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Gitcoin Airdrop: Tutorial on How to Claim $GTC

Gitcoin announced the launch of governance token GTC, which can be used to vote for Gitcoin DAO governance or govern the treasury.

There will be a total of 100 million GTC, of which 15% will be for retroactive airdrops, 50% will be allocated to the Gitcoin DAO and 35% will be allocated to existing stakeholders.

GTC will be allocated to users that participated in Gitcoin grants, hackathons, bounties or KERNEL before 1 April 2021.

If you meet the conditions but did not receive the GCT airdrop, please fill in the form: (to inquire about the relevant information on airdrop conditions)

GTC contract address: 0xDe30da39c46104798bB5aA3fe8B9e0e1F348163F

Introduction to GTC:

Preparations before collection:

1. Watch the video and answer two questions

2. Confirmation of GTC proxy voting rights

3. Confirm receiving address and pay gas fuel fee

Tutorial on how to collect GTC:

1. Open the collection page

2. Click “I am ready”

3. After clicking, a video will appear, and you can watch the relevant introduction to Gitcoin. After clicking, the official test will begin. The 2 questions are very simple.

4. Click “Continue” after answering.

5. Then you can continue to the Next Chapter.

6. Select the wallet address that was used to participated in the airdrop at that time.

7. Select and vote for any steward, and then click continue.

8. Next, go to the third part.

9. First, confirm the address of the airdrop wallet.

10. Confirm the receiving wallet again, click “Claim” and Metamask will appear and ask you to confirm the gas fee.

If there is no response after clicking “Claim”, please refresh the page or open and link with Metamask again. Then, wait for the confirmation on the Ethereum chain.

Deposit GTC and Trade on MXC Exchange

MXC Exchange now supports GTC deposits, and it has been listed at 12:00 on May 26. To deposit, search GTC on the asset page and click the deposit button.

On the following page, click get address, and then copy the address to withdraw it from the wallet.

Trade GTC/USDT here:

Enjoy your trading on MXC!



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