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AMA Session with Alexander Filatov, Pavel Prigolovko, Mitja Goroshevsky from Free TON (TON)

Guest: Alexander Filatov, Co-Founder of TON Labs; Pavel Prigolovko, Chief Strategy Officer of TON Labs; Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs.
Host: Iris of MEXC Global


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Alexander Filatov, Co-Founder of TON Labs; Pavel Prigolovko, Chief Strategy Officer of TON Labs; Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Alexander, PvP and Mitja, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourselves?

Alexander: Hi. I’m Alexander Filatov, Co-Founder of TON Labs, which is a core developer of Free TON. I’m focused on community building and partnerships leveraging my experience and contacts network from 25 year of corporate and venture experience.

PvP: I’m Pavel Prigolovko, Co-Founder of TON Labs as well. I also act as Chief Strategy Officer of TON Labs. I have strong financial, investment banking and venture experience.

Mitja: I’m Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs. I’m in IT for 20 years. I started several successful businesses that grew into large companies. In particular, I founded DeltaThree Communications (first international voice over IP provider), Internet Telecom (telco and enterprise grade IP solution provider), Popular Telephony Inc. (distributed p2p enterprise architectures), BrainsMatch (machine learning, recommendation engines).

Questions about the project


Iris: What is Free TON? Can you share with us more in detail?

Alexander: Free TON is a community-driven and owned new generation blockchain. It delivers first in the market functional dynamic sharing that allows true scalability. That in turn opens new horizons for real life adoption / use cases. Our native coin is TON Crystal, and unlike other platforms there was no ICO, no pre-mine, and no other token sales of any form or shape. All TON Crystals in circulation have to be earned through contests, or integration of real life use-cases with many users. This delivers a vibrant community of passionate token holders. The governance in the network is 100% on chain and is open for everybody to join in, participating in contests, suggesting contests or partnership proposals.


Iris: What triggers you to launch Free TON? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Free TON aims to solve?

PvP: Eventually solving the scalability trilemma — Free TON has instant finality, it is scalable and secure/unbreakably decentralized all at the same time. Dynamic sharing, 0.2s block times with ~3 seconds finality. Simply put, Free TON performance-wise is capable of things other chains can’t do. This allows to deliver the use cases that have not been possible before.


Iris: What are some of the challenges that Free TON currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Mitja: The chaotic power of decentralization. It isn’t easy to achieve the unbreakable decentralization as it is a sliding scale. We’re getting there, one contest, one lesson at a time. We can feel the power of a decentralized community unleashing its creativity and diversity with a pursuit of Meritocratic Token Distribution principles. Everyone are welcome to join and participate.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Free TON that you would like to share with the users?

1. There is currently a launch of powerful DeFi infrastructure at Free TON that started with a bridge to Ethereum, launch of DEXes and now going into yield farming. There is also an upcoming launch of stablecoins, bridge to Polkadot and to other networks.

2. The NFT marketplace contest was just finalized with 6 promising marketplaces simultaneously coming to market at Free TON.

3. About 30 real life use cases that have been launched recently or are about to be launched as we talk.

4. Launch of new DAOs (we call them subgovernances) at Free TON — geographical (e.g. India and Japan just launched a week ago, many more coming up) or functional — DeFi, NFT, developer experience etc..

5. There are also constantly new exciting contests that can be explored at


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

PvP: Mass-adoption

Free TON is the only project that is unbreakably decentralized and self-governed blockchain which focuses on giving power to the community. We believe in freedom as not only a human right but as a requirement. It is essential for our community to have the right to act, speak and think as they desire. We see technology as the liberating tool to do so. Free TON is the open door for collaboration and interoperability and our meritocratic governance model ensures fairness and transparency.

Alexander: That is what truly matters and will drive everything else

PvP: Free TON is a network of like minded people driving a revolution. We are developers, creators, scientists, artists, validators, writers and peaceful anarchists all contributing to a free and transparent future. The blockchain itself is unparalleled technology capable of supporting and scaling global platforms. As the only blockchain that has conquered the ‘trilemma’ we are confident in the solid foundation we are building freedom upon.

Free-asking Session

Q1: Do you have a roadmap about $TON? Can you share with us?

Alexander: A whole new white paper is being finalized as we talk as a draft. It’s coming to the community discussion at very soon.

Q2: A lot of blockchain projects nowadays declare that they are the fastest scalable blockchain. What are the facts on your side and what differentiates you from other networks ?

Mitja: We are constantly running life networks contest with hundreds of validators participating. I don’t know any other project achieving this results on a live network in different datacenters around the world. The unique multithreaded multisharded architecture is currently the only approach I know to solve the scalability and performance of the smart contract platform.

Q3: Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Alexander: Welcome to Free TON Community ecosystem! Here you can find all useful information about Free TON project. Please before you start read useful links below:

💎Free TON Website —
📙GitHub —
📗Technical documentation —
📕Official Free TON forum —
⛓Blockchain explorer —
🏄 Beta TON Surf —
📖How to become a validator (
🖊How to write TON smart-contracts (
👨‍💻Subscribe our Community news channel (!
👉Structure of Free TON Ecosystem (

Feel free to ask any question!

Q4: The TON Labs concept is unique and different from other crypto projects. But has the reliability of this concept been proven? Can you list some of the significant achievements of TON Labs?

PvP: Thank you for your question! In parallel with blockchain development TON Labs created TON Operating System (TON OS) which makes interaction with Free TON very easy for developers and users. It allows to have access infrastructure on each node, which makes it decentralized compare to other blockchains, where it available only as a commercial restricted services. We developed 2 compilers for Free TON Solidity and C/C++. We developed end-to-end decentralized approach — we call it Web Free vs Web 3. It requires no centralized hosting as Web 3, applications are downloaded into a browser from blockchain itself

Q5: What is the mission and vision of FreeTon ? What kind of problems / use cases does FreeTon hope to solve?

Alexander: Use cases that require scalability. Parallel execution of millions of smart contracts or interactions with millions of users. That hasn’t really been possible before and that’s the mission of the community to take blockchain to new highs on adoption.

Q6: FreeTON network was launched without an ICO. Why did you guys think it was a good idea?

Alexander: Because it eliminates the risks of the project token (ton crystal) to be ever acknowledged as a security by regulators. Opens up the way for institutional adoption.

Q7: How can the community contribute to the progress of Free TON? Do you have a Governance model? Is there and ambassadors or bug bounty or contest we can assist in so as to enable further adoption?

Mitja: Yes of course everyone can contribute! There are hundreds of community contests which are ranging from deep tech developer contests, smart contracts, decentralized governance contests and so on. There are DAOs which we call sub-governances which are delivering on chain governance of every aspect of the community.

Q8: Most of users are still not aware with Blockchain & its related projects! So, how does $TON create awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?

PvP: We have a number of unique approaches based on our values. Free TON is the only blockchain ecosystem, which has a stratified community driven governance — we have 25 subgovernances formed from community volunteers, which specialized on different areas like: Developer experience, DeFi, PR, Influencers, Ambassadors, etc. Each subgovernance has its own promotional activity. For example we have regular decentralized PR contests, there was educational website contest and etc.

Q9: What do you say the idea of creating NFT’s and giving use?

Mitja: Its already working on Free TON with 6 NFT marketplaces operating



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