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AMA Session with Robert Michálek from Busy Technology (BUSY)

Guest: Robert Michálek, CTO and Co-founder at Busy Technology
Host: Iris of MXC Exchange


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Robert Michálek, CTO and Co-founder at Busy Technology, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Robert, Would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Robert: My name is Robert Michálek, I am CTO and Co-founder at Busy Technology. I have been working as a freelancer for many years developing websites, e-shops, CMSs and web apps. Now, I am fully on Busy 🚀

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Questions about the project


Iris: What is the Busy about?

Robert: Busy DAO is an engine for B2C/C2C platforms with cutting-edge blockchain technology, DeFi solutions, Utility Staking, and NFTs.

Many new platforms will be built on the Busy DAO Engine as the Engine will be available to everyone who will see an advantage in it through Smart Contracts.

It will be fast, scalable, and without expensive fees. 🚀

The project aims to create an ecosystem of global decentralized and exclusive platforms in the first stage focused on the gig economy that will compete with the current centralized giants with exclusivity, offered quality of services, and benefits associated with decentralization.


Iris: Can you tell us more about your team?

Robert: Sure 😊 The Busy team has got 8 members and we are all based in Prague, Czech Republic.

We have been together for a year already when the idea of Busy arose. Since then, we are all working on the Busy DAO.

Iris: Beautiful city!

Robert: Apart of the internal team, we do have plenty of advisors in the team to extend to various markets and boost the development.

We are backed by many strategic partners and investors to extend the market even more and work in synergy for the long run.

So far, we have successfully closed both pre-sale rounds altogether, we did duo-public sale on IDO Poolz and IEO MXC 😍 Now we are focusing on partnerships and development to boost the Busy DAO platform 😊


Iris: Why in the first phase gig economy/freelance?

Robert: Well, it is simple.. We believe that the current freelance space has a lot of problems and freelancers suffer from them.

Many problems in freelance can be solved by blockchain technology — few problems to mention: centralization, censorship, quantity over quality, low-quality, overcrowded and spam offers, high fees and much more.


Iris: What is the solution?

Robert: Busy 🙌🙌🚀 😃 We believe that the best solution is to let users decide which is best for their needs, eliminate any middleman and implement DAO solutions with unique technical and economical solutions that can naturally preserve quality and eliminate low quality and spam offers.

So in the Busy solution, the ecosystem users will stand in a position of decentralized governance.

Users will have voting rights in terms of the future development of the platform, but also, the users on the platform will be randomly selected from blockchain to the potential dispute between two users.💡✅


Iris: This solution works for the gig economy?

Robert: That is correct!

As was mentioned, in the gig economy, there are a lot of problems that can be solved through leveraging Web 3.0 solutions.

Currently, there are some centralized solutions for freelancers, but all have the same problems in common: centralization, censorship, quantity over quality, low-quality, overcrowded and spam offers and mainly high fees (somewhere it is more than 30%! 😱).

Iris: Yeah, high fees are killing everyone…

Robert: Yes 😞 Blockchain can mitigate the problems in a decentralized way 😊 ✅


Iris: You are a huge supporter of the token utility. Why?

Robert: That is right. We do not agree with “coin without utility”.

Blockchain has the possibilities to do the utility so why not use it as much as possible?💡

We are using the coin utilities for all core functions and the whole ecosystem, not only on the one platform.

The coin utilities are: Payments / Transactions / Governance / Voting / Utility staking / Anti-Spam / Messaging / Network distribution / Smart contracts / Lending / Renting / Non-fungible tokens.

The main function of the coin tethered platforms is Utility Staking. This function provides users with the option to occupy space on the platform through staking.

The second important function we can highlight is the anti-spam. It is a simple but clever feature to avoid spammers being on the platform. Or, if so, to be really expensive for them. As every message sent will cost a token and spammer multicast message to thousands of users, he will then spend thousands of coins. But if there is a conversation between two people, they are just exchanging the same coin.

Iris: Quite many utilities 👍

Robert: More about the functions is on our discussion videos on our YouTube channel: 😉


Iris: When will the 1st Busy platform be ready for the community?

Robert: The first Busy platform will be ready for all users at the end of this year (2021). But before, there will be access to the beta version for early supporters in Q3 2021. The early supporters will be able to participate in bug bounties, sharing feedback and improvements they would like to see there. There will be multiple functions added in-time (like payment gateway implementation, lending, and many more). There is a lot of work to be done — once it is done by the next year, the platform will be ready for the mainstream adoption.


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Robert: In 1 Word? 😃 That is challenging 😏

Iris: haha, i’m sure you can come up with one!

Robert: Actually, there are many words to summarize the project 😊 … but let’s say:


Iris: Why this word?

Robert: Busy is trying to change the current B2B/B2C environment through DAO Engine. The revolutionary concept that can change the future 🚀

Iris: I’m sure you will!

Free-asking Session

Q1. At the moment, which aspect are you focusing on right now ? Building and developing product, getting customers and users, or partnerships? Could you elaborate further on this?

Robert: We are working on many things in parallel. During the public sale activities, we were developing our own testnet, development plans, partnerships and many more. For every project, partnerships are the most crucial. If you have a partnership with which you can exchange knowledge, do brainstorming, share community, it is the biggest advantage! Now, we are mainly focusing on partnerships, finalizing the testnet so we can do the mainnet swap in the middle of this year. Together with this, tethered platform with blockchain will be in development too. We will be sharing all updates with the community, will ask the community for feedbacks and many more.

Q2. What is the current Busy record? As a fan of Busy, I expect my favorite project to be listed on major exchanges. Do you have any plans for this?

Robert: We did a duo public sale as IDO on Poolz and IEO on MXC on 21st April 🥳. The newest announcement is today’s listing, staking and trading competition on MXC. There are a total of 1,210,000 $BUSY tokens for the community!! 🚀 We do already have a few more exchanges agreed to be listed there — we will be announcing them and the dates really soon!

Q3. If I want to follow #BUSY for the long term, where can I get all the latest news about your project? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes, can you share the link here because there are many fake telegram/twitter groups?

Robert: You are right, it seems that our project interests a lot of scammers and there were/are already plenty of fake groups, accounts and others. To stay updated or to get to our OFFICIAL social media, it is always advisable to go through our website (links are in the footer).

Here are the links to our top official media:

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And also official links where there is $BUSY:

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