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AMA Session with Iris Lee from 1BOX NFT

Guest : Iris Lee, COO of 1BOX NFT

Host: Miranda


Miranda: Today, we’re honored to have Iris Lee, COO of 1BOX NFT, in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Iris, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Iris: I’m Iris, COO of 1Box NFT. Thank you for having me. A little background about myself: I have been engaged in trading derivatives products in the trading department of an overseas securities company for over 10 years.

I’m also heavily involved in the operation and management of large-scale financial derivatives platforms.

Questions about the project:


Miranda: will you tell us more about the 1BOX NFT project?

Iris Lee: 1BOX NFT is an NFT distribution and trading platform that crosses to the metaverse. The team is dedicated to bringing top-notch, cross-metaverse IPs into our ecosystem, and achieving liquidity enhancement and value discovery.

1BOX NFT is formed by: 1BOX Invest (investment banking services) for NFT distribution, operation and circulation that crosses to the metaverse; and 1BOX Exchange (trading services) for establish virtual cities in the metaverse, such as entertainment, consumption, lifestyle, investment, interaction, etc.



Miranda: Can you also tell use what are 1BOX’’s unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Iris Lee: The core value of 1Box is to solve the problem of NFT value and circulation. Therefore, our biggest advantage over other platforms lies in:

1. NFT’s multi scenario applications, such as high apy NFT pledge mining, NFT computing power blind box, consumption and trading in the cross universe, are leading advantages in the market.

2. Strong shareholder background. Our first round of seed investors include coin circle exchange and Traditional capital includes traditional funds of many listed companies. We provide a good resource background for the in-depth combination and mining of traditional and coin circle resources.

At present, we are the only strategic partner of decentraland in Hong Kong.🔥

3. We have had initial successful operation experience. 1box went online for internal test in early September and held the world’s first metaverse Music Festival with decentraland.

The crypto celebrity card project cooperated with Wanxiang capital was also sold out in a few minutes. We conducted Ido of 1box exchange platform currency on daostarter and erax on November 10.

Moreover, 1box exchange is also the NFT trading platform with the most playing methods on the BSC chain and the pioneer of the BSC meta universe Project Runway with platform landing.

Miranda: The only strategic partner of decentraland in Hong Kong, that’s impressive


Miranda: What about the native token of 1BOX, can you tell us what’s the role of 1BOX and its tokenomics?

Iris Lee: Here is our tokenomics infographics.

Our native token is $1BOX, with a total number of 1 billion issued.

Among them, 60% of the tokens will be distributed to users in the form of core play and mining,

5% of the tokens will be reserved for the community and DAO,

10% will be used as liquidity mining incentive,

10% as the share of private placement and Ido,

and 15% as team incentive.

In terms of core application scenarios, in addition to the voting function of DAO governance, we also designed “Power to Work’’. 1Boxers can stake a certain amount of $1BOX to participate in the selection of next NFTs;

Mining Pool: 1Boxers can stake $1BOX to single staking / Liquidity pool to obtain reward;

Mortgage issuance NFT function: users can issue NFT products and trade on the platform by mortgaging 1box currency;

Platform repurchase and destruction function: the 20% service charge generated each quarter will repurchase the corresponding share of 1box currency from the market and destroy it.

For instance, we are launching new blind boxes on Nov 30 at 1,500 $1BOX and LP mining with 1BOX/USDT as trading pairs.

Blind Box NFT owners need to further upgrade their NFT to improve the computing power of NFT mining, $1BOX is also needed.

NFT launchpad will soon be introduced where each INO ticket will be obtained by purchasing with $1BOX and/or staking $1BOX. In many scenarios, the use and circulation of tokens will be an essential pass.

A DAO community is developing to generate DAO funds, and vote to buy and split blue chip NFTs in the market, such as Cryptopunk. We will continue to put activities and incentives into our Dao community, and set up a unique recommendation plan to reward the community.


Miranda: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to 1BOX that you would like to share with the users?

Iris Lee: Yes, it’s coming less than a hour later.

We are about to launch our first round of Blind Box on 30 Nov UTC 10:00, which can stake and mint $1BOX with high APY%, we will launch our LP mining as well.

In Dec, we will hold a 🎄🎄CHRISTMAS EVENT with DCL, which will be the biggest one in Metaverse with over 100 famous celebrities and artists.


Miranda: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Iris Lee: It should be “Provider”.

1Box provides NFT asset trading and circulation across the metaverse platform, including the current exclusive strategic partner of DCL in Hong Kong.

In the future, the NFT entrance of the top metaverse will be on 1Box. The NFT bought from 1Box will cast your identity in the future metaverse world. Assets, location, value.

Free-asking Session

Q1. How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Iris Lee:

You can buy the token on pancake, and mexc these platforms, Please make sure you have enough USDT and BNB as gas fee!

Q2. Can you tell us about your plans for long-term? what you are currently working on?and what strategy will be used to expand globally?

Iris Lee:

Q3. Do you have a whitepaper? if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?

Iris Lee:

We got white paper please visit



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