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AMA Session with Dale from Zombie Inu

Guest : Dale, Developer at Zombie Inu

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Dale, Developer at Zombie Inu, in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Iris: Welcome Dale, would you like to tell us little bit about yourself?

Dale: Hey, honored to be here! So yeah would love to tell you a little about myself!

My name is Dale and I am the Developer of Zombie Inu.

I live in Pennsylvania with my wife and kids and ever since I was young, I was a huge fan of Zombies! From Night of the Living Dead to Army of Darkness… I couldn’t get enough.

Another passion of mine growing up — as you might guess — was computers. I was fascinated with technology and all that was possible!

That’s why Bitcoin was so interesting to me. I then fell in love with Ethereum and all of the possibilities on the blockchain!

That brings us to earlier this year, when myself and several incredibly talented individuals (who also love Zombies!) created Zombie Inu — a project that is going to make a massive impact on the industry!

Questions about the project:


Iris: What is Zombie Inu? Can you share with us more in detail?

Dale: Yes!

Zombie Inu revolves around Zinu, a twisted Shiba Inu infected with a rare disease that transformed him into a Zombie dog!

This tiny, yet powerful inu is traveling around the blockchain infecting humans and turning them into half-zombie / half-inu hybrids. These zombies are spreading and growing the #ZombieMob, a collective of $ZINU holders.

Our project is CertiK audited and lead by a KYC verified team of experienced developers, marketers, and artists that insist on raising the bar. Our team is comprised of senior team members who worked at Amazon, Google, Intel & Microsoft, to name a few, with deep connections to leadership within the Tech, Media and Entertainment Industry; focused on providing the community with an opportunity to be a part of a huge vision developing the ZombieVerse.

Beyond our Tools (Bridge, Swap, Stats, forthcoming Contract Scanner & Limit Bot) we have insanely cool NFTs coming, followed by a game being developed by a team of AAA Game Developers — and that is just the beginning!

Iris: sounds really fun!! would love to try it out myself 💪 and looking forward to the NFTs too 👀


Iris: What triggers you to launch Zombie Inu? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Zombie Inu aims to solve?

Dale: Zombie Inu was created because we saw a sea of tokens that had so few stand out in terms of long term value.

Zombie Inu is here to change what people think is possible in “memecoins”. We have a fundamentally different approach to everything we do.


Iris: What is the role of $ZINU in Zombie Inu? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Dale: Absolutely

Zombie Inu is unique in that we have an incredible character with Zinu — he is a little menace that people are falling in love with! Our vision is to create a global community focused on this amazing Zombie dog! From NFTs to gameplay, and merch to in real life experiences, $ZINU will be known worldwide!

Holding $ZINU will give members of the #ZombieMob special access into the ZombieVerse. From unique offers with our NFTs, to in-game benefits; our ecosystem evolves around driving ultimate value to our $ZINU holders.

$ZINU Total Supply: 1Q

Total Burned since launch: 419.53T (and more burned with every transaction)

Circulating Supply: 580.47T


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Zombie Inu that you would like to share with the users?

Dale: How long do you have? 😭😄😂

Iris: hahaha, forever!

Dale: Where do we start…

At barely one month in, there have already been so many incredible accomplishments! In fact, our whitepaper is live-updated on our website, so we would definitely encourage everyone to visit that after this AMA and read through those exciting updates!

Some of the highlights would be that at launch, Nick Carter (from the Backstreet Boys) recorded our own theme song, entitled ‘Scary Monster’ — with Zinu featured in the single art that is now streaming on Spotify, Pandora, and all other streaming platforms!

Like we said earlier, bringing Zinu into “real life” is a critical element to our project as we want to continue to strengthen and build the connection that our holders have with the incredible brand that is Zombie Inu. That is why we have some amazing merchandise on the way! Furthermore, we are thrilled that we will be able to share more this month and reveal our AAA Game Developers bringing the ZombieVerse to life as well as announce our Strategic Board of Advisors — which includes several industry leaders that will help bring $ZINU to global scale!

Oh, and the release date for our INCREDIBLE NFTs (that are going to be true gamechangers) will be announced very soon!

Iris: do visit their website to check out these exciting updates guys 💪


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Dale: Different.

The global team we have working around the clock are some of the brightest and most innovative group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Not only having the VISION, but the true ability to EXECUTE is what sets us apart. We are different than those other tokens because we candidly are thinking BIGGER than they are.

That is why we are different.

Iris: 👏👏👏 great! thanks Dale!

Free-asking Session

Q1. Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?


We love the #ZombieMob. The community that we are building is unmatched… the growth we have seen over the last month is amazing; but we are just getting started. We know how special our project is — and are excited to share it with the world!

Q2. On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?


We have our Certik Audit complete and skynet security activated. We also have a solidity audit and one more on the way from Soken. Our Certik audit ranks in the top 50 of all project audits completed from Certik

Q3. How old is Your project? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show to us image of your roadmap?


We launched October of this year. Please see a reference here:

Q4. So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?


Great question. We have a long term vision with short term sprints that will drive value. If you take a look at our accomplishments over a month’s time, you’ll see that we have more utility than projects that have been around for years.

The powerhouse team we have will shock the space when we reveal more in the very near future, and our NFT’s… well let’s just say it will be the first 10k launch of it’s kind…

Q5. How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?


Yes! Please reference our LinkTree to see all of our active channels!




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