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AMA Session with Alex Blagirev from Sensorium Galaxy(SENSO), NFT Focused

Guest: Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO (Tech, IR, CryptoMarketing & PR) of Sensorium Galaxy
Host: Iris


Iris: For the newcomers in this group who never had a chance to get to know you, would you please introduce yourself and Sensorium again, Alex?

Alex: Sure. It’s again a pleasure to be here with you all. My name is Alex and I am Deputy CEO at Sensorium Corporation. Our company is building an entertainment-focused digital metaverse called Sensorium Galaxy.

A simple way to think about Sensorium Galaxy is as a mix between Netflix and Facebook in VR. We are taking premium content (concerts, shows of chart-topping artists, dance performances, lectures, etc.) to a highly immersive VR setup featuring advanced social and game mechanics…

Instead of scrolling through endless social news feeds that make you feel anxious and sometimes isolated, Sensorium Galaxy lets you experience digital entertainment together with the people you love or make new acquaintances.

In essence, we want to unite people regardless of their location through out-of-this-world digital experiences, and we’re about to start that journey. The platform will launch this summer and be available on mobile, desktop, and the most popular VR headsets.

Questions about the project


Iris: Please tell us more about SENSO and its tokenomics.

Alex: SENSO is the in-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy; it is an ERC-20 Ethereum token.

At the moment, the adjusted supply or SENSO is 1.7 billion SENSO and it’s distributed as follows:

  • 32% NFT ticket sales and minting (distributed among 30 concerts for a minimum of 3 years)
  • 23.5% Research & Development (R&D)
  • 13.5% attracting new artists & partners
  • 12% marketing operations
  • 12% loyalty program (bounty & referral, creators)
  • 7% Talent & motivation packages (with a pre-set lock-up/vesting period of 3 years).


Iris: What are the use cases of the SENSO?

Alex: There are six clear use cases for SENSO within the Sensorium Galaxy ecosystem:

- In-platform currency: The decentralized approach gives users complete control over their funds and access to an exclusive 20% discount on all purchases.

- NFT minting. Sensorium Galaxy leverages NFTs to protect users’ digital identities and enable them and their AI-powered avatars to create digital collectibles. SENSO is used to pay for minting NFTs and listing them on the marketplace.

- NFT marketplace. Inside the metaverse, a decentralized marketplace allows professional and user-generated NFTs to be exchanged smoothly and fairly.

- Game mechanics. You will be able to use tokens to explore new horizons, join VIP-only group activities, and get paid when completing tasks with exceptional performance.

- Social tokens. Through SENSO, users could issue social tokens for themselves and their avatars. These social tokens enable them to develop communities and support their passions.

-DAO for Creators. Structured as DAO, the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse empowers every participant to be involved in the future of entertainment.


Iris: You just mentioned NFT minting and NFT marketplace, which are pretty popular topics these days. What makes Sensorium Galaxy special compared to other NFT projects?

Alex: NFTs are seamlessly integrated into the Sensorium Galaxy digital metaverse. For example, each participant can create and then fully customize AI-powered avatars.

Every avatar at Sensorium Galaxy has a unique character. AI technology allows avatars to continuously absorb environmental data to become smarter, better virtual citizens of our vast metaverse. We call this digital immortality…

Such avatars are autonomous NPCs (non-player characters) that will live in Sensorium Galaxy, communicate with other users and avatars, stream themselves, create content, and even mint NFTs. For example, the avatar could create collectible meme cards. Digitally immortal avatars are NFT tokens that can be purchased or sold at Sensorium Galaxy Marketplace.


Iris: How does the Sensorium Galaxy Marketplace work?

Alex: The ecosystem of Sensorium Galaxy includes a marketplace that will bring together digital creators, commercial brands, and end-users. By empowering all participants to become creators, we ensure a constant flow of quality content into the platform that enhances the power of this digital economy.

Sensorium Galaxy wants to disrupt the current digital entertainment model, moving people from consumers to co-creators. The marketplace will aggregate assets created by the Sensorium Galaxy team (native creator) or independent creators following guidelines.

Everyone can set themselves free from Earthly limitations in our store, express their style with avatars, tune them up as they wish with special effects and collectible items. Getting started is a super straightforward process. All you have to do is register an account, connect your Metamask wallet, and start shopping!

Besides, if you pay with SENSO tokens, you get a 20% off on all purchases. And for those that don’t want to deal with digital assets, we’ve also added a fiat checkout that supports the most popular payment cards.


Which NFT assets will be available at Sensorium Galaxy Marketplace?

Alex: Here’s the range of digital assets to be traded on the Sensorium Galaxy NFT marketplace:

1. Avatars — A wide range of AAA quality, 3D avatars are available for Sensorium Galaxy users (and their AI avatars) to be used as their virtual representations within the metaverse.

2. Objects — digital items can take many forms. Art pieces, clothing items, accessories, and all sorts of merchandise in this virtual environment.

3. Spaces — this category provides an opportunity to own a private piece of Sensorium Galaxy. From virtual cabins in the Sensorium Starship to VIP booths to floating lounge bubbles to hold private events.

3. Motion — this category refers to the movement skills of AI-powered avatars owned by users. Signature dance moves or complete performances are great examples of it.

4. Sound — this type of digital assets ranges from short music tracks created by users’ avatars to entire songs and DJ sets developed by professionals exclusively for the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse.

5. Tickets — this category covers access to virtual concerts, activities, and private user-generated events and content.

6. Collectibles — all the assets mentioned above can be traded as limited editions on the platform.


Iris: Last question. Would you like to share with us your plans for the rest of 2021?

Alex: Of course! Great things are coming along in the near term. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss as we move forward:

  • Release of the SENSO Whitepaper 2.0
  • Demo release of the Sensorium Galaxy App
  • Launching PRISM closed beta testing with virtual DJ concert
  • Migration of SENSO to the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Opening early access to Sensorium Galaxy

Free-asking Session

Q1. Due to Crazy Etherum gas fee, Are you planning to move SENSO ERC20 to Binance Smart Chain? Because BSC have very low Transaction fee.


Due to Crazy Etherum gas fee, Are you planning to move SENSO ERC20 to Binance Smart Chain? Because BSC have very low Transaction fee.

Initially, SENSO was developed using the ERC-20 standard — a widespread solution that guaranteed access to nearly all Ethereum-compatible service providers.

Yet, the sudden increase in ETH value represents a direct threat to small-size transactions within the metaverse. To that end, SENSO will migrate to a new blockchain network — one capable of delivering competitive conditions that meet the needs of Sensorium Galaxy and all entertainment applications involved.

This new network is developed with Substrate — a next-generation blockchain technology

framework. Aside from a sizable reduction in fees, the migration will connect SENSO to the vast Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot aims to become the internet of blockchains, where various application-specific blockchains are interconnected with each other and can exchange information and value.

Q2. Most of users are still not aware with Blockchain & its related projects ! So, How senso platform create awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?


#2 Good question. Sensorium Galaxy leverages collaborations with chart-topping artists as a key user generation tool. We’ve already signed world’s best DJs that offer us a total potential audience of 500+ million users. And this is only the beginning… New artists coming soon!

Q3. What is the uniqueness of SENSORIUM GALAXY that cannot be found in other projects that’s been released so far? And how the demand of SENSO will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to increase the demand?


#3 and final question. Sensorium Galaxy stands out in multiple aspects. I can highlight two major aspects that easily put us ahead of the metaverse race:

Digital immortality: AI technology enables NPCs to become truly unique virtual representations, capable of continuously learning from the environment. Their uniqueness is protected by NFTs.

Cross-platform: Sensorium Galaxy offers immersiveness all around. From mobiles to VR headsets — users can interact with the metaverse on the go, anytime. for more answers »» join our official groups ✨Sensorium in social media:✨

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