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MEXC Research: Market Analysis of the NFT Content Incubation Platform, StartFi (STFI)

1. Project Introduction

StartFi is a multi-channel network platform for NFT creators that help content creators raise funds for their digital content. Creators can mint NFT through the StartFi network, create unique digital assets, empower communities and share rewards.

StartFi supports NFT creators in raising funds, voting for designs, promoting artists, holding or attending fan gatherings, and engaging in other creative activities. In exchange, fans will receive rewards and exclusive digital assets.

StartFi’s product logic functions include: the initial NFT products, digital rights management, capitalization, audience matching, cross-promotion, partner management, reward distribution, fan asset distribution, author royalties, etc.

Content creators will be able to raise funds for their upcoming projects, such as music albums, entertainment videos, digital art, documentaries, game collections, which require some funds to start the creative process.

In exchange, fans will be able to use NFTs to raise funds for these projects to earn money, resell them as unique products, and publish and republish the content through copyright management.

For example, a famous book author wants to raise funds for his new book. The NFT buyer will become the copyright owner. He will be able to redistribute, print, and sell on Amazon and other book platforms. This is a new way to invest in digital content at an early stage.

StartFi’s product logic in creating a fan economy is somewhat similar to Chiliz. However, how to attract excellent content creators and good collaborators is a test for StartFi otherwise, it might be just a publicity stunt.

2. Tokenomics

  • 21% used for STFI sales, which private sale accounts for 20% of the total supply and public sale accounts for 1% of the total supply;
  • 25% used for loyalty programs, staking rewards, and promotions;
  • 20% used for partnerships and marketing;
  • 7% used for liquidity funds and DEX;
  • 17% used for distribution to founders, advisors, and early members, accounting for 9%, 7%, and 1% respectively;
  • 10% used for company development.

The raised funds will be used for:

  • 30% of the funds are used for liquidity and exchanges;
  • 20% used for company development;
  • 40% used for product development;
  • 10% used for legal and listing fees

3. Financial Situation

The total amount of funding is unknown, but the known investment institutions include AU21, X21, and Blocksync.

4. Practical Value

  1. STFI is mainly used for the mining pools’ revenue distribution and NFT transaction fee/reward;
  2. As the trading and settlement assets of each platform;
  3. Used to vote and governance, submission of new features, and other rewards;
  4. Different tiers of equity pool rewards in the future.

From the perspective of supply distribution, private sales, foundation distribution, and founding members hold 48% of the total supply, so a certain selling risk exists.

Note: This article is only for sharing and does not constitute any investment advice.



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