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2 min readJul 14, 2020


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Our community partners and grantee partners inspire us every day.

In the midst of a global pandemic, ongoing racial injustice and unrest, along with general economic uncertainty for many, our partners have only leaned in closer to uncover the opportunities that could emerge out of these crises and to amplify the voices of the people, to make their demands heard.

As The People’s Demands DC lays out here, a demand is, “a persistent request, made as if it was a right to have. These demands help move us toward a more just city and look out for the collective good during these times.”

With demands like paid leave for all or the end of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracts, our partners across the region are leading the charge for lasting change through visually compelling digital campaigns, coordinating joint statements, organizing demonstrations, hosting digital town halls, and so much more.

Below, we share a brief snapshot of the vital work our partners are doing to demand change within urgent areas in the Greater Washington region. The following issues and demands are not mutually exclusive, nor do they provide a full picture of the many issues our partners work within each day:

#PoliceFreeSchools | #CounselorsNotCops

Demands include: investment in education; culturally responsive approaches to justice and supports to prevent violence; supportive learning environments for all students


Demands include: save public housing; housing for returning residents and people experiencing homelessness; stop displacement; cancel rent; expand rent control


Demands include: investment instead in education, health care, housing, and Black and brown communities; culturally responsive approaches to justice and supports to prevent violence; supportive learning environments


Demands include: expand rent control to protect more tenants; close loopholes in existing law to stop the loss of affordable housing; keep rent-controlled housing affordable for current tenants

#CancelTheRent | #StopEvictions

Demands include: extend the moratorium on evictions and cancel rent/mortgages; provide financial relief to get renters and landlords through the COVID-19 crisis


Demands include: paid family and medical leave for all working people; close the loopholes

#DontExcludeMe | #NoMeExcluya

Demands include: The DC Council invest $30 million in excluded workers; aid in next year’s budget for undocumented immigrants, sex workers, and returning residents who can’t access unemployment benefits




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