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Participation User Guide on M-Day

Written By: Rahul of MXC Exchange

What is M-Day?

M-Day is a special event that was initially held only on Mondays, hence the name “M-Day”, however with a growing number of tokens and a significant increase in demand by our users, M-Day is now an event that is extended beyond just Monday. M-Day has now been transformed to “MXC Day”!

M-Day sessions are held to express our gratitude to our users who trade mainstream cryptocurrencies or hold a certain asset position on MXC (like USDT) to qualify for participation. Each M-Day session is different and is a limited-time offer, conducted to introduce a new token on MXC.
Please note not all tokens listed on MXC go through the M-Day session.

How does M-Day works?

M-Day offers a ticket to its qualifying members and winners are announced shortly after. The ticket winners receive the tokens at a greatly discounted price than the market price. Winners receive the tokens even before the token is listed on MXC through an airdrop. That’s why this is a very special event.

The historical performance of M-Day tokens has seen significant growth upon listing on MXC. Please look at the listing day data below for our last ten “M-Day” sessions:

How to participate in M-Day?

Users may participate in M-Day through two platforms; MXC Website and MXC mobile app

MXC website
MXC mobile app

How to qualify to participate in M-Day?

Each M-Day has its own set of rules however, the general rule of thumb remains similar. There are two ways to qualify to participate in M-Day.

Term 1: Trading Round — Major Cryptos (Spot, Margin and Leveraged ETF)
To qualify under the Trading round, users must be trading in Major cryptocurrencies a few days before the M-Day session.

Term 2: Asset Round (USDT/USDC)
To qualify under the Asset Round, users must hold a minimum qualifying value of USDT/USDC or other assets mentioned in the official link of the M-Day session. Yes, it’s that simple. Qualify just by holding your asset.

If you are interested in participating in any upcoming M-Day sessions, do keep a look out for the official link shared by MXC team members to find out the specific terms of qualification.



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