Mhirba begins

~~ why so serious ~~


My name is Majdi, I’m 32 years old and I’m an enthusiast developer. One year ago I created Mhirba, a company [not a startup] to grow my professional freelance activities as software engineer and developer advocate;

I have always worked in total independence for myself but I usually act around creativity and exciting technical issues in the shadow; This position is not something bad when the environment respect individual skills and celebrate collective work but sometimes the path is different..

Today I decide to launch a craft studio that is not motivated by money or power but by setting up new models on areas that are important to Mhirba. As a joker, Mhirba is free to challenge any particular thematics and each of our projects are going to be totally transparent and independent in agreement with our times.

In computer science, a joker or a wild card is a symbol used to replace or represent one or more characters. These 2 usuals representations are asterisk [*] which represents one or more characters and question mark [?] which represents a single character.

These wildcards are universal. That’s typically the essence of Mhirba philosophy: as an asterisk creating great product that inspire us from any domains and as a question mark shaping tools for tomorrow.

From design sprint to programming thought ui.x design, we are currently building a flexible stack with less tech frictions as possible and we are going forward according to several perspectives and prospective approach to try succeed on our mission.

I personally worked a lot in what we called startup ecosystem [ as much the sexy side as the bullshit side that we unfortunately see a lot ], thus, with our Mhirba papers we’ll tell you more about this exciting adventure, our intern open frameworks [ design, technical stacks, etc.] and of course our projects.

Do or do not, one or zero, this is the only question that you have to ask yourself. Are you going to act or tell stories the rest of your life? •M•
• Picasso Don Quixote •

More about Mhirba? Please Take a look at our website here.

Please feel free to contact us at for anything.

Let’s Rock! 🐼

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