The new MGC Pharma Website

A word from Ron Lipsky, Manager of Business Development and International Relations

It brings me great pleasure to announce the new MGC Pharma website, which went live on the 24th of October. We’ve been working hard for the past few months on completely reworking our website to bring to life our new design that offers unique, user-friendly experiences to each of MGC Pharma’s three main audiences: doctors, patients and investors.

Users can easily select the user experience they want (Investors, Doctors or Patients) and be linked to information and updates specific to them. Doctors receive medical updates. Investors receive financial and company updates and patients receive general information about Medical Cannabis and how they can access it.

Investors will be taken to the Investor Centre, a section dedicated to the latest information about MGC Pharma, including ASX announcements, financial reports, and other important updates. Investors can also access FAQs and view the latest share price information.

Doctors will be led to the Doctor access point, where they can learn more about Medical Cannabis and engage with MGC Pharma to learn how to become an authorised prescriber in certain countries. They can also discover the Research & Development going on at MGC Pharma to assist them in understanding the changes that will be coming with the inclusion of Phytocannabinoid medications within the existing treatment spectrum.

Patients will be directed to the Patient portal, which will give them general information about Medical Cannabis, how they can access it and any other information that could be beneficial towards them. MGC Pharma also collects non-confidential patient information here, for future clinical trials and patient outreach. We strive to help everyone discover the unexplored avenues of Medical Cannabis and find the proven solutions that they have been looking for.

We’ve also updated all the copy on the website, providing updates on the company history, who we are, what we do, where we are and why people should invest in our ever expanding company.

We are very excited about our new website and how it will change the way different visitors experience and interact with MGC Pharma. We are very pleased to share our new website with you and hope it will help with our vision to create a better overall understanding of how beneficial Medical Cannabis can be in treating various diseases.

See it for yourself here.