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AMA Session with OneMillionSir from 1MillionNFTs (1MIL)

Guest: 1MNFT OneMillionSir. CEO and founder of 1MillionNFTsi
Host: Iris of MXC Exchange


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have OneMillionSir, CEO and founder of 1MillionNFTs, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

OneMillionSir, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

1MNFT: Hey, MXC Community! Nice to meet you all guys! We are 1MillionNFTs — project which will unleash all the real power of NFTs and will help you to STAKE OUT your place in the NFT History! Would love to tell you more about our project during this AMA.

Questions about the project


Iris: What is OneMillionNFTs? Can you share with us more in detail?

1MNFT: 1MillionNFTs is a smart-contract based web3 platform on Ethereum blockchain with 1000x1000 pixels grid. Each pixel is an NFT token with its location. Users will have an opportunity to buy, sell, rent and paint them to create any picture with any link inside. But to paint pixels you need another ERC-20 token — 1MIL.

So each NFT token is a blockchain proven ownership of 1 pixel on the 1000x1000 grid. And ERC-20 tokens 1MIL needed to buy, sell and paint pixels.

At the first stage we will have the following platform configuration: Public view (Zoomable and scrollable mobile friendly 1000 x 1000 grid with all the painted NFT-pixels and users’ links), Web3 area (ERC-20 wallet connect, suitable dashboard, asset management and ability to paint on NFT pixels you own and Marketplace (Easy to use smart- contract based marketplace to buy, sell or rent NFT and ERC-20 tokens inside the community.)


Iris: What triggers you to launch OneMillionNFTs? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that OneMillionNFTs aims to solve?

1MNFT: Do you remember a legendary internet story called 1milliondollarhomepage?

Alex Tew, a student from England, decided to earn money for his University education and created a 1000x1000 grid. One million pixels for sale: $1 per each pixel. He raised $999k and the last 1000 pixels were sold on eBay for $38,100, as the hype goes on, so did the price.

In 2017 on April Fool’s Day Reddit launched a social experiment called “Place”. It featured a collaborative pixel art canvas, where a registered user could place a colored pixel every five minutes. It was an epic battle that unfolded across a 1000x1000 grid with 1 million pixels. Over 1 million users edited the canvas, placing a total of approximately 16 million tiles, and, at the time the experiment was ended, over 90,000 users were actively viewing or editing. The experiment was commended for its representation of the culture of Reddit’s online communities, and of Internet culture as a whole.

It was epic:

So.. In 2005 (1milliondollarhomepage) it was just a website that was down for at least a week due to DDoS attacks was just a big advertising block in 99% of cases. The pixels were sold just once, so the only person who earned with 1milliondollarhomepage was the creator of 1milliondollarhomepage. Just raising money… Boring!

In 2017 (Reddit’s “Place”) — No money at all, just fun, social experiments.. and new users for Reddit! “Just fun” isn’t a long-term strategy, which is why it was finished in 72 hours. People need better motivation to continue the game.

In 2005 the creators got all the money and gave us old-fashioned banner ads. In 2017 the creators got hype and new users, but users in both cases got far less.

And we decided to combine both of the ideas and add some blockchain, smart contracts and NFT.

There will be a marketplace where all the users will be able to buy, sell and rent NFTs. It’s a secondary market, community can have profits from, not only creators like in case of OneMillionDollarHomePage.

But 1000x1000 NFT pixel grid with ability to paint pixels and a marketplace to sell, buy and rent them — just the beginning of this story. NFTs — great instrument, so our NFTs can give us unique opportunities to hold IDOs and give allocations to NFT owners. NFTs can give their owners a voting power and make the kind of Board of Directors on the basis of 1000x1000 grid.

There are plenty of cool use cases for NFTs and we gonna implement them!


Iris: What are some of the challenges that OneMillionNFTs currently face? How do you aim to solve them?

1MNFT: There are only 24 hours in one day. That’s a BIG problem, all the rest is not a problem at all. Just casual tasks for the team, who work 24/7 to bring something really great to the NFT crypto world!

Another point is Ethereum. Ethereum is good, ’cause it has great infrastructure, a lot of technical possibilities and huge community of users. But it also has transaction costs.

We are not going to solve the Ethereum problems, we are just users of Ethereum blockchain, but we are looking at different blockchains, different solutions and will use them as soon as it will be possible for our project.

One more problem is the level of crypto education of common user there are thousands of users in our TG group who want to buy 1MIL token, but they don’t even imagine how to deal with metamask and Uniswap.

We plan to make educational videos and other stuff for newbies not just about NFT, but also about general things like “how to” tutorials about metamask, Ethereum, smart contracts, etc.

Iris: Well, the good news is MXC is listing 1MIL 🔥hopefully centralized exchanges are easier for them

1MNFT: I guess you really understand this problem, looking at how MXC works!

Yes! That’s a very important point for us also. MXC is not just listing tokens, but gives educational, onboarding and other types of support! Thanks! we are glad to be partners with MXC!


Iris: Glad we could help☺️Speaking of that — Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to OneMillionNFTs that you would like to share with the users?

1MNFT: Today all the exciting news are concerning MXC Exchange! 😎 We are having AMA on MXC Telegram channel, 1MIL token is listed on MXC.. Furthermore, trading is gonna start quite soon. Plus, trading competition on MXC Exchange to win 1,100 1MIL tokens.

As for the other updates, we plan to shop our roadmap next week, and it’s gonna be interesting.

Also, we plan to cooperate with one of our partners on staking 1MIL tokens to get some cool NFTs. It will be sport NFTs with TOP players, dedicated to one big and world-famous competitions. And it’s not just them, more platforms where you will be able to stake 1MIL to get some rewards to go.. Wait for the updates. We also plan to work with one of our strategic partners in case of security audit to make all the platform safe for our community.

Iris: ah security audit — that’s an important one

1MNFT: Absolutely! It’s a MUST thing nowadays and we have partners which are tier1 in crypto security: Hacken, Hapi. We feel good having such partners!


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

1MNFT: It’s COMMUNITY! Because Community is the KING in every project. I’m sure you think the same. You can have the most professional team with a great product, but you need simple guys like you and me just to use it.

Iris: Definitely!

1MNFT: We can’t imagine an exchange without community, just robots trading with each other 😂 The same thing with our platform precisely.

Iris: yeah, and MXC does have a lovely and active community!

1MNFT: When Facebook was buying WhatsApp it was not about soft or was about 200 million users under the hood so COMMUNITY is the King! 🍻

Free-asking Session

Q1. Can you give a brief overview for tokenomics and token supply? Would there be any form of burns and buybacks? What does that aim to achieve for you and does it include any form scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?

1MNFT: As you know there are 2 tokens model — NFTs and erc20 tokens — 1MIL. There will be only 1 million NFTs and Max supply of 1MIL — 10 million, minted at the moment 1 million 1MIL. Start circulaite is just 120k 1MIL. 1MIL tokens used to buy and paint NFT pixels will be burned. Also 1 NFT token will farm you 1 1MIL token per year, during 6 years. It’s like 100% APY for 6 years. And we also plan to cooperate with some cool projects to give community an opportunity to stake 1MIL tokens and get rewards!

Q2: Will you need more financial resources to develop your project? How is your financial structure, do you have enough income for now?

1MNFT: Yes we have, we reserved enough funds from our strategic and private rounds, so we can continue the development of the product even if we would not have any profits with the next 2 years. But I hope we will.. 😂

Q3: There are so many scam projects around us. And almost 90% projects with anonymous team doing rug pull. At this point why did you decide to remain anonymous? How can we trust you?

1MNFT: Actually you don’t have to, here in crypto we build a trustless system where everything is written in smart contracts, in the code. There will be security audits, there are partnerships, IDOs on the famous launchpads. Do you know who is Satoshi Nakamoto? No you don’t, because it doesn’t matter. The community using the product matters.. Do you think that scam projects can’t place someone's photo and name on the website. That is not a problem; the real problem lies in building a real product with a real and active community, and we are not afraid to do that. We are ready for it!



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