it controlled (remote/ application) etc. In short, it keeps an accurate record of the history of events.

Error identification

Mevris also informs the user about their air conditioner’s malfunction such as why the AC stopped cooling/ heating, indoor/outdoor unit issues, gas leakage and much more. This useful feature saves the user from unexpected technician visits, saving them time, effort and money. Mevris, when attached with an AC is a complete diagnostic system.

Speech & Text Control

Orient Ultron smart DC inverter AC customers can also control their ac via speech and text messages using the application’s Chatbot or by integrating their social media account to it. Users have the authority to schedule events as per their requirements with this amazing feature.

Technical Metrics

Mevris when integrated with the E-comfort AC precisely measures metrics such as current, voltage, power used by AC, electricity unit consumption and % of electricity saved both in real time and in a report format.


Users who wish to know about the performance, cost and saving of an AC can easily benefit from the application’s report feature. This awesome feature helps the customers to optimize their energy usage and manage electricity bills in an efficient and smart manner.


Mervis is available at Google play Store and the web. Though this technology comes pre-installed in current appliances from Orient, masses owning older appliances can purchase orient’s innovative smart Wi-Fi kit online to make their appliances smart.

So, rather than using multiple remote controls and applications to run your appliances, switch to a more smart and intelligent option. Switch to a universal IoT based platform to experience a smart lifestyle. Switch to a more centralized approach. Switch to Mevris!

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