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AMA Session with Tyler Ward and Aaron McDonald from Universe XYZ

Guest: Tyler Ward and Aaron McDonald
Host: Miranda


Miranda: Today, we’re honored to have Tyler Ward and Aaron McDonald in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Hey Tyler and Aaron,would you like to introduce yourselves and a little bit of your team?

Tyler: Hmm where to start on that. I think one is we are all trying to build the metaverse and Facebook stole our name 🤦‍♂️. But me personally I built a defi protocol called barnbridge that Aaron helped me a ton to ideate. And then we decided because nfts were a financial tool as much as a tool for artistic expression we needed exchanges and liquidity protocols that were permissionless and handled governance better than centralized entities that had counterparties.

We have been building a ton across our daos

Aaron: Hey everyone im Aaron I’m the founder of Centrality and a founding partner at NetX ventures and D64 Ventures recently i started and the Altered State Machine. I live in New Zealand and im enjoying a nice summer day here now. Tyler and i go way back we work together on pretty much everything and that includes our topic today a DAO first NFT platform owned by communities and artists.

Questions about the project:


Miranda: What is Universe XYZ? Can you share with us more in detail?

Aaron: Launch your own community-driven NFT universe baked with social tools, media services, and distribution — underpinned by the native $XYZ token

But @LordTylerWard can probably add some more color to that 🙂

Tyler: Yes it’s an nft protocol that the users own and the users decide how content is curated on it. It’s extremely powerful ar scale what we are trying to do.

Miranda: The first NFT minting platform and marketplace, sounds very interesting 👍👍

Tyler: Yes and the first one on optimism that will integrate with snx and uni.

Aaron: Ohhh Alpah right there


Miranda: Next can you tell us what triggers you to launch Universe XYZ? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Universe XYZ aims to solve?

Tyler: We’ve been working w those 3 teams.

Aaron: The key point of difference for the XYZ project is that its community owned and DAO governed. There are lots of marketplaces owned by corporations but we believe that the metaverse should be owned by communities and so we believe that an important part of this is open community owned marketplaces.

market places are the center of metaverse content economies so without DAO owned market places we risk centralising the whole Metavserse economy

Tyler: I started it on accident. In another universe non fungible Pepe was bored ape yacht club but I was sued via dcma and realized communities should decide how we handle these issues on whether things should be curated across platforms. Much less the minting auction and launch platforms were terrible and we realized we needed better infrastructure that was truly decentralized for nfts. So we decided to build it.

And everything Aaron said.


Miranda: What about the native token $XYZ? What’s the role in Universe XYZ and its tokenomics?

Tyler: It’s a governance token that determines how all fees are generated and distributed.

Aaron: yea it provides the community with the ability to control the destiny , funding, treasury of the universe marketplace, content and toolkits.

Tyler: So like Opensea generates a lot of fees. No platform has a decentralized mechanism of handling that.

Aaron: all that $ can belong back to the community to decide how to build bigger and better

Tyler: The users should decide how updates are created and how dev funds are distributed. It’s important.

Aaron: also maybe to invest in some customer suport i know the creators really want to see that 🙂

Tyler: I think anyone using centralized platforms knows the feeling of having no say.


Miranda: Next are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Universe XYZ that you would like to share with the users? Maybe the roadmap?

Tyler: This is a big piece of dao first. We distributed the token and the day the protocol launched the community has more say than me. So if they want a feature and I want a house they get the feature. Very different than centralized entities.

Aaron: Ill let @LordTylerWard answer that one 🙂

But i can say as soon as the market place is live we will be bringing some premium collections right there with and

Hah i think tyler is still writing about the roadmap

Tyler: The optimism alpha but honestly we got set back on the fact we started building the back end infra to support $1m monthly nft volume cuz we were so early and then it shit to $10b because we were so right on being ahead of it all. Like we were building nft infra when bored apes were drawing the apes. And then it all blew up and we were right and our success was also a hindrance cuz the infrastructure we were building wasn’t going to work so we added so many dev resources and honestly the team and the stuff we are building is so cutting edge and crazy but it pains me nobody has seen it outside of the Polymorphs which were an nft drop we did that IMO to this day is the most technologically advanced nft ever. But all of that innovation will drop in 60 days and it’s literally been being built since February. And by nft heads for nft heads. So it’s coming but we had to delay because god damn if I don’t love the apes of the nft world and how much the industry grew while we did. But we are there now literally CRANKING code.

I mean we have been but idk if anyone realizes what we are about to drop.

Aaron: Yea the Centrality team has been helping make sure we smash it out.

Miranda: haha, let’s hope we can have the good news soon😁


Miranda: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Aaron: Community — Everything we are building is to ensure communities not corporations own the metaverse.

Miranda: that’s the answer to summarize your project in ONE word, bravo!👊

Tyler: Fluf world, asm (asto), EnterDAO and leagueDAO all being things that spun off our ecosystem so quickly shows the talent around it but everyone in crypto wants things built in weeks and Rome takes years. But we are almost a year in and the code is coming. I think the figma files alone are 240 pages. The GitHub that is about to be open sourced is tens of thousand of lines of code. Someone today said 150k but I’m not sure even I believe that. Some of that may be demo repositories. But we have been absolutely busting tail.

Yeah cuz what the heck Facebook

Dogma = figma my phone is not good for AMAs sry

In that message above ^^

Aaron: Figma is a design tool so thats allot of design work 😉

Tyler: And 150k lines of code is 😅

haha its all good people can join our discord at any time to learn more

Aaron: you can drop a link of your discord community here

Tyler: I think Uniswap’s main function is 150 lines of code to put that in perspective. But that’s also beauty they did that it’s not a knock.

Free-asking Session

Q1. Can you please mention which credible partners UNIVERSE collaborated with in order to develop this project? And which other partners will you have collaboration more? Thank you.

Aaron: check out this team i dare anyone to find more chads in the web3 space behind any project more than this one 🙂


Yeah the network doing this is 😅 like even vitaliks dad helps. Justin Blau, Kain from snx, stain from aave, Robert from compound. Framework is helping, blockchain, Kevin rose from digg , true ventures, barnbridge team, centrality team, sylo team, illuvium team, charged particles, Delphi digital, parafi and Santiago, Dillon Francis tax, disclosure, j1mmy, beanie, gmoney… we all want a decentralized nft marketplace, minting and auction protocol. It’s a laundry list of people we tap. It’s nuts how fast and early we were and how much has gone into all this.

Plus all the partners i mentioned and spin offs. We are building a universe.. I accidentally named it right.


NFP fam


I named it because we were drawing planets but we literally built a universe network and Facebook is in awe. I’m here for it. Lol actually Facebook and their main team DIEM members all were helping early on. But I enjoy the fact they still don’t get that centralized entities aren’t going to ever compete with massive decentralized networks of ambitious people. But again, I’m here for it. 2022 will be fun for all of us in crypto not just xyz. Wagmi my friends.

Q2. Smart contracts are still, prone to bugs. How secure, is your smart contract? so that we believe, Your project is safe and good for the future of investors???


The Smart contracts were written by some of the best developers in web3 the same team behind the banrbridge contracts which have recieved some of the highest saftey ratings of any DEFI protocol.

Q3. What is your strongest advantage that will give you an edge on competitors, also what are your pain points and how do you plan to address them?


Okay so IMO it’s that we are true nft heads who were doing nfts before nfts were cool. We have Aaron from Flufs, j1mmy involved, a ton of celebrities involved who weren’t late to the nft party, Tim Kang illustrator as a founding member. We actually know what needs to get built and we are building. We also have built almost a billion dollars in projects so far so our ecosystem of projects speak for themselves. We are surrounded by dev talent that was building in the bear. We will build through the next one.

Q4. Crosschain trading major aspects to sustain ecosystem and what are you exploring for this?


We are focusing on polygon and optimism to start. We are a dao and chain agnostic we will move where the nft ecosystem takes us which is a MAJOR part of being dao first.

I also didn’t mention our partnerships with illuvium & charged particles. I was one of their biggest seed funders and we started building w them from the get go so a lot of alpha is coming with those partnerships.



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