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AMA Session with Victoria and Tiago from CardWallet (CW)

Guest: Victoria, COO; Tiago, CEO of CardWallet
Host: Iris of MEXC Global


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Victoria, COO and Tiago, CEO of CardWallet, to our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Victoria and Tiago, welcome. Would you like to say hello and introduce yourselves?

Tiago: I’m Tiago, and I’ve been in blockchain since late 2012 when I was just researching, then became a miner in 2013… and to not bore everyone with details, I started working in the industry with Dash… at the time it was called Darkcoin. Was there at ground zero when Masternodes where invented. In fact, I actually invented Masternode-as-a-Service concept… but anyway …Time went on, decided to take on other projects, but Cardano really is my prefered chain and the one I most believe in. Worked at the Cardano Foundation, and am now in CardWallet 🙂

Victoria: I am Victorian, Co-Founder and COO of CardWallet. I have been in the industry since 2013 and was a CEO of Cointelegraph for many years, actually building it from scratch, also consulted a number of other reputable companies on the market.

And now happy to build the next gem:)

Telegram Community:
Telegram Announcements:

Questions about the project


Iris: What is CardWallet? Can you share with us more in detail?

Tiago: CardWallet is a Cardano-first non-custodial wallet with fiat on and off-ramps, but also supporting BTC, Eth, very soon BSc, and naturally native tokens.

We have a mobile app, and will be releasing a web3 Chrome extension soon. We will also create an NFT marketplace, as well as a full DeFi stack that will include staking of Cardano and CW token.

CW token staking will allow you to have special benefits like a zero-fee trading engine, smart order routing, yield optimization, airdrops and even governance voting rights. In essence we strive to achieve a DAO. The last step in our development will be the issuance of a physical card that will allow for Ada cashbacks on purchases, much like and similar services — except our token will allow you to do much more interesting stuff.

that’s it in a nutshell !


Iris: What triggers you to launch CardWallet? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that CardWallet aims to solve?

Victoria: We are believers and supporters of Cardano, We are also in tune with its mission to bank the unbanked. Most of the world’s population connects through mobile. Desktop and laptop are becoming a niche concept. In developing countries this reality is even more apparent. We identified there was a huge gap in the the mobile landscape

We believe that the barrier of entry into crypto is still very high, desktop dominant with very clunky UX/UI. Even on mobile, DeFi concepts are alien and intimidating. DeFi on mobile right now, frankly, just sucks. No one is able to use Metamask properly on mobile to DeFi

Iris: That’s very true

Victoria: We aim to solve this by making CardWallet really simple to use. Like literally have anyone completely new to cryptos to be able to buy and sell in seconds in a very streamlined way. Also, make concepts like DEX’s, staking, yield optimization, etc… really simple.

We believe by achieving this we will be able to to harness real world adoption at scale, and contribute to make blockchain technology and DeFi the new normal, and not an obscure and weird concept.

The world is changing, just last Monday El Salvador made BTC legal tender. Other countries soon to do the same. We are on a tipping point for mass adoption.


Iris: What are some of the challenges that CardWallet currently faces? How do you aim to solve them?

Tiago: We are developing quite aggressively to become first-to-market on the Cardano ecosystem. However, we also want to attract other communities. We know there is a massive amount of Ethereum projects that are simply going to port over to Cardano and abandon Ethereum, or just remain legacy.

One of our challenges is not how to differentiate ourselves from other products in the market, it is how to make a name for ourselves. The sheer quantity of projects being launched causes a lot of distraction. It is impossible for one individual to be able to have a full scope of what is happening. So raising awareness is key to our success. We believe that word of mouth is one of the main driving forces, and for that we must deliver a spectacular product.

Once we get that ball rolling, it will become a snowball, and then a full-blown avalanche.

One of the key challenges is education of newbies, to fully understand how to protect their funds, and use the platform safely.


Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to CardWallet that you would like to share with the users?

Victoria: We have released our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) this week. I invite everyone to try it out and give us some feedback. For now, this is “only” a Cardano, BTC and Ethereum wallet (with hundreds of ERC-20 tokens already)

And BTW we have a surprise for MEXC community, Iris will you share it?

Iris: Happy to!

💫 We are sharing the Google play download link exclusively for MEXC community.

🟣 Be among the first users of CardWallet app before the Official release announcement.


💰 Rewards will be distributed 7 days after the AMA.

💟 Good luck to all participants, lets do it!

Victoria: Rewards will be distributed between the authors of the best questions. So be active guys!

Very soon we will add Cardano Native Tokens support, and the continue to adding Binance Smart chain. Unofficially, this will be v1 of CardWallet. From there, we start implementing all the really fun stuff 🙂

We have many exciting things coming up, however we cannot publicly comment on them just yet. These will include some very cool partnerships and integrations.

For now, just have a look at what we call an “MVP”, and how it is already much better than many existing wallets out there. We are going to raise the standards of what people call a wallet.

Iris: Nice. Looking forward to them 🔥

Victoria: So, hope to get your feedback guys!

For the contest — 5 x 100$ for 5 best questions, good luck.

To be eligible please download the app and follow our SM

Iris: Follow CardWallet ( Twitter

Join CardWallet Telegram ( group

Tiago: yeah!! And we’d love to have you join our community too, and be part of this adventure 😉 —


Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Tiago: just one word? 😅 Flabbergasting!! 😉 (obscure English word!)

Iris: haha yeah. could please explain why?

Tiago: flabbergasting means.. to super surprise, astonish, astound and amaze! Usually in an unexpected way 🙂

Free-asking Session

Q1: Do you have sufficient funds for its development. Can you tell us how CardWallet is turning a profit?

Victoria: Yes, we have sufficient funding for 2 years of development and running operations.

We have already released MVP and how going to produce real outstanding features no one has on the market yet

Q2. Why did you choose BEP20 network to build a project like this, are you ready to face the current problems of BEP20 network, token price drop, bugs and other bugs, give feedback your?

Tiago: It is actual ERC-20 right now. Basically to speed up development before switching to Cardano native token. Cardano’s hard-fork called Alonzo is scheduled for this Sunday! It will activate smart-contract.

We will of course create a bridge for existing ERC-20 tokens, and then… bye bye ridiculous fees!

Q3. On which userbase is your main target? Are you focusing only on big Investors or small retail Investors also can play a big role In CardWallet?

Victoria: In terms of userbase we really want to bring cardano and defi tools to the massive retail users. That's why we are mobile first and really focusing on a smooth UI and have very strong advisors in this field

Q4. Many things can make a project strong for example community, investors or project quality. Which of them makes CardWallet project strong?

Victoria: Well to be honest we really want to use many streangth points!

We are very community centric and are tokenomisc will be community driven

And of course we are targeting yo create a great product. Check out MVP and let us know what you think!

Q5. How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

Tiago: There is this cool exchange, don’t know if you guys have heard about it? 😉



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