“We Got it From Here, Thank you 4 Your Service”

For those of you who don’t know, one of the most anticipated albums of not only the year, but also the last decade has finally been released. For the past eight years, many hip-hop fans, have been talking about the long awaited and rumored to be last A Tribe Called Quest album, well ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over!

“We Got it From Here, Thank you 4 Your Service,” provides Tribe fans with a mixture of the old hip-hop rhymes and beats they’ve been missing, while also paying homage to the growth of the group as a whole. With Tribe being one of the groundbreaking and pioneer hip-hop groups the genre has ever seen, through the years there wasn’t always love and good times amongst the members of the Tribe. It’s no mystery that the group had their fair share of documented head butts and friction, but with their sixth album it seems like the group was able mend wounds in order to come together one last time and bless hip-hop fans with what they’ve been wanting and missing for the past eight years.

Ever since their first debut album, “Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm,” it was clear A Tribe called Quest came on the scene with a sound like no other, the type of soulful beats that’ll touch the mind and souls of people all ages and ethnicities. A Tribe Called Quest has always been able to not only paint the perfect picture of their lyrics in the minds of their listeners, but were also a groundbreaking group that was never too timid to talk about some of the most controversial breathtaking topics going on in today’s society, mainly the African-American community that raised them. They’re newest and foretold to be the last album fans will ever hear from the iconic group, provides everything fans were hoping for and more.

Picking up right where they left off over a decade ago, the four members remind listeners why they will forever be one of the most influential and well recognized hip-hop groups to ever touch a mic. The group brought back their entire collective for their final project, not just the four we’re used to hearing, the new album has features from two of the group’s de facto affiliates, Busta Rhymes and Consequence. On the track “Mobius,” one can hear the beautiful combination of how each artist complements the next. Busta with his energetic in your face style to the calm self-conscious flows of Q-Tip and Consequence, this track includes everything a hip-hop fan could hope for. Then there’s tracks like “Lost Somebody,” that tells the story of the late great member of Phife Dog, who died earlier this year. This is a song everyone in the world can relate to, speaking to the pain felt by losing a loved one and the grief one feels by having a void they just can not fill. With features from Kendrick Lamar on “Conrad Tokyo,” songs with Andre 3000, and Talib Kweli, it’s safe to say the Tribe has done it again, tackling all controversial topics, even taking shots at the industry’s “corny MCs,” on the track “The Donald,” not being afraid to express their political views

If you call yourself a hip-hop fan I recommend you download and listen to the new album from the great A Tribe Called Quest. It brings fans back to what many call the “golden age of hip-hop.” “We Got it From Here, Thank You for Your Service,” provides listeners that old school hip-hop feel, the album has a mixture of up-tempo melodies, hardcore rap beats, and spiritual and intellectual lyrics that touch your inner soul. It seems like now more than ever was the perfect time for the release of their new album, a time when America’s racial tensions are at an all-time high, here comes Tribe kicking down the doors with powerful ear popping lyrics. The rap group touch on all of their usual topics, sticking to its roots and taking on all internal and external issues, political problems, and problems going on in the black community. “We got it from Here, Thank You for Your Service,” is a historical album that was well worth the wait.