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Announcing the Launch of Resourcing Radical Justice

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3 min readFeb 8, 2021


The Meyer Foundation is proud to be a member of Resourcing Radical Justice, a funders collective centering Black liberation as the path to a thriving Greater Washington region, co-chaired by our Vice President for Strategy and Equity Aisha Alexander-Young and Consumer Health Foundation Director of Policy and Communication Temi Bennett, Esq.

Below, read the announcement from the collective about the official launch of Resourcing Radical Justice. To learn more about Resourcing Radical Justice, visit their website:

Dear Friends,

As we commemorate the full spectrum of Blackness in the US and beyond this month, looking to the past while taking time to imagine the abundance of Black futures, we thought it only fitting to officially kick off the launch of Resourcing Radical Justice. Resourcing Radical Justice is a funders collective that centers Black liberation as the path to a thriving Greater Washington region. We’re thrilled to tell you more about who we are and what we do. We also invite you to visit our new website.

Screenshot: Resourcing Radical Justice website

We believe that all Black lives matter, and that by centering those who are historically and contemporarily marginalized in the creation of solutions, we all move closer to shared freedom. This means that our collective’s philosophy is based in centering all Black people: Black women and girls, Black LGBTQ folks, Black trans folks, Black immigrants, Black workers, Black Muslims, Black Latinx folks, Black disabled folks, Black survivors of violence, particularly the violence of state actors, institutions, and the carceral system, and Black folks who live at the intersections of many of these identities, as the keystone to our mutual liberation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, uprisings in defense of Black life, and an attempted coup in our very own backyard, our funders collective has coordinated approximately $2 million in sustained funding and $500,000 in rapid response funding to organizations led by people of color in the Washington, DC region.

Our Intentions
In addition to coordinating funding, Resourcing Radical Justice intends to:

  • Advocate for philanthropic sector transformation
  • Coordinate capacity building for and funding to Black- and POC-led grassroots organizers
  • Lift up and learn from radical organizers

How we got here
We came together last year to drive funding toward Black, Indigenous, and people of color-led organizations who were providing resources to and engaging in organizing with the communities most impacted by the pandemic. This quickly transformed into a space where funders could begin to imagine how to transform philanthropy, a sector whose wealth was built from the exploitation of Black labor.

Who we are
Resourcing Radical Justice is co-chaired by Aisha Alexander-Young, (Vice President for Strategy & Equity, Meyer Foundation) and Temi Bennett, Esq. (Director of Policy & Communication, Consumer Health Foundation).

Learn about the committees and individuals leading various bodies of work for Resourcing Radical Justice.

Follow Resourcing Radical Justice on Twitter and on Instagram.



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