Ron Lipsky
Mar 14, 2018 · 2 min read
MXC’s fourth division: MGC Nutraceuticals

MGC Pharmaceuticals will be taking its first step into the world of nutraceuticals with the creation of our new brand, MGC Nutraceuticals.

MGC Nutraceuticals will allow us to create more dynamic products that, unlike MGC Pharma products, don’t require a prescription, and can be sold anywhere, anytime.

However, the point of difference that these products have from other nutraceutical products on the market, is that they are more premium, coming from our GMP-certified facility in Slovenia.

We believe that these high quality, pharmaceutical-grade phytocannabinoid products will stand out from other products in the nutraceutical market and help users achieve balance, wellness and homeostasis.

To launch MGC Nutraceuticals, we are currently developing an online store where MGC Nutraceutical products will be available for sale in countries where phytocannabinoid-based products are legal, either in bulk to pharmacies and health stores, or to the general public.

We will be launching the website with eight products, that each contain different amounts of CBD so users can dictate for themselves how much they want to use to effectively treat their conditions.

The products being released for the launch are:

You can learn more about MGC Nutraceuticals by visiting our current landing page. View the site here.

MGC Pharmaceuticals

The official MGC Pharmaceuticals Blog.

Ron Lipsky

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Vice President, Business Development & International Relations

MGC Pharmaceuticals

The official MGC Pharmaceuticals Blog.

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