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AMA Session with Nicolas Zhu from MixMarvel (MIX)

Guest : Nicolas Zhu, Head of Global Marketing

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Nicolas, Head of Global Marketing, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to the recently very hot and unique project, MixMarvel!

Hi Nicolas. Welcome to the community!Please say hello and introduce yourself!

Nicolas: Hello, I am Nicolas and I am doing Global Marketing for MixMarvel. MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform and content community. In 2021, MixMarvel extensively upgrades its strategy to provide digital distribution services based on well-known IP and high-quality content. MixMarvel intends to link investors and mass users through scenarios such as trading, creation, and asset issuance and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

Since its inception in 2017, MixMarvel, the global blockchain game publishing platform, has successfully launched nearly 20 premium blockchain games such as Crypto Throne, HyperSnakes, HyperDragons. The self-developed game HyperDragons was ranked first among major public chains since its release.

In August 2018, HyperDragons exceeded Crypto Kitties by the total amount of users on Ethereum, becoming the Top blockchain game of the time. The HyperDragons’ Dragon image was listed in the top 10 blockchain figures of 2018 by CoinDesk.

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Questions about the project

Iris: What is MixMarvel? Can you share with us more in detail?

Nicolas: In brief, MixMarvel is a global blockchain game publishing platform and content community. Since our establishment in 2017, we have successfully released nearly 20 top-notch blockchain games such as Crypto Throne, HyperSnakes, and HyperDragons.

By the way, HyperDragons ranked first among major public chains soon after its release. In August 2018, it exceeded Crypto Kitties by the daily activity and total amount of users on Ethereum, becoming the Top blockchain game of the time.

HyperDragons ranked #1 dapp on public chains at the time, with 20,000 users total and maintaining 6,000 active users daily. Dragons trading volume reached as much as 3 million USD. The HyperDragons’ Dragon image was listed in the top 10 blockchain figures of 2018 by CoinDesk.

Iris: I heard about HyperDragons in 2018 although I don’t play games at all👍

Nicolas: Right, HyperDragons was quite well-known at that time.

After developing popular blockchain games, we have risen to become a blockchain game publishing platform. There was a time when the games developed or published by us took half of the DappReview Top 20 blockchain games.

After Crypto Throne launched, it ranked first on the EOS, with single-day retention as high as 97%, single-week retention as high as 85%, and single-month retention as high as 65%. The payment rate reached 41%, and the transaction volume reached 1.5 million.

HyperSnakes ranked first on multiple public chains, with 500,000 users total and 70,000 daily active users. More than 5 million NFT assets were generated on ANT and distributed to the majority of players.

Iris: As far as I know, MixMarvel has undergone a full-on upgrade in 2021. What upgrades have been made? What is its purpose?

Nicolas: MixMarvel will launch several self-developed or -incubated applications this year and release them globally. Two products will be launched quite soon. One is the NFT creation community LeCube, and the other is the blockchain infrastructure Rocket Protocol 2.0.

LeCube mainly solves the current dilemma of immature NFT pricing and rapid loss of consensus by increasing the code level of NFT. It is called the art version of GitHub. We believe that the most significant dilemma faced by NFT development before is the chaotic pricing mechanism. We usually call the price of NFT works the instantaneous cost of an auction or sale, which depends on circulation, creators, and market speculation enthusiasm.

Iris: Ah the super hot NFTs🔥

Nicolas: Correct! The other one is the blockchain infrastructure Rocket Protocol. It is expected to be launched on the mainnet this quarter.

Rocket Protocol is a high-performance chain group incubated by MixMarvel that can realize multi-chain contracts’ interoperability in the EVM system.

It integrates cross-chain, NFT, and EVM protocols and expands on this basis, allowing developers to freely create complex decentralized applications that adapt to various scenarios while giving users an experience similar to Internet applications.

To put it bluntly, Rocket Protocol, being highly flexible, will be more friendly to game developers outside the circle, facilitate game chain shuffling, and expand the chain game market.

And since games are already the most complex applications, Rocket Protocol will also be compatible with developers of other complex applications.

On the other hand, MixMarvel, as a game publishing platform and content community, can discover the needs of users. It can bring rich content and high-quality users to Rocket Protocol through self-research or game publishing.

Getting back to the topic, let’s use a simple picture to describe the Rocket Protocol ecosystem:

For example, the Ethereum ecosystem is like an island with its various applications like shops in a massive bazaar of the isle.

However, its underlying infrastructure is still relatively simple.

The whole island is an independent, self-contained, closed-loop ecology.

If developers want to expand, they will need to build elevated railways or something similar to their choice.

The Polkadot ecosystem appears like an archipelago that contains a mother island in the center and small islands connected to the mother island through undersea tunnels.

All transportation and people flow between the small islands and pass through the mother island as a transfer station.

Rocket Protocol is like a free trading port connected to the mainland. It can be directly related to the outside world through channels. The logistics, people, and capital flow on the routes can also freely interact with each other.

The port also has an infrastructure, similar to a commercial street, suitable for large-scale shops.

Developers can directly develop applications according to their own needs.

Besides, MixMarvel will provide digital distribution services based on well-known IP and high-quality content, link investors and mass users through scenarios such as trading, creation, and asset issuance, and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

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Iris: I bet a lot of people are interested in the MIX token. Would you please introduce MIX . What is its economic model?

Nicolas: Definitely, MIX is a MixMarvel platform token representing the rights and interests of platform token holders with a total fixed issuance of 10 billion. Its output rules are based on community members making ecologically beneficial behavior (Proof of Actions), such as:

  • market promotion
  • creating content
  • providing services

Iris: What is the appreciation logic of MIX?

Nicolas: This is definitely a question that many users would pay attention to MIX has many stake scenarios, all of which will increase MIX’s locked amount and make MIX continue to increase in value.

In the content released by MixMarvel, there will be MIX consumption scenarios, such as in marketing activities and trading markets, to ensure the stable recovery of MIX

The content issued by MixMarvel will be used to repurchase MIX regularly with the distribution income to increase the value of MIX.

In fact, the logic of the platform token is relatively easy to understand. If you know the usage scenarios and logic of BNB, you will see that MIX is the same.

Iris: Since the second half of 2020, NFT has become hot again, and IP-based NFT projects have significant advantages. How will MixMarvel integrate IP resources? Which IP do you cooperate with? What can the integration of IP resources bring to MixMarvel?

Nicolas: Well, regarding IP cooperation, there will be two directions.

One is to cooperate with crypto artists’ IP, for example, inviting crypto artists of the NFT collection community Whale to use LeCube to create some new works.

The other is to actively invite world-renowned IPs to join the MixMarvel ecosystem. We have many partners, such as the top two-dimensional IP in the field of animation, top-tier distribution companies in film and television, and the Global Ball Sports Association, all of which are our resource library.

When the project is confirmed to launch, it will be announced to everyone through official and third-party media platforms.

Please do look forward to it!

Iris: Def! Can’t wait to see them happen!

Iris: Apart from HyperDragons, what other blockchain game projects is MixMarvel cooperating with?

Nicolas: There’s the NFT creative community LeCube😉

The native blockchain application LeCube is an NFT creation community jointly developed by global community developers, focusing on NFT community creation and new gameplay of NFT+DeFi.

It is called a blockchain version of Lego. In LeCube, users can use ‘Cubes’ to freely create NFT assets based entirely on the blockchain and with traceable copyright. In LeCube, each element is a native blockchain asset; the entire NFT construction and the whole creation process are carried out on the blockchain.

It is quite similar on some aspects. Let’s look at some pics!

This product is currently under testing, and many players have composed outstanding creations in it. We have also featured some of the good works on social media before. You can try it out here /

We can take a look at some excellent NFT creations right now.

In the “Creations Center,” players can use Cubes to compose NFT creations.

The NFT works can be put on the “Marketplace” for sale.

Users can also put it in the “Copyright Center” for other players to adopt the creation’s copyright. The works put into the Copyright Center first can be adopted first.

As shown in the following pictures, one user puts together a single creation, and other users can use its copyright in their own works to form their own NFTs.

Iris: Would love to own one of them!

Nicolas: Please feel free to join the LeCube internal testing:

Iris: Will do! Thanks

Iris: This year NFT not only promotes the concept of “non-homogeneity” but also shines because of the combination with DeFi. So does MixMarvel have any specific plans for NFT+DeFi?

Nicolas: Very good question, NFT+DeFi is indeed relatively hot during this period. But MixMarvel’s exploration in this area has already begun ages ago. Related attempts have been made as early as the HyperDragons’ launch.

For example, users could get FT rewards by staking dragons NFT. Now, in LeCube, we have gone further.

NFT+DeFi is a fascinating topic and worthy of discussion, but before that, we think there is some basic logic in the NFT field that needs to be improved.

So at the “World Blockchain Conference in Wuhan “ last December, we expressed an interesting point of view:

The future virtual world needs infrastructure, new standard protocols, economic systems, and economic organizations. We have been realizing this concept for some time now.

First things first, it is infrastructure.

In addition to being collected, NFT also needs more application scenarios. These complex application scenarios require more targeted infrastructure to support. So it took us nearly three years to incubate Rocket Protocol.

Rocket Protocol both can carry complex applications and be compatible with all dapps and assets under the Ethereum EVM system, achieving contract-level cross-chain interoperability.

For example, the user experience we are implementing is: users can directly open applications on Ethereum through MixMarvel Pocket (a blockchain wallet based on Rocket Protocol) and seamlessly transfer to any public chain such as BSC.

At present, Rocket Protocol has crossed many mainstream public chains, including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, Klaytn, and so on.

Iris: Great things take time!

Nicolas: They do

Rocket Protocol has been specially enhanced for the NFT protocol, which can provide developers with convenient functions such as one-key cross-chain, one-key shuttle, one-key merge, and one-key batch casting of NFT.

These functions are based on our so many years of experience in chain game development.

As developers, we sincerely appreciate the difficulty of developing applications based on the blockchain. Only by encapsulating these bare threads can we attract traditional developers.

With a wealth of on-chain assets and applications, NFT-related financial derivatives will naturally grow.

For example, developers have begun to design essential financial components such as transactions, auctions, and leases for us.

These are the technologies of future NFT+DeFi basis.

Another example is LeCube, which itself is an NFT creation community, and its main focus is the NFT+DeFi gameplay. The NFT created by LeCube has several characteristics: quantifiable, visual, and native on the chain.

We just mentioned that LeCube is trying to establish a new NFT value discovery mechanism and create code art. In fact, these are all trying to solve the standard protocol and economic system of NFT.

In fact, having all that said, MixMarvel’s expectations for the virtual world in the future are far more than just NFT+DeFi.

Of course, NFT+DeFi will be an exciting start.

As veterans of blockchain entrepreneurship, we are thrilled to see that some of the previous bull market stories such as DeFi, have become a reality. There are many old friends we are familiar with, such as Link. After such a long time of hard work, spring is ushered in the DeFi tide.

The story of NFT has just begun. As a firm believer and practitioner of the virtual world, MixMarvel will definitely bring you an unexpected future.

Regarding the ecology of MixMarvel and the outlook for the virtual world in the future, there is an article you can read, which is quite detailed. It also mentions the past and present of the MixMarvel blockchain games that we talked about. We hope everyone has a more comprehensive understanding and expectations of MixMarvel.

Iris: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Nicolas: The answer to that would be “Metaverse.”

That is what we want to be, and that is what we are rapidly heading towards. This word is the reason for all the innovations that we create. I believe that we have talked through our understanding and efforts to realize metaverse in previous questions.

This being said, realizing a metaverse is a huge challenge. MixMarvel will try its best to aggregate resources from industry leading partners so that this cause can be realized with the help of the community.

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Free-asking Session

Q1. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Or any secret


1. LeCube launch

2. Rocket Protocol mainnet launch

3. IP cooperations

For the MixMarvel 2021 roadmap, please view this link

Q2. I want to know, will the Rocket Protocol issue tokens?


It sure will, Rocket Protocol will issue RPG. The full name is Rocket Protocol Gas. Rocket Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure. The transactions carried out through Rocket Protocol will also generate gas fees. The token can be used as a payment method for gas fees. It can capture the value in the Rocket Protocol ecosystem. Besides, RPG can also have rich application scenarios in Rocket Protocol.

Q3. Will there be a MIX airdrop later?


hahaha of course

You can pay more attention to news from our community and other official channels to keep track. 🥳

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Q4. Does MIX have major institutions involved in investment?


Large institutions have participated in the investment very early. For example, Hashkey has been the leading investor in the private equity round of MIX, and imToken has also participated. There are also top investors such as OGC, NGC, Korean blockcrafter, etc.

Q5. MIX has upgraded the game industry, making the game have financial attributes and tapping more game value through NFT+DEFI. But if the bull market comes to an end, can NFT+DEFI continue to work?


The combination of DeFi and NFT is an excellent direction, but in different market environments, the effects of a bear market and a bull market are definitely different. The first LeCube’s DeFi+NFT method is different from the current combination method on the market. Secondly, our DeFi feature is based on the relatively complete underlying logic of NFT itself, such as value discovery, such as the expansion of more application scenarios, and so on. So these DeFi features have real needs. For example, some developers have already proposed in our LeCube community that they develop lending and transaction agreements for LeCube.

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