NBA Notes — October 30th

Jazz @ Clippers, Warriors @ Suns, Spurs @ Heat, Bucks @ Pistons, Lakers @ Thunder

Not related to article but fun as shit

Jazz @ Clippers

Key “what can laughably be called insights”:

  • Jazz offense actually looks pretty crappy right now. Generating a ridiculous amount of contested mid-rangers. Just checked the stats, apparently that wasn’t the problem. Felt like it.
  • Still out on Trey Lyles. I get that he shoots threes but the +/- numbers haven’t been there, and I think for good reason. He’s a bit slow on switches at the very least.
  • DeAndre Jordan started 0/5, I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

Warriors @ Suns

Key “just some stuff”:

  • I’m a bit happy we’re probably going to see a bit of a bounce back year from Tyson Chandler. Looks much better physically, can actually elevate a bit.
  • Warriors defense was pretty lazy today as well. Simple stuff like getting beat one-on-one or just standing somewhere and not picking up their man etc. Blaaaaah.
  • Thompson missed his first 4 shots and then actually hesitated. At least 2 threes he should’ve taken but didn’t. Doesn’t happen often.
  • Len averaging like 14 minutes can’t make people happy. He has to get more efficient. 42% last season, so far 6/17.
  • Warren at 23.3 points on 60.1TS% is nice. Has made a few 3’s now as well which is nice for him.

Spurs @ Heat

Let’s see if I accidentally say something interesting:

  • Leonard is making tough shots better than ever before. That’s an MVP sort of thing, being able to generate offense out of nothing.
  • Winslow is 1/11 on three-pointers. 8/28 outside of 5ft. 10/16 inside 5ft.
  • I just watched the first quarter. Wasn’t on my list for today but Leonard is just so much fun.

Bucks @ Pistons

First time seeing the Bucks this season (I know shame on me), we’ll see what’s what:

  • Snell made a couple of defensive mistakes early.
  • Good old Delly 1/3 PnR magic.
  • I may be the only guy on the Vaughn train, but he’s an NBA player (with a higher likelihood than others say). Made 1 corner 3 and had a nice pass as well. Read the play quickly.
  • Really liking the Morris-Harris forward combo this year more than before. Both have done some good stuff. Harris has been efficient and Morris not but the play is generally good.

Lakers @ Thunder

I only need one 15 second video to describe this game:

  • Christon had some nice moments (Thunder back-up PG in case you didn’t know). Made a three, nice passes too including a beautiful pocket pass to corner shooter (Ilyasova missed).
  • Julius Randle is really finishing at the basket well right now. Shooting 68% on the season.
  • Andre Roberson played really well, Oladipo was pretty good though couldn’t finish anything at the basket. Something to follow.