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MEXC AMA Phong Dinh from Heroes TD

Guest: Phong Dinh, COO of Heroes TD

Host: Miranda


Miranda: Today, we’re honored to have Phong Dinh, COO at Heroes TD, here to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Phong Dinh, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself?

Phong Dinh: So first let me introduce about our team CG Studio. CG Studio is a team of experienced game makers with more than 10 years in making games. We have released some famous titles such as GunGun Online, Chess TD, Merge Money,… We have accumulated more than 20 millions downloads from both Google Play and Appstore.

With Blockchain is getting more mature, we see it is an exciting challenge for us. We believe Blockchain will transform the whole gaming industry, where the players actually own what they have earned in the game. With Metaverse is starting to explode, players can also move their assets across multiple environment with block chain technology, such as moving their NFT heroes from HeroesTD to another Heroes Metaverse game like Heroes Chess, Heroes MMORPG, Heroes VR…

With blockchain, not only players can transfer their favourite NFT Heroes to other Heroes Metaverse game, players can also move them to other Verse as well, such as move to other games, or maybe into the new Meta of Facebook, where you can see your Heroes in VR. This is why we started HeroesTD and want to bring HeroesTD to you today.

Questions from community:


Miranda: First can you tell us what is HEROESTD ? Can you share with us more in detail?

Phong Dinh: Heroes TD is a tower defense game, in which you defend your base and attack the enemy’s base. You will bring 5 heroes as a deck into the match, summon and place them on the board, and defeat enemy’s heroes who are attacking your towers. The gameplay is very simple, but it can also be very interesting to master.

We have more than 60 characters in our game. Players can summon new heroes by combining 2 NFT heroes together, creating more than 2 billion unique variants of NFT Heroes, each with their own strong and weak points. We have a PvP Arena, where you can match with others and climb the leaderboard. Tournament, where you can be the last man standing and win the pot. Challenge, where you can place a bet and get the final reward by challenging others. Coop where you can cooperate with other players and defend one base. There is also campaign and daily quests, where players can explore and earn every day.

Here is a quick look of Heroes TD:

Phong Dinh:

Miranda: i love the images, and scenes !


Miranda: Can you tell us what triggers you to HEROESTD? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Pangolin aims to solve?

Phong Dinh: The traditional gaming industry has huge value, while the transition from traditional gamers to crypto-gamers are still slow or even stagnated. HeroesTD introduce the Free-to-Play combined with Play-to-Earn model, in which traditional gamers can join the game without initial investment. As they progress in the game, the need to extract the earnings arise, this will be the incentive for them to get used to blockchain and become crypto-gamers.

We will also provide tutorials, guidelines and instructions step by step to make the transition smoothly and safely. There will also be communities support, fanpage support, and various other kind of direct support from us and from the communities to help the new players onboard to crypto-gamers easier.


Miranda: What about the native token of Heroes TD, what is the role of $HTD in HEROESTD? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Phong Dinh: Please check the tokenomics of HTD here:

HTD token can only be earned once a month via climbing leaderboard. On the other hand, HTD will be consumed when players summon a new NFT Heroes on DApp. The more time a Hero is used to summon a new NFT Hero, the higher the cost, the higher the chance to get a better NFT Hero.

Another token is CGC, with unlimited supply. Players can earn CGC through all ingame activities: PvP Arena, Coop. Tournament, Challenge, Campaign, Daily Quests. In Tournament and Challenge, users will have to pay an amount of CGC to participate and claim the final prize. Higher the prize the higher the ticket fee is. Also, during the summoning process, the amount of CGC consumed will increase just like HTD as well. More details can be found here:


Miranda: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to HEROESTD that you would like to share with the users?

Phong Dinh: Recently we have already finished the NFT Blindbox selling event. Players have already purchased the NFT Blindboxes and can also trade it on our Marketplace.

There are 4 types of boxes: Common Box, Rare Box, Epic Box, Legendary Box. Each has a different rate to open high quality NFT Heroes. The higher rarity of the NFT Heroes, the stronger the NFT Heroes will be! However, we already sold out Epic Box and Legendary Box. There is only Common Box and Rare Box remaining. You can get the Epic and Legendary Box by trading with other players:

We will be opening the NFT Heroes Marketplace soon. When the NFT Heroes is out, you can also filter the attributes of the NFT Heroes too: Characters, Class, Origin, Attack Type, Rarity, etc… There will also be the Summoning feature on our DApp as well.

After the NFT Heroes event, we will have alpha test. It will be available by the end of December 2021. The target of this Alpha stage is to get feedbacks from the gamers in order to improve the quality, balancing, gaming experience of the game. There will be a lot of rewards for participants such as: Bug Catchers, Leaderboard rewards, Hot video rewards… We will announce the alpha test very soon. If you want to join the Alpha test and contribute to the quality of HeroesTD, please do follow us on the official announcement and news.

Q5:5. If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Phong Dinh: Pioneer.

We are one of the first GameFi projects that focus on closing the gap between traditional gaming and crypto gaming, also bringing the gaming experience from traditional games to the crypto world. We believe blockchain and metaverse in particular will transform the whole gaming industry and create an environment in which everyone can enjoy playing while still having full ownership of their investments inside the game. Additionally, we also build up the DApp with many activities for non-gamers holders as well. HeroesTD will be the connection the gamers who play games with the in.

Free-asking Session

Q1. Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project?

Phong Dinh:

On Marketing side, we already have built huge communities for the game. At the moment when I am doing the AMA with you, we are talking about a HeroesTD community of more than 190,000+ members on Telegram. A great number on others: 150,000+ on Twitter, 150,000+ on discord, 200,000+ on Tiktok, about 60,000+ members on facebook, 45,000+ on Youtube.

We have already have the base game already. To prepare HeroesTD for Heroes Metaverse, we have reworked the whole ingame world and characters. Currently we are already ready to release the Alpha. We are going to polish the characters, effects more to make it more attractive and fun to play.

On the website side, we already have the DApp in which players can interact with, to see their NFT Bounty such as HTD Bounty, FRIENDSTERS Bounty,… There is also Yield Farming, Stake Pool feature, and NFT Blindbox Marketplace for players to trade the NFT Blindboxes too. More and more teaser and content will be revealed. Please follow our channels below to keep updated.

For future roadmap, we will have a lot of events in Q4/2021:

- 12/2021: Listing CGC on pancakeswap, Open Bounty staking to earn CGC, Release Hero Genesis, Release alpha test,

For 2022, it will be more focused on product, communities and tournaments:

- 01/2022: Release Beta test

- Mid Q1/2022: Release first play to earn release with PvP Coop

- Q2/2022: Release warlord and commander system, Release full release

More can be found on our whitepaper roadmap

Q2. Do you have any NFT plans and its integration ahead in the roadmap? Also do you have any passive income options and incentivization reward for a long term hoder?

Phong Dinh:

Yes we do have a lot of NFTs inside HeroesTD. There are NFT Bounty, NFT Heroes, and in the future there might be other NFTs such as NFT Lands, etc…

Our NFT system will also expanding as many players participate in the game. Beside the Origin NFT Heroes, the other NFT Heroes are summoned by the players as per the market demand. Since it is community and market driven, it will eventually balance itself. The higher demand of the market, the more value of the NFT Heroes summoned by the players.

For the future, we will also have new NFT Heroes from communities as well. We will hold some special events to attract local artists to make new NFT Heroes, and if it passes the voting of the community, we will release it as new limited NFT Heroes. So if you are interested in designing your NFT Heroes, follow us and keep an eye on our events!

Q3. Most of the users are still not aware of Blockchain & its related projects! So, How Your Project platform create awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?

Phong Dinh:

Yes, we are well aware of the current status of the Blockchain projects. That’s one of the reason HeroesTD is born.

HeroesTD is designed with Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn model. Players can download the game and start immediately without having to invest. Players will be given 5 Basic Heroes to start playing right away. With these 5 Basic Heroes, players can explore all features of HeroesTD, participate in PvP Arena, Challenge, Tournament,… and earn CGC, the ingame token. Only when the player needs to get the earnings back to his wallet, he then can go to our DApp to get his earnings.

We will also provide tutorials, guidelines, and instructions step by step to make the transition smoothly and safely. There will also be communities support, fan page support, and various other kinds of direct support from us and from the communities to help the new players on board to crypto-gamers easier.

This is one of the key features of HeroesTD that will definitely increase the number of players significantly.

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