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AMA Session with Charles Stanto from PolkaPet World

Guest: Charles Stanton, CMO of PolkaPet World

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Charles Stanton, CMO of PolkaPet World, in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Chas, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

I’m Chas — CMO of PolkaPet World (often called PolkaPets, although those are the NFTs not the project!). I come from a strong marketing background including KPMG, BUPA and The National Lottery and our team is hugely experienced across crypto, NFTs and ecommerce.

The World of PolkaPets goes beyond just collectible NFTs. Within the PolkaPets Universe, each PolkaPet is embodied as an artistic creature that represents a specific project within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The $PETS token is the utility token used to engage with PolkaPet World products and services offered in partnership with PolkaPet project partners, as well as allowing governance rights and access to exclusive sales.

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Questions about the project


Iris: What is PolkaPet World? Can you share with us more in detail?

Chas: Yes absolutely! PolkaPets was created as a vehicle to introduce audiences to the Polkadot network through colourful characters, each connected to a specific project in the Polkadot ecosystem. Each pet is a partnership with that project, and has unique utilities attributed to it.

Each PolkaPet holds unique project-specific utility that rewards community members for holding that specific PolkaPet NFT in their wallets. This could be a discount on fees, an airdrop of tokens to PolkaPet cardholders, or much more.

Our mission is to bring users closer to the Polkadot ecosystem through an engaged network of partners and games, all involving our popular PolkaPet characters and the $PETS token is a huge evolution for us in achieving that vision!


Iris: What triggers you to launch PolkaPet World? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that PolkaPet aims to solve?

Chas: The $PETS token is the utility token used to engage with PolkaPet World products and services offered in partnership with PolkaPet project partners, as well as allowing governance rights and access to exclusive sales.

We’ve created a promo video that covers a lot of this too, it’s worth a watch!

There are many Polkadot projects, especially those at the embryonic stage, that are looking for market exposure.

Polkapets is trying to build an ecosystem that gathers the Polkadot audiences and then leverages its community and creative NFT to drive adoption of Polkadot partners. Our next step is to approach early-staged projects in the Moonriver and Astar ecosystem. One example is Solarbeam(, which shows strong interest in the Polkapet collaboration. By creating pets for early projects with high TVL, projects get branding recognition and strong community engagement, in exchange PolkaPet ecosystem gets NFT adoption and token marketing budget for sustainable growth.


Iris: What are some of the challenges that PolkaPet World currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Chas: One of the key challenges that we face as a project is the number of other NFT projects out there with a similar approach, both to collectibles and play-to-earn gaming. We Want our audience to have fun colecting our PolkaPets and to become immersed in the world of Polkadot through our partnerships, and through the $PETS token.

We aim to solve the challenge of a crowded market by creating something truly unique, backed by some of the biggest projects in this space and investors including Animoca Brands!


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to PolkaPet World that you would like to share with the users?

Chas: The great thing about the PolkaPets project is that we’re already partnered with over 20 Polkadot ecosystem projects. It means we’re best placed to really push the advantages of each partner and bring more value to our pet holders and token holders. This includes Kusama Parachain winners, Moonbeam, Astar and Phala.

We are also planning to collaborate with more projects in the moonbeam and Astar ecosystem. List of 21 projects: Kylin, Kusama, Moonbeam, Astar, Crust,ANKR, Phala , Bridge Mutual, Raze Network, Darwinia, SpiderDao, ,MANTRA DAO,Polkadot, WING, Bifrost, Crab, Robonomics, Litentry, Evolution Land, Trust Base

In addition to the Polkadot partners, we also have Animoca, Sandbox as our close partners who would be supporting our growth. We are part of Animoca Brand’s family and there will be collaboration NFT drops in the future for staking $PETS in our upcoming pools.


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Chas: Love this question!

I would choose ‘Partnerships’. The reason being our project has a distinct advantage in the partnerships with major Polkadot projects, providing unique utility to holders.

Free-asking Session

Q1: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

Chas: Great question! The story behind PolkaPet World is super interesting, a junior member of our team — Megan, while working at Bondly Finance, came up with an idea to partner with key Polkadot projects to provide NFTs for Polkadot audiences that help them engage with the ecosystem. We originally called it ‘PolkaPeto’! The concept grew and evolved into where we are now!

Q2: Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

Chas: Yes that’s very true. The space is quickly evolving and there are many projects that might seem similar, but we are unique in that we have not only some fantastic characters, created by Doug Ferguson (former Senior VP of Product Design at Pokemon!) but through our Polkadot partners we have utility and access to opportunities no other project has.

Our relationship with Animoca Brands is also key as it allows us to be able to utilise partners from the Animoca family (including metaverse projects)

Q3: Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Chas: Our token will be available through MEXC’s IEO in 2 days (Thursday)! It will also be available in other locations including DEX’s within the Moonbeam Network.

Our contract address is: 0x1e0F2A75Be02c025Bd84177765F89200c04337Da



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