New CoverGirl Nura Afia

YouTube Beauty Makes History As The Next Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl

CoverGirl cosmetics has just redefined conventional standards of beauty. The new face of the makeup brand just so happens to be YouTube beauty Nura Afia. Afia, is an Arabic woman who practices the religion of Islam. Making history as the beauty line’s first ever Muslim brand ambassador.

Proudly draping her hijab across her face, as a member of CoverGirl’s “So Lashy” campaign, Afia has become an inspiration to the Muslim community. Afia’s inclusion as a Lash Equality ambassador demonstrates a unique perspective on the standards of beauty within society.

At a time where many Muslim women are being scrutinized for wearing their hijabs, because they are seen as a threat to society. CoverGirl is embracing the Muslim culture, and allowing Muslim women to stay true to their identity. Also adding its first ever male ambassador, James Charles, to the mix, CoverGirl has created an untested layer of diversity within the makeup world.

James Charles for CoverGirl

The hijab is so much more than a fashion statement for Muslim women, it is a culture, a way of living. Afia has recently become CoverGirl’s most renowned brand ambassador. Her picturesque features and feminine physique has offered an avant-garde perspective of the Muslim woman. A younger generation of Muslim girls can take the YouTube sensation’s moment in CoverGirl history and claim it as a progressive moment for the entire community of Muslim women and girls.

Standards of beauty go far beyond racial barriers. There are religious limitations that are placed upon those who practice the religion of Islam, particularly the female population. The misconceptions that are placed upon the Muslim community have transpired into societal perceptions of beauty. Their worth becomes diminished by a villainous portrayal of their existence.

As CoverGirl’s first ever hijab wearing model, Afia alters the monstrous impression that America has of Muslims. Afia demonstrates a dynamic where a woman’s beauty is recognized, even if her face is semi or completely covered.

This very crucial moment in CoverGirl history will create opportunities for minorities across the globe. The diversity that is presented within CoverGirl’s newest campaign will ultimately result in an increase of diverse models within other cosmetic lines. CoverGirl has dipped into a market that other makeup companies are compelled to adhere in order to upstage their competition, placing the demand for minorities at an all-time high.

And to think Nura Afia could say she might’ve had something to do with that. Not knowing that her makeup tutorials and passion for beauty blogging could turn her into a history making brand ambassador, for one of the most talked about cosmetic lines.

Stephanie Carter is a senior English Major, Creative Writing minor attending Spelman College. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania her passion for writing has blossomed within her spirit every since she was a little girl.