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AMA Session with Devin from 2CrazyNFT (2CRZ)

Guest: Devin, Community Manager of 2CrazyNFT
Host: Iris of MEXC Global


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Devin, Community Manager of 2CrazyNFT, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Devin, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourselves?

Devin: Hi everyone! I’m Devin, representing 2Crazy today. I’m happy to answer your questions for this AMA!

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Questions about the project


Iris: What is 2CrazyNFT? Can you share with us more in detail?

Devin: Yes of course!

2Crazy is an eSports NFT platform that allows users to play their favorite games with their favorite players.

Imagine the opportunity to play Fortnite with Ninja, or — if you’re more a ‘true sports person’ — play FIFA against Kylian Mbappé.

People who aren’t gamers can still benefit from the platform. Just one of those benefits: ‘NFT Drops’.

These can consist of all kinds of things, ranging from (backstage) tickets to exclusive or personalized merchandise.

I recommend to watch this cool video — it explains everything better than I can for sure


Iris: What triggers you to launch 2CrazyNFT? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that 2CrazyNFT aims to solve?

Devin: NFTs are really the talk-of-the-town nowadays, but let’s face it: most NFTs in reality give you nothing more than ‘digital bragging rights’. Sure, you have a great story to tell, but that’s basically where it ends.

The NFT industry seems to be headed in the direction of being modern-day art collecting. There’s no problem with that, but you don’t receive any significant ‘experience’.

This even goes to the extent where recently someone purchased an invisible sculpture for nearly $20k. It doesn’t exist, except for in the artist’s mind… crazy, right? (And then I haven’t even mentioned the fact that people are actually buying/selling farts as NFTs. What a world we live in…👀)

Anyways, 2Crazy brings you actual experiences. This could even turn out to be the experience of your lifetime!

When you buy an NFT, the possibilities are truly endless. Playing your favorite game against your favorite player, hanging out together, chatting with your idol. It’s something most people only could’ve ever dreamed of. On top of that, the experience will be livestreamed to people all over the world, so also your friends!

Users of the 2Crazy platform can also look forward to unique extra perks like lotteries, giveaways and NFT Drops — remember that you have to stake $2CRZ tokens to be eligible!

If you don’t have any 2CRZ tokens yet — get some at MEXC. The trading is opening soon!


Iris: What are some of the challenges that 2CrazyNFT currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Devin: Of course one of the biggest challenges for us is to get the absolute biggest stars on our platform.

Luckily, we have great connections that will be very helpful in reaching that goal. On top of that, our first names are something to be proud of and these will certainly set some great things in motion.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to 2CrazyNFT that you would like to share with the users?

Devin: Haha, you just mentioned it! Today is the listing day for $2CRZ on MEXC, which is great for all of us here!

Iris: Yeah, this is definitely exciting! You can also stake MX/USDT/TRX to earn 2CRZ token🔥


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Devin: Moon.🌝

Just kidding, haha!


While most NFTs give you nothing more than ‘digital bragging rights’, with 2Crazy, the possibilities are endless.

We don’t see any boundaries for what we can do!🤘🏼

Free-asking Session

Q1. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, what makes your project different from projects ?

Devin: I think this is a great question, since it’s one that most likely pretty much all of you have in mind.

Honestly, we encourage you to really find out for yourself, truly do your research, and then listen to what your gut feeling says. “Do I trust this company?” If the answer is anything remotely close to “no”, then you know what to do… Every project will say they have something amazing, but in my 7 years in this space I’ve seen tons of shitty projects. More than shitty.

I’d still like to answer your question, so one thing that really helps the case for 2Crazy is that they actually have built a different working, profitable platform already. Not many projects can say that. Their online casino, which doesn’t have anything to do with the NFT platform (just to clarify), shows that 2Crazy isn’t just your regular money-grab IDO.

I already mentioned the fact that contrary to 99.9% of the other marketplaces, 2Crazy brings genuine experiences instead of just ‘digital bragging rights’, but one other thing that separates 2Crazy is that we exclusively focus on/around eSports, which will help tremendously (versus being all over the place and not actually have a clear audience)

Q2. So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

Devin: First of all, I think this is a good sign. There are a lot of quick money grabs.

We’re here for the long run.

Our short term main objectives are to get a star-studded line-up for the platform, and then getting a super solid V1 up and running ASAP. That’s by far the most important thing for us to focus on. Obviously, from the moment we go live, we’ll keep improving and improving the platform to reach its full potential.

Q3. You have hosted a very useful AMA session and received lots of questions about vision / mission, technology, utilities, etc. So, what do you want to receive from the community And How can we help with your project?

Devin: We’d love to have an engaged community who cares about the project. There are many projects out there that just have chats full of people who want to make a quick buck. We’re happy that our community, even in this stage, really thinks along with us and comes up with all kinds of cool suggestions.

If you’re excited about this project after this AMA, please join our Telegram Community ( and we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas along the way!

Q4. What strategies do you have for developing 2Crazy in the Southeast Asian market? As we see so many projects that compete in the Southeast Asian market…

Devin: Although I live in Amsterdam, I lived in Southeast Asia myself for about a year, so I’m aware of a lot of things that are happening there!

For just one example, look at our partnerships:

Q5. What are the milestones of your project and what key achievements the project are currently working on?

Devin: Our present goal is deploying our NFT platform as soon as possible and as well as we possibly can. That’s where 100% of our focus is.

Our future goal is to keep improving the platform to an extent that is truly revolutionizing the world and how people look at NFTs. We have so many ideas lined up and we’re extremely confident that we’re eventually able to reach people all over the globe with the platform.

We can give away that there are some true stars lined up already, but we’re reaching for the stars. First, we’re planning on dominating eSports, but like I said before, the possibilities are truly endless and we believe those can make everyone excited!

So we mentioned Fortnite vs Ninja, but imagine FIFA21 vs Kylian Mbappé, NBA 2k21 vs Steph Curry, Madden NFL vs Patrick Mahomes 🤯 And don’t forget that this will all be livestreamed, so your friends and people all over the world can watch you play.

So an answer in one sentence:

We want to realize dreams…

Q6. Can you highlight the most important part of your project to make this token successful.

Devin: We have some cool animations and videos that really explain it well. I think that’s a great way to close this out.

If you still have questions, you’ll find most of the answers in our official channels! We also have amazing admins in our chat who can help you out further.

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