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AMA Session with Vincent from Yooshi

Guest : Vincent, Yooshi Community Volunteer

Host: Iris


Iris: Today, we’re honored to have Vincent, Yooshi Community Volunteer, in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Vincent, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Vincent: I’m Vincent, a community volunteer. My main job is to help solve community problems, feed back the problems of community members to YooShi team, assist in the implementation of YooShi AMA and propaganda, so that YooShi can be known by more people.

Questions about the project:


Iris: YooShi is very popular in the market recently, and many people are beginning to pay attention to YooShi. Could you tell us about YooShi?

Vincent: YOOSHI = Game + NFT + DEFI + DAO

YooShi has three major sections:

1)YooShi GamePad

YooShi GamePad is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform. YooShi GamePad will allow gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT.

2)YooShi Labs

YooShi GameFi Labs is an independent game incubator in the WEB3.0 era. It provides game developers with the complete GameFi game design system and technical support to help the game developers to finish blockchain game development more easily.

3)Play To Earn Guild Alliance

P2EGA is a Play-to-Earn gaming guild alliance. We hope to help millions of low-income people to gain more profits through “Play-to-Earn” games and bring more users into the game.

YooShi’s current ecology can be understood as two major parts

1)YooShi’s expansion of NFT, Farm,etc,.

NFT: With YooShi’s own NFT, holders can stake to participate in Farm. In addition, in the last project StarMon, those who hold YooShi NFT and meet the corresponding requirements have enjoyed the privilege of blind box purchase.

$YOOSHI: $YOOSHI can be staked in Farms.Used for multiple purposes such as upgrading mining power, purchasing NFT, etc.

2)Projects Incubated by YooShi

IDO: The GamePad allows game developers to raise money by pre-selling in-game assets in the form of NFT.

Game launching: Users can enter the game through the YooShi interface and enjoy it.

YooShi Game Guild: YooShi will form its own guild, leading guild members to enjoy quality projects while earning actual revenue.

NFT: Trading and auctions in the NFT market.

Marketplace:In-game asset trading


Iris: YooShi’s current achievements are closely related to its economic model. A feasible economic model is the basis for the development of the project. Can you tell us about YooShi’s economic model?

Vincent: YooShi Tokenomics — The Internal Logic of $YOOSHI

YooShi’s economic model can be divided into three dimensions: bottom economic system, product level and ecological level.

$YOOSHI — The bottom economic system

Transaction burning: In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 10% fee, of which 4% fee redistributed to all existing holders, 3% fee will be injected into NFT Farming and 3% fee is split 50/50, half of which is sold by the contract into BNB, while the other half of YooShi tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap;

When YooShi holding addresses reach a fixed number, it will trigger burning.

$YOOSHI — YooShi’s Product Level

YooShi NFT Public Auction

When the number of BNB in the contract address reaches 10, the BNB obtained from auction will be automatically SWAP to $YOOSHI, 40% of which will be injected to NFT pool and 50% will be burned.

YooShi Farms

Stake LP token to earn $DXCT,$SMON and $YOOSHI. Provide more choices for $YOOSHI holders to cover the time cost. In-depth research will be done before deciding on the number of tokens in the pool to ensure a healthier economy.

YooShi Family NFT:

Market:The handling fee is 3% of the transaction amount, of which 50% will be burned, 40% will enter the mining pool.


The platform will charge 20% from bidding commission as service fee, 40% of which will go to NFT mining pool, 50% of which will be swapped into $YOOSHI and burned.

After the auction is successful, the platform will charge 3% of the publisher’s profits as a service fee. Among them, 40% enter the YooShi NFT farming pool, 50% will be exchanged for $YOOSHI and burned.

In order to ensure the successful purchase, if players use BNB to purchase, BNB will be directly exchanged for $YOOSHI to complete the payment.

HashRate Period:If players choose to redeem $YOOSHI and release their position during HsahRate Period,10% of your staked $YOOSHI will be deducted,of which 9% will be injected into YooShi Farming Pool and 1% will be burned.

$YOOSHI — Ecological level

GamePad: Blind Boxes sale. DNAxCAT and StarMon both raised funds in the form of blind boxes sale. DNAxCAT sold 5130 blind boxes at a unit price of 0.5BNB, and StarMon sold 2565 at a price of 0.55BNB and 0.6BNB respectively. 521 blind boxes were finally sold in auction.10% of the obtained BNB funds will be used to swap into$YOOSHI on the market, 50% will be burned and 40% will be put to the mining pool.

NFT — Projects Incubated by YooShi

Market: The handling fee is 3% of the transaction amount, of which 50% will be burned, 40% will enter the mining pool.

Marketplace — Projects Incubated by YooShi

eg:DNAxCAT Marketplace only supports $BNB payment and 4.5% of every transaction will be charged as the service fee,of which 1.5% goes to YooShi agreement maintenance fee ( 40% goes into YooShi treasury, 50% swap into $YOOSHIi and been burned)

The bottom level is based on the $YOOSHI transfer burning mechanism, and YooShi has its own products on this basis. The top level is ecology which contains all projects incubated by YooShi. $YOOSHI will cover all aspects of ecology. After previous painstaking exploration, YooShi has entered the stage of rapid development and more high-quality projects have entered into the ecology. Without the support of ecology, YooShi can develop steadily by itself, while with the ecology, YooShi will develop significantly faster and attract more high-quality projects, meaning the expansion of YooShi’s ecological territory. In the future, more people, in turn, will know YooShi, through its incubation projects, indicating a virtuous circle of YooShi’s development.

Iris: wow, that’s an elegant economic model👍 impressive!


Iris: The YooShi ecosystem is still in early stages, and full of opportunities. So how can players and investors participate in YooShi’s ecosystem?

Vincent: At present, players and investors can participate YooShi in the following ways:

YooShi is a NFT-based game IDO and games launch platform what YooShi does will be related to $YOOSHI. Incubating projects and the change in positioning are all to give YOOSHI more energy. Through careful observation, you can find that the blind box sales, market sales and auction in NFT market and marketplace are all associated with $YOOSHI.

YooShi NFT

The YooShi NFT was also mentioned earlier: YooShi has its own NFT which can be staked and also has minting gameplay. In addition, a round is added to the blind box purchase of StarMon, the second project incubated by YooShi. It is specially prepared for users who meet the mining power requirements of YooShi NFT. This is also a benefit for YooShi community members proposed by the YooShi team and the StarMon project.

Projects incubated by YooShi

The projects incubated by YooShi are also related to YooShi, and many new users get to know YooShi through the projects incubated by YooShi. Although YooShi maintains an independent relationship with its incubation projects, the YooShi team will also give some suggestions and help solve some problems during the game development process. Therefore, some of YooShi’s attributes will be implied in the incubated project, and users participation in YooShi incubated project will also make a certain contribution to the deflation of $YOOSHI and the expansion of the ecology.

Iris: take notes guys! ways to participate in Yooshi👆


Iris: The market value of YooShi has exceeded 1.3B, becoming the third MemeCoin in the world’s top 100 market value after DOGE and SHIB, and social media has been highly enthusiastic about YooShi. What do you think of YooShi’s achievements?

Vincent: First of all, YooShi would like to thank the community members and partners. Yooshi’s achievements are inseparable from the community members for helping to publicize, guide and answer new members’ questions. Also, I would like to thank our partners for the great contributions in sharing development resources with YooShi. Finally, we are very happy that YooShi can be known by more people.

At present, YooShi can be seen on major social media. Many people with social influence are supporting YooShi. The main reason for YooShi’s current achievement lies in the rationality of yooshi’s overall ecology. The overall ecology is composed of the bottom layer, the product layer and the ecological layer. Each layer energizes YooShi’s deflationary circulation, finally forming a virtuous circle.

1) The community helped most. From the initial promotion to the orientation, the community helped newcomers quickly integrate into the YooShi family.

2) Partners, including partners from all dimensions as well as project teams incubated by YooShi, are very active in communication.

Not be satisfied with the current laurels, YooShi will strive to live up to the expectations of every community member.

Iris: YooShi is developing so rapidly that we can’t help wondering what is YooShi’s future development plan and how will YooShi maintain the current upward trend?

Vincent: 1) YooShi has mentioned the launch of YooShi 3.0 earlier in yooshi 2.5 which is regarded as a relatively transitional stage. With the open of DNAxCAT test and the first test of StarMon, YooShi’s game platform is officially launched. More functions will be added to YooShi 3.0, such as YooShi ID, through which players can log in all games incubated by YooShi to improve the user experience, which is more conducive for players to manage their accounts and assets. The mining pool will also be readjusted in YooShi 3.0, the specific open time of YooShi 3.0 shall also be subject to the official.

2) YooShi has publicized Yooshi incubation projects on twitter and gave the general outline of the two shadows in the last part. The specific time is subject to the official.

3) YooShi’s promotion and cooperation. At present, YooShi has built a certain brand effect, established YooShi IP, and cooperated with more and more competitive partners.

4) YooShi Studio: Built by the world’s top game producers and excellent game R & D team with rich industry experience. It was previously disclosed on Twitter that the third and fourth projects incubated by YooShi were produced by YooShi studio. For the latest news, please follow the official platform and join the YooShi community.

5) YooShi will hold a charity activity — the original intention of YooShi’s establishment

In addition, there will be other activities in the near future

It is said that every child is a gift from God to mankind and an angel to the world. However, in the real world, there are such “angels” who look the same as others, but they always have a bright smile on their faces. God made fun of them and make them come to the world with some deformities. They suffer from Angelman Syndrome (AS).

“Angel Syndrome” is also known as “happy puppet syndrome”, because children often laugh, raise and wave their hands, walk unsteadily, have language and intellectual barrier. They look like a puppet. So people named this disease “happy puppet syndrome”.

Iris: awesome! looking forward to all your future development!🙌

Vincent: YooShi’s image design comes from this, and YooShi Angel NFT also comes from this. We have not forgotten our original intention — to help everyone and make the world a better place. YooShi charity activity is about to begin. It can be revealed that at present, the fund of YooShi charity fund has reached $1.5 million, which will be fully used for charity, and the specific flow of funds will be announced on the official website to ensure that the funds will be used for the lovely little angels. Everyone’s supervision is welcome! I also hope you can actively participate in our upcoming charity activity to spread YooShi’s love all over the world!

Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Vincent: Community

The community helped most. From the initial promotion to the orientation, the community helped newcomers quickly integrate into the YooShi family.

Free-asking Session

Q1. Can you List 1–3 Killer features of your PROJECT that makes it ahead of Competitors? What is the Competitive Advantanges your platform Has that you Feel most Confident about??


YooShi Tokenomics, Ecological,Community.

Q2. Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?


When YooShi holding addresses reach a fixed number, it will trigger burning.

Q3. What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? What are your plans in coming Future?










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