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AMA Session with Angel Versetti from Moon Rabbit

Guest : Angel Versetti, CEO of Moon Rabbit

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Angel Versetti, CEO of Moon Rabbit, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Angel, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Angel: sure, my name is Angel Versetti; I’m one of crypto OGs, having started playing with bitcoin at v.0.1.0. back in late 2011, around a decade ago; professionally, i am full time in crypto since 2014; in the first few years I worked at the United Nations, where I led departments of Trade and Investment as well as Industry and Emerging Technologies, where we explored aligning blockchain and then-emerging bitcoin into sustainable agenda.

Afterwards I led projects at Bloomberg and Google, following which i started building my own businesses. Icreated Ambrosus, which I cofounded with Gavin Wood (founder of Polkadot, cofounder of Ethereum).

Then I led a crypto investment fund where we focused on high growth defi coins ; we had massive positions on LUNA , AAVE and LINK ; and currently have massive positions in SYS, NMR, MLN, UMA and BAT as a fund.

Later on I worked as de facto Head of Marketing for Dogecoin in 2020–2021

I created Dogecoin Foundation in place of the old then-bankrupt on and we led marketing efforts for dogecoin from last autumn to this spring

And latest project is Moon Rabbit, which is my wildest dream of creating crypto that will unlock the secret to immortality.

Follow us:


Telegram: @moonrabbitcom

Questions about the project


Iris: What is Moon Rabbit? Can you share with us more in detail?

Angel: I will give a high-level introduction (for those who want a deeper one → , click “technology”) so I will give a different , simpler one than on our website

We have created a Metachain; Meta means “beyond” in Greek

What this means is that it’s not a blockchain or a single network, but rather a high-level abstract distributed protocol that unites any blockchains, allowing cross-chain composability and communications

One can connect any existing blockchain to Moon Rabbit (bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, syscoin, etc). One can also launch any Jurisdiction (your own autonomous blockchain, whose security and integrity is maintained by Moon Rabbit Metachain, but whose internal rules can be as flexible as you wish , having its own coin, protocol, rules, etc.)

We are running on Substrate/Rust/Web3; so our core is identical to Polkadot. Any infrastructure built for Polkadot is fully compatible with Moon Rabbit.

We also have 100% EVM-compatible protocol, allowing Ethereum compatibility and smart contracts on Moon Rabbit, which is great, because we can port any ETH applications and run them without any gas fees on our network, but Polygon, BSC, Solana kinda offer similar things.

So I am more excited about Substrate-based scalability and composability we offer. I hope one day Moon Rabbit becomes the central communication hubs between all blockchains and cryptocurrencies here on planet Earth and beyond.

Iris: Thanks for the explanation. It’s indeed much easier for the non-techical audience to understand 👍

Angel: we will be launching Library on our website soon. Where all these concepts will be explained in simple terms. Our website is in 10 languages btw, so any audience not comfortable with English may find ways to connect.


Iris: What triggers you to launch Moon Rabbit? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Moon Rabbit aims to solve?

Angel: Moon Rabbit has a short/medium-term mission as well as long-term crazy vision:

Short-medium-term, we are aiming to create a highly accessible and popular ecosystem as an alternative to Polkadot. It costs extremely much (millions of dollars) to launch your own Parachain on Polkadot; Moon Rabbit brings this cost down to literally 0. This should permit any entrepreneurs to launch , whether they have capital or not; likewise, our EVM-Jurisdiction aims to unleash NFT and DeFi without the crazy gas fees. End of this month we are planning to launch our own NFT ecosystem and exclusive collections only for $AAA holders; similarly, we are launching a DEX and farming infra permitting swaps; we will then work to make this DEX cross-chain as well (right now it’s only Moon Rabbit, Ethereum and BSC based)

Long-term vision is reflected in our flagship Longevity DAO. Moon Rabbit’s ultimate vision is to apply all the global intelligence and digital resources to unlock the secret to eternal life. While this may sound like fantasy, science has made great progress

Iris: 🙌 Looking forward to the NFT ecosystem and cross-chain DEX

Angel: And Biotech is evolving fast enough to give Longevity a shot; many crypto OGs, billionnaires and politicians have been spending billions of dollars funding life extension research, but so far it’s been confined to the pet projects and expensive hobby realm.

Moon Rabbit offers crypto and web3 tools to longevity entrepreneurs, such as crowdfunding, tokenisation of IP, crowdsourcing, open-source collaboration platform and distributed data processing via Metachain. And we are working to create a batch of research teams who will be building new projects using our tools and receiving financial backing from the cryptocommunity, directly and via DAO.

The only condition we have is that they build on Moon Rabbit and exclusively accept $AAA for any discroveries they make and commercialise as goods and services. So that Moon Rabbit truly becomes the platform for longer life and $AAA becomes the only cryptocurrency in the world to buy longer life.

I think time is the most valuable asset, and we aim to make $AAA the currency that will buy more time of your life.


Iris: What are some of the challenges that Moon Rabbit currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Angel: One of our biggest challenges is the run-away success of our vision and mission; we have many projects both from within crypto and longevity seeking to build on our network; many of them need support and acceleration; This is why one of our team’s priorities right now is to roll out Tutorials, documentation, API and other tools to make development on Moon Rabbit seamless without the team’s intervention (basically if you can code solidity/go for Ethereum , or substrate/rust for Polkadot — you are good to go and build on Moon Rabbit, as our tech stack is identical)

We are also actively growing teams and hiring across our distributed structure. We are negotiating deals with multiple software development houses and teams to build on our infrastructure. Ideally we seek to secure deals like IOHK and Emurgo did with Cardano.

We also offer generous bounty budgets to professional dev teams ; they can get budgets of $1–2m worth of AAA annually for building with us.

Our backers also have their own Moon-Rabbit dedicated investment fund where they are supporting emerging projects on Moon Rabbit. So successfully scaling in a short time window is our biggest challenge.

And we hope to get as many inbound enquiries for people who want to join us in development, business, marketing or operational roles. Will gladly consider and work with them, whether as team members or as community entrepreneurs.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Moon Rabbit that you would like to share with the users?

Angel: We are due to release a blog update with updates and releases till the end of November, but just because we’re friends, I will announce it to MEXC Community first.

Next updates will be shaped around the 3 main products:

Main-Net, EVM Jurisdiction and Library (formerly known as Developer Hub)

For Main-Net we are planning to merge Temple Explorer with Rabbit Hole; It will still be called Rabbit Hole, but will have multiple new functions currently either only available for Temple Explorer or unavailable.

This will be a fully-fledged Explorer, not only for Moon Rabbit network, but also new upcoming dApps for it. Besides a multi-functional Portal will be integrated into it (more about what this portal is in our blog, but I think people will be excited about the interoperability it will bring to Moon Rabbit)

Secondly, our NFT already has 2 big releases in the work; we will have an NFT Minting Factory and Marketplace with huge advantages for $AAA holders and exciting features and GameFi functions added. The first such game RadRabbits is coming up in November; I have just had a preview about this game and it’s truly immersive.

Secondly is an artist-focused NFT value proposition that will attract NFT artists to our platform. We offer them to keep 100% value of their NFT artwork generated, if they launch it on Moon Rabbit

There are also exciting updates about the DEX on Moon Rabbit coming , and $AAA will form the main trading/liquidity pair against other tokens over there; LPs will be able to mine and get rewards from keeping their liquidity.

Basically the launch of EVM and its accompanying NFT and DeFi infrastructure as well as GameFi with Rad Rabbits will create massive new utility for $AAA and it’s exciting for all the community.

Keep an eye on our blog for more info.

Iris: Head over to their blog and get updated:


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Angel: Immortality

Why, because blockchain makes data immutable, stays like that forever, secondly because this is what we ultimately seek. With life-changing profits crypto has made for many of its truest believers , many will not have enough time to enjoy them. We are here to fix it, haha.

Free-asking Session

Q1. Many projects only focus on the price of their tokens in the market but not on the utility of the tokens, and can your tokens deliver real value in the world?


This is one of the questions I really like. The native coin of Moon Rabbit, $AAA, is in-built within the Substrate-based

Mother Chain, similarly to $DOT within Polkadot, with additional bridge to ERC20 standard.

Within the native system $AAA combines multiple functions; in particular:

* Fees for processing transactions and storing data, half of which are permanently burned.

* Running Temples (validator nodes) on the network via DPoS system (staking $AAA).

* Rolling out a custom Jurisdiction (own blockchain or protocol) via locking $AAA tokens.

* Used for community governance votes to assist steering Longevity DAO.

* Used as payment token for any goods or services built by partners of Longevity DAO.

Extra functions via Bridge to Moon Rabbit EVM Jurisdiction:

* Used to Mint adn Trade NFTs

* Used to lock on in-game evolution and features (GameFi)

* Locked as Liquidity pairs on DEX for Farming

* Locked on Security Vaults to launch new EVM protocols

Thus $AAA has multiple deflationary pressures and utilities. We have tried our best to make the cryptoeconomic take the best from $BNB $ADA and $LINK to make it a truly growing digital economy, bursting with activity and revenues from active participants

Q2. What are problems Moon Rabbit is solving that other projects aren’t capable of solving?


We are definitely the first to focus our cryptocurrency solely for the Longevity and Life Extension. Nobody else within the crypto realm is working on solving these problems. At the same time purely on the longevity side, most projects are still R&D under big pharma money (remember it’s not in big pharma’s interest to let you live longer and healthier, it hurts their business model…) or just university based R&D that is not really making this a successful business; so our goal is to accelerate the growth, research and adoption of Longevity as an industry. Remember that by 2025 Biotech is expected to be a $2.5T market, that’s the same size as total market cap of all cryptos today, so the massive potential is clearly here and Moon Rabbit is here to grab it and benefit from First Mover advantage

Q3. What are the strategies followed by you for promoting the project so that it reach everywhere? Are you planning to use more third party platforms for effective promotion of the project other than the crowded platforms that you are utilising at present


Both ourselves and the community whales and the Temple operators engage in comprehensive marketing and awareness raising campaign. We have Hollywood actors such as Brian Cox (whose series Succession Season 3 premieres tomorrow), Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and legends of crypto such as Bitlord and Crypto Birb supporting and promoting the project, along with many other OGs. We want to make our outreach, marketing and community building even stronger, especially in Asia-Pacific region, so if there are any folks here with strong communities in Asia, we would be especially glad to collaborate to bring even more of new countries and regional users to Moon Rabbit to make it as global as possible, before we start looking to the stars for $AAA, the interplanetary cryptocurrency



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