AMA Session with Sugnesh and Dzianis from Polkaplay (POLO)

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5 min readAug 9, 2021


Guest: Sugnesh, CEO; Dzianis, CMO of Polkaplay
Host: Iris of MEXC Global


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Sugnesh, CEO; Dzianis, CMO of Polkaplay, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Sugnesh and Dzianis, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourselves?

Sugnesh: I’m the CEO at Polkaplay and I have extensive experience in IT & software development with a strong knowledge of Business Architecture. I have helped multiple fortune 500 companies in building high-performing software development teams that deliver quality software applications in an iterative manner following scrum & agile methodologies. My crypto journey started in 2017 while working in NYC and attending different crypto meet-ups while networking with some very knowledgeable people within the space.

Dzianis: Myself, with my knowledge and experience in business management and marketing from Odisee, I have also been fortunate enough to take part in the growing industry of equity markets and crypto.

I got involved in crypto in late 2018, at the bottom of the cryptomarket after the retracement from ATHs. Ever since, I’ve been passionate about various projects, however at the end when I met Sugnesh, I really liked the concept of PolkaPlay, and ever since partook in the project development process as a CMO.

Questions about the project


Iris: What is Polkaplay? Can you share with us more in detail?

Sugnesh: PolkaPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, PolkaPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. PolkaPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games.


Iris: What triggers you to launch Polkaplay? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Polkaplay aims to solve?

Sugnesh: There are dozens of generic social media apps flooding the market. However, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok still don’t have an integrated NFT marketplace, which gives us an opportunity to funnel skilled artists/influencers and provide them with every tool to monetize their talent seamlessly.

Other NFT focused projects or marketplaces mainly focus on artist collabs and collection drops. On the flip side, Polkaplay adds another social media aspect to the process allowing users to share content or explore the platform as well as use the platform to mint their content as NFTs.

Additionally other platforms offer no benefits to fans but only to the content creators, while at PolkaPlay, both the content creator and fans earn rewards. Users have to pay gas fees for minting NFTs on other platforms. In contrast, PolkaPlay offers a gasless NFT minting solution 👍

Iris: That’s true! Polkaplay is a nice combination of both social media and NFT marketplace👍

Sugnesh: absolutely 🙌


Iris: What are some of the challenges that Polkaplay currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Dzianis: At the moment, our current marketing campaign is focused on bringing exposure and visibility to the PolkaPlay App. We intend to then funnel content creators to build a solid foundation together with constant content output in order to bring active users. As we all know, having a high user retention rate is key during a community building process ,which can be costly and brings difficulties.

To solve this we will bring staking rewards, introduce NFT farming and drop exclusive NFTs, which all are features of the PolkaPlay platform.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Polkaplay that you would like to share with the users?

Dzianis: We are excited to present to you 2 new Start Pools with our strategic partner PolkaPlay, starting at 3:00 PM, August 11 (UTC).

The rewards distribution mechanism will follow a fixed per block strategy in each day assigned proportionately to the stakers of the pool in each given block. The earlier and the longer you stake, the more token rewards you will earn.👍


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Sugnesh: Future

As we all know crypto currency is still a young market and is still being discovered and explored by a large quantity of people. The market can only consolidate itself as we progress and the technology adoption increases as we integrate it into our daily lives.

PolkaPlay will follow development progress gradually as we reach our aims and achieve roadmap objectives and move forward into the project’s core development. We definitely have a long road ahead of us, but definitely an exciting one! Staking, liquidity mining pools, exchange listings,community rewards, partnership expansion, social platform integrations are all of the things we strive to achieve moving forward 👏

Free-asking Session

Q1: Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Sugnesh: It will work in simple steps so it’s convenient for beginners and non-tech users as well.

  • Take a pic/video or upload your content on Polkaplay platform and
  • Hold 100 POLO tokens in your wallet so you can mint your content to NFT.
  • Click on sell and list it on our marketplace.

Q2. I have lots of faith in your project! Please tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate if I want to support your project?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay is inviting content creators from all over the world & from different sector industries to represent, promote PolkaPlay as a platform which enables users to create, mint, tokenize, and share talent with the world. It’s super easy to sign up and become a creator.The platform will be very simple to use and our Mission at Polkaplay is to offer a seamless platform where users can convert their content to NFTs.

Creators can choose to release limited art, pics, music and release it to a small group of their followers first. Users staking or willing to pay creators in POLO tokens will have benefits of early access to this content.

This link can be useful to understand:

Q3. A project’s token value is as good as its utility. Kindly tell us what utility or use-case do your token has? And do you have any plan for token burn to increase the demand of your token?

Dzianis: $POLO is the primary force that drives the PolkaPlay Ecosystem. It is the native currency for PolkaPlay and it is used as the platform’s utility and governance token. Utilities and use cases of $POLO token include:

  • Governance
  • Medium of Exchange
  • Staking Rewards
  • NFT Farming
  • Exclusive NFT drops



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