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AMA Session with Rebecca from NFTMart (NMT)

Guest: Rebecca, CMO of NFTMart
Host: Iris of MXC Exchange


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Rebecca, CMO of NFTMart, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Rebecca, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Rebecca: I’m Rebecca, I am in charge of Global Marketing and partnerships at NFTMart.

Questions about the project


Iris: What is NFTMart? Can you share with us more in detail?

Rebecca: NFTMart is a marketplace for NFTs which is based on blockchain. It’s a fractional trading NFTs marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem, with its own public chain. and we commit to be the most professional NFT marketplace in the world.

NFTMart is included in two parts: first is our public chain, which delivers to issuance of NFTs and transaction data on the chain.

The second part is which we provide a fun, simple, accessible transaction experience for all. NFTMart is taking steps toward developing itself into a decentralized autonomous organization.


Iris: What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that NFTMart aims to solve? What are your unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Rebecca: Energy consumption is a point of discussion. With the entire market facing the challenges of persistent congestion and gas fees, we want to build our own independent chain — to solve this problem.

It’s a cross-chain token highway designed for NFTs on-chain and launch, which can save up to 90% on gas and make the transaction more efficient.

Also, we found the existing NFT market is too difficult for users to use. We built so that our users can enjoy the convenient services and trade NFTs more efficiently.

In addition, we also hope to ensure the security of users’ NFT assets as much as possible. We believe every artist should be creative NFTs, and it shouldn’t be a tradeoff between tech and art.

Compared to other similar projects, NFTMart is based on Substrate Framework, and in the future, we will use Substrate’s unique cross-chain technology to connect with Polkadot, incorporating it into Polkadot’s ecosystem.

NFTMart not only uses smart contracts, but also the support for NFTs is written to the on-chain module. This advantage is that NFT assets based on NFTMart are core modules on the chain, and they can be upgraded through Substrate without forking. And NFTs can be iteratively upgraded quickly according to market needs.

Similarly, our team will focus on serving NFT assets and continue to create a long term value for them.

In the content side, digital artwork, fashion collection, music and ACGN culture will be our key categories on our platform. NFTMart focuses on the NFT segment market services, not just supporting artists and their artworks on the chain, but also constantly incubating NFT MCN institutions, committing to create high-quality NFTs and building the entire NFT ecosystem.


Iris: What are some of the challenges that NFTMart currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Rebecca: How to attract more users into the NFT ecosystem who have never known crypto before.

First, make transactions as easy as possible.

Second, NFTMart will cooperation with different brands to make more interesting NFT projects. Normally, users are used to receiving information through traditional channels, and interesting projects can make a large number of brand users turn to the NFT market.

In the future, NFTMart will dig into various subdivisions, such as virtual fashion and Science fiction. We have reached a cooperation with the first domestic sci-fi film festival to minting “Sci-Fi IP”, It was created for the future of fashion and gaming audiences.

2. “Liquidity” of NFTs

NFT is unique, it cannot be replaced, faked or divided. so the “liquidity” of NFTs is even more crucial.

First, NFTMart is focused on minting high-quality NFTs and “liquidity IP” in the future. We are constantly incubating NFT MCN institutions also.

Second, NFTMart launched NFT Liquidity Pools, it’s allows collectors to deposit NFTs in exchange for NFTMart governance tokens, improving liquidity through tokenization.

What’s more, NFTMart provides different sales options, like buy it yourself, Dutch auction, and English auction. Users can enjoy the convenient service and efficient transaction, which can activate the market.

NFTMart will also establish an ecological fund to support the third party to expand NFTMart through interfaces, smart contracts and other methods to build our NFT+ ecosystem.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to NFTMart that you would like to share with the users?

Rebecca: Yes!! NFTMart (NMT) will launch on MXC in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the NMT/USDT trading pair. We will announce the launch time later. keep following~guys

To celebrate the launch of NMT on MXC, the NFTMart team will host a Trading Contest on MXC. There will be a total of 16,000 NMT tokens to be won!

1) Grand Prize

Users who trade NMT during the activity period will be ranked based on their trading volume. The top 10 users with largest trading volume (meeting min. trading volume requirement which is 30,000 NMT) can share a 12,000 NMT prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.

Iris: Awesome! Make sure you participate in the competition once it goes live!

Rebecca: 2) Participation Prize

All NMT traders (excluding the top 10 winners) with min. trading volume meetings 2,000 NMT are eligible to share a 4,000 NMT prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Rebecca: Flexible

Iris: Why?

Rebecca: As I mentioned before, with the Substrate framework, it can be upgraded without forks, it can optimize the on-chain business, and make the transaction function as flexible as possible.

That’s to say, NFT owners and traders can access NFT platforms to the greatest extent. In the future, we can serve more categories of NFT assets. From artwork to game assets or financial assets, whatever it is.

Another point is that NFTs on NFTMart is Flexible.

Our big vision is that users can unlimitedly choose which blockchain platform their digital assets want to go to, we want to be such a cross-chain bridge for users.

With the improvement of the cross-chain network, we will inevitably cooperate with more projects on Ethereum. Whether it is a DeFi financial project, an NFT project, or a game project.

We cooperate with each other, and commit to building the NFT ecosystem so that each token can have better application and long-term value.

Any NFTs from any chain can be moved to NFTMart, the creators can collect royalties with next-gen features, or resold artworks.

Free-asking Session

Q1. NFTMart is not the first NFT marketplace. What are the measures put in place making NFTMart stands out? How will NFTMart use Polkadot infrastructure as an advantage ?

Rebecca: We chose Polkadot because of its native cross-chain properties. We built our own public chain and will use Substrate’s unique cross-chain technology to connect with Polkadot.

Q2. Could you please explain the tokenomics of NFTMart about supply and token lock release schedule?

Rebecca: NFTMART(NMT) token economy design :

40% to community rewards; 19% to ecosystem ; 15% to team building; 17% to fundraising; 6% to advisors; the last 3% is liquidity proportion

Q3. Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Rebecca: NMT will be used to pay transaction fees, vote in governance events, reward network participants, and maintain the liquidity of NFTs on the network.

The token holders, who include NFT creators and collectors, can vote on platform updates and market moderation.



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