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AMA Session with Dyma Budorin from Hacken Foundation

Guest : Dyma Budorin, CEO and co-founder at Hacken Foundation

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Dyma Budorin, CEO and co-founder at Hacken Group, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to the recently very hot and unique project, Hacken!

Dyma, would you please say hello to us and introduce yourself first?

Dyma: Sure! my name is Dyma Budorin. I am proud to be a CEO and co-founder of very rapidly growing Hacken Foundation. I am a father of 2 and very very big fan of crypto.

Hacken Group was founded in August 2017 as a cybersecurity ecosystem that, as of 2021, unites the following projects:

Hacken, a blockchain security consulting company that also performs security assessment and provides incident responses. Hacken is a global leader in cybersecurity consulting and the biggest auditor of crypto exchanges.

Hacken has become a reliable partner for the community. We have fulfilled all the commitments given in 2020.

HackenProof, a bug bounty platform that helps businesses protect their digital assets, customers’ personal data, and their reputation through crowdsourced security (crowd of cybersecurity researchers)., the crypto exchanges ranking platform. CER is the first digital asset platforms auditor that systematizes and publishes data on crypto exchanges to protect traders from fraudsters.

HackenAI, an individual cybersecurity app with such functionality as email and password breaches monitoring, NonCustodial Crypto Wallet, password managers, VPN, etc.

HAI is a native ecosystem token used to pay for and HackenProof services, app subscription, and Hacken Club membership.

Hacken sets an ambitious goal to unite young cybersecurity companies, white hat hackers, and individual security experts under one umbrella — Hacken Foundation.

The Hacken Foundation is a platform to develop and launch innovative cybersecurity products.

The Hacken Foundation connects the leading cybersecurity companies with prime investment foundations.

The Hacken Foundation prioritizes the empowerment of innovative cybersecurity products through the HAI token utility. HAI token is a driving force of the whole ecosystem.

Questions about the project:

Iris: According to Hacken tokenomics, HAI is a native token that powers most activities in the HackenAI Application. Could you tell a bit more about HAI and its features?

Budorin: So first of all HAI is a cybersecurity ecosystem token.that is in the corestone of all our products and activities. while it has tangible utility in the form of subscription to HackenAI app and cybersecurity services at HackenProof, and

It has also a utility to participate in hot cybersecurity startups that we help to launch. for example.

HAI round was the most beneficial and gave x40 to our loyal community members, on top of it HAI is the only way to farm those new tokens.

Today HAI is bar far number 1 token by capitalization in our home country Ukraine and is top 2 cybersecurity token in the wolrd. Our approach is to be Ethereum cybersecurity token.that gives a birth to hundreads new cybersec project and that forms complete cybersec marketplace that can solve any cybersec related question for B2B, B2C or B2G.

But there is one problem, because Hacken is top4 smart contract auditor in the world

And we keep researching new innovative ideas of best practices tokenomics. we keep adding new features to our own Hackenomics.

So we need to keep updating the main doc. HAI utility is growing too fast.

Iris: Ok, where can we find the updated doc?

Budorin: Join — this is the place to receive all news asap by the end of this month we will update it.

Iris: In your opinion, what is the main driver of Hacken products’ success? Please tell us more about your native app, the HackenAI app and its Membership system.

Budorin: First of all is that it solves real problems. I will not discover America if I tell you that cybersecurity is a huge trend that will only grow upcoming years, our lives are becoming digital. Our assets, social media profiles are all digital and criminal is also turning digital.

Hacken approach is to create 360 degree shield to companies and individuals from those bad actors, so being in the right field is a very important element for us. HackenAI is a continuously developing B2C application for individual cybersecurity. our goal is to create a set of cybersec apps (VPM, anti-phishing, passwordless authentication, FIDO2 and many more), hat are available for free to Hacken members — HAI holders. We believe that such approach will allow us to build huge decentralized community that is using HackenAI on a dailly basis and keeps spreading the word about this amazing tool to their friends and family.

HAI holders are main beneficiaries from HackenAI user base grow. so the equation is quite simple and we as a core team will continue to build and create value to reach our joint goals. the roadmap of HackenAI dev can be seen at Hackenomics doc by the end of this year the product value of HackenAI subscription will be around 50–60 usd per month.

Iris: In the introduction you’ve mentioned Hacken Foundation. Tell us more about the Hacken Foundation, will you?

Budorin: Hacken Foundation is a decentralized cybersecurity foundation built on cooperation, knowledge sharing, and trust-based principles.

Hacken Foundation’s plan is to build a decentralized cybersecurity marketplace that will accumulate information about every cybersecurity niche, product, and service.

To become a Hacken Foundation member, a company or an individual should have a cybersecurity product and accept HAI as a payment method.

Hacken Foundation partners enjoy special perks apart from getting passive income in the form of yield and farming new token. website is the main place to gather information about us.

Iris: What is the Road to 1 billion strategy about?

Budorin: here is a summary from one interesting article that I support

The Future of Blockchain Technology: Top Five Predictions for 2030

1. Government Crypto. By 2030, most governments around the world will create or adopt some form of virtual currency.

2. Trillion-Dollar Protocols. By 2030, there will be more trillion-dollar tokens than there will be trillion-dollar companies.

3. Blockchain Identity for All. By 2030, a cross-border, blockchain-based, self-sovereign identity standard will emerge for individuals, as well as physical and virtual assets.

4. World Trade on a Blockchain. By 2030, most of world trade will be conducted leveraging blockchain technology.

5. Blockchain4Good. By 2030, significant improvements in the world’s standard of living will be attributable to the development of blockchain technology.

HAI is basically turning into a protocol token for cybersecurity industry, our vision is that tokens should not be limited by just one blockchain protocols and the future is in the cross-blockchain solutions.

Iris: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Budorin: Cybersecurity. For the last 3,5 years we were building reputation through hardwork and lots of partnerships and cooperations.

We worked with top crytpo exchanges, blockchain protocls, DeFi monsters and crypto agregators.

Next few years our core focus will be to create a Foundation of products and solutions around one goal — make our digital world a safer place

hHaving a HAI will allow to create a DAO, where community mambers and Foundation partners will be main beneficiaries of the ecosystem grow

We are true believers that this is the future of capital markets in next 10–20 years.

Free-asking Session

Q1. How can we trust on Hacken AI Cybersecurity Tools & Services like Password Manager?

If any hacker unfortunately hack the server of Hacken AI , is he able to get user’s passwords?

Which security measurements are used by Hacken AI in its Platform for making it Strongest & unhackable ever?

Budorin: No. all data is encrypted with the seed phrase. So the server contains lots of cell individually encrypted. No use from such data.

Q2. How will HACKEN generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit HACKEN and your investors?

we are quite profitable and sustainable company. we keep accumulating reserves for next years. Part of the reserve is send to our SGR (sustainable growth reserve) to support levels of HAI growth. We are confident in our future

Q3.What’s the main Mission of HACKEN Project? As a normal user & Investor, What benefits can be provided by your project & What are the Competitive advantages of this project?

Budorin: We make the world a safer place.

Q4. Does the price of the token matter to you from an operational perspective, if the token price is $1 or $100?

Budorin: Interesting one. I believe it matters to us in terms of promoting cybersecurity in crypto space. Currently combined top 5 cybersecurity tokens mcaps is less than 400 mln mcap wich is not even top150. This should and will change. Cybersecurity is one of the most important elements of crypto and digital world and currently it is very undervalued.



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